How to get to Clementi Community Centre by MRT?

How to get to Clementi Community Centre by MRT?
Clementi Community Centre by MRT

Get to Clementi Community Centre in Singapore super fast using the MRT.

Here is the complete guide on how to get to Clementi Community Centre by MRT in Singapore. 

By the end of this article, you will know exactly which line(s) to take, which station to get off at, and how to get from the closest station to Clementi Community Centre. 

Fortunately, Clementi Community Centre, like many other points of interest in Singapore, is easy to access using the MRT. With several lines servicing different areas of the city, you can pretty much start anywhere and use the metro to get around. 

Getting to Clementi Community Centre using MRT will also save you some cash along the way. The MRT is affordable and completely avoids the headaches of paying for parking and finding a parking space. Once you arrive at the nearest MRT station, you will have the choice of walking, cycling or taking a very short ride to the Community Centre. 

Visiting Clementi Community Centre in Singapore 

Clementi Community Centre, or Clementi CC for short, is conveniently located in Clementi, Singapore. Several residential complexes surround it, and it’s well serviced by public transportation. 

Here is the address and relevant contact details

220 Clementi Avenue 4 S129880

Phone: 67762517

Fax: 67764615

There are several facilities that you can use/book at Clementi Community Club, such as:

Badminton Court

Seminar Room

Multi-Purpose Room

Dance Studio

Conference Room

If it’s a busy period, book well in advance to ensure you aren’t disappointed. 

Getting to Clementi Community Centre using MRT

Step 1: Walk to the nearest MRT station.

When you’re ready to access Clementi Community Centre via MRT, walk to the most convenient station. 

If you are living in Singapore, you likely already have a station you use all the time. Visitors, however, should book a room in a convenient area that is well serviced by the MRT. 

There are several great areas to stay, such as Marina Bay, Chinatown and Bugis, which have lots of properties to choose from.

Here are two examples that are popular with our readers:

Marina Bay Sands Hotel – 2 minutes from Bayfront Station

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore – 2 minutes to Raffles Place Station

Double-check how far your hotel/hostel is going to be from the nearest MRT station. You will save a lot of time and money being close to the metro!

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Step 2: Plan your MRT trip to Clementi Community Centre – Transfer and Line Information.

If you want to make it to Clementi Community Centre fast and affordably using MRT, then plan your route in advance. 

The closest MRT station to Clementi Community Centre is Clementi Station (EW23). 

It has a shortcode of EW23 which means that it is the 23rd station on the East-West Line (shown in Green colour on Singapore’s metro map). 

Step 3: Buy a Singapore Tourist Pass or a Stored Value Card for the MRT.

You can choose from two main metro cards for your MRT trip to Clementi Community Centre.

  1. Singapore Tourist Passes
  2. Stored Value Cards

You can use both Tourist Passes and Stored Value Cards on buses and trains throughout Singapore. 

We used a Stored Value Card while discovering how to get to Clementi Community Centre by MRT. It worked very well, and the cost of each trip gets immediately deducted from the card every time you finish a trip. 

Tourist Passes are designed for foreign visitors to Singapore. 

Once purchased, you can use them unlimitedly on buses and trains for a set amount per day. 

They are best designed for jam-packed itineraries; otherwise, you might not save money with one.

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Step 4: Travel on the MRT all the way to Clementi Station (EW23).

Once your metro card is purchased, it’s time to travel along the MRT to Clementi Station. 

Getting here is super easy if you’re starting on the East-West Line. 

If you’re not starting along the East-West Line, you will have to find an interchange station on the way. 

It depends on where you are staying, but if it’s downtown in Marina Bay, you could transfer to the East-West line at Raffles Place or City Hall Station. 

These popular interchange stations with the East-West Line provide convenient access to the Clementi area. 

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Clementi Community Centre
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Clementi Community Centre

Step 5: Alight at Clementi Station.

Keep your eyes open for Clementi Station. You will hear verbal announcements on the train as well.

Alight when you arrive at the station.

Step 6: Travel from the Level 3 Train Platforms down to Level 1 (Street Level). 

After you alight at Clementi Station, you can walk or cycle to Clementi Community Centre. 

We will outline how to get there from the station in a minute, but first, you have to travel from the train platforms to the correct exit. 

Here is some Clementi station information for accessing the right exit. 

Clementi MRT Station (EW23) is built above ground near the Clementi Central and Clementi North planning subzones. It is southwest of Clementi Community Centre.

You will arrive at Level 3 (train platforms):

Level 3 – Train Platforms

L2 – Concourse

Level 1 – Street Level

Head down using the stairs, elevator or escalator to Level 1

Take Exit B or Exit D to best access Clementi Community Centre.

Map of Clementi MRT Station to reach Clementi Community Centre
Navigating your way from Clemeti MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Clementi Community Centre

Step 7: Walk or cycle from Clementi Station (EW23) to Clementi Community Centre.

Exit B or Exit D will bring you out onto the eastern side of Commonwealth Avenue West. 

From here, you need to walk or cycle northeast to access Clementi Community Centre. 

A few different walking pathways take roughly the same length of time. 

But the main point here is that you have to walk north to either Clementi Avenue 4 or Clementi Avenue 5. 

Clementi Avenue 4 loops around the community centre, so it should be an easy walk if you can get on it!

How long does it take to walk from Clementi Station to Clementi Community Centre?

The walk from Clementi Station to Clementi Community Centre should take about 8-9 minutes. The distance is only 750 m from door to door. 

Walking time and distance from Clementi MRT Station to Clementi Community Centre

How to get to Clementi Community Centre by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to Clementi Community Centre by MRT?

Other Places to Explore near Clementi Community Centre

Residential blocks mainly surround Clementi Community Centre. It’s popular with local residents here but not in what we call a popular sightseeing area of Singapore. 

Clementi Mall is the most popular shopping mall near the Community Centre (Directions to get there). It is conveniently located directly west of Clementi MRT Station and integrated with the bus station. 

If you are looking for local, affordable hawker food, head to Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre. It is further south of Clementi Mall. 

Clementi Sports Centre and the Swimming Complex are also south of Clementi Mall, not far from Clementi Stadium.

Consider taking the East-West Line one station west of Clementi to Jurong East Station (NS1/EW24).

Several shopping malls are clustered around the station that you can conveniently walk to.

IMM (Directions)

Westgate (Directions)

JCube (Directions)

You might also want to visit some popular attractions not far from Jurong East Station. 

Science Centre Singapore (Directions) and SnowCity (Directions) are two perfect examples. 

Head to Jurong Lake Gardens for some fresh air and exercise when you’re off work. 

Best Accommodation Options near the Centre

Clementi is not known as a tourist hub in Singapore. Therefore, you won’t find many hotels or hostels in this city area. Instead, business travellers and tourists stay in Marina Bay, Chinatown, Little India, Bugis, Sentosa or Geylang in most cases. 

If you want to stay in western Singapore, consider Genting Hotel Jurong

It’s not close to Clementi Community Centre, but it’s much closer to Jurong East Station if you head west on the MRT.

If you have the choice, try to stay downtown, and you can easily follow the East-West Line out to Clementi and Jurong East.

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Ideally, this step-by-step guide on how to get to Clementi Community Centre by MRT should make your trip stress-free!

Once you get on the East-West Line, it should be smooth sailing all the way to Clementi Station (EW23). 

Clementi Station is less than 800 m southwest of Clementi Community Centre. Travel from the train platforms down to street level and walk northeast for about 8 minutes. It is surrounded by residential buildings, so if you want to do some shopping, head to Clementi Mall near the station. 

The most challenging part of this trip for you will be transferring to the East-West Line. Several interchange stations are available to make transfers fast and easy. Just look for line signs at relevant stations.

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