How to get to Jalan Besar Plaza by MRT?

How to get to Jalan Besar Plaza by MRT?
Jalan Besar Plaza by MRT

Get to Jalan Besar Plaza via MRT super fast and affordably with this guide!

Here is the complete guide on how to get to Jalan Besar Plaza by MRT in Singapore.

Our main goal when writing this article was to ensure you can make it to Jalan Besar Plaza as fast and affordably as possible using the MRT network.

Every person may be starting their trip in a different area of Singapore. 

But that won’t matter because the lines are connected well with interchange stations.

We will explain which station you should get off at to be able to walk directly to Jalan Besar Plaza and which MRT line you should take to get there. 

Once you are at the closest station, you can easily follow our directions to access the best station exit and walking directions to reach the Plaza. 

You can also drive to Jalan Besar Plaza, but then you must deal with traffic and spend time and money parking your vehicle.  

Shopping at Jalan Besar Plaza in Singapore

Jalan Besar Plaza is a mixed-use commercial complex. It was first built in 1980 and has undergone several renovations over the years. Like most commercial developments in Singapore, it consists of retail, commercial and residential units.

Many people visit Jalan Besar Plaza to shop for industrial tools and products. 

It’s a convenient place to pick up industrial machinery, steel, construction supplies, carpentry drills, and saws. You can also find interior decor shops here, along with construction companies. The materials at Jalan Besar Plaza are also suitable if you are interested in making crafts. Lots of materials are available to create all kinds of things.

Remember that Jalan Besar Plaza comprises 16 storeys, 44 apartments and over 100 commercial spaces. Therefore, it provides convenient access for residents living here and in neighbouring areas. There are also some eateries here if you are hungry or looking for coffee.

Getting to Jalan Besar Plaza via MRT

Step 1: Plan your route – the best stations and lines for getting there. 

The closest and most convenient station for getting to Jalan Besar Plaza using MRT is

Jalan Besar Station (DT22)

It is located on the Downtown Line, which is dark blue on Singapore’s metro map. 

Conveniently, Farrer Park Station (NE8) and Lavender Station (EW11) are a few minutes from Jalan Besar Plaza but are still within walking distance. 

We will focus on getting to the Plaza from Jalan Besar Station and also summarize the walking times and distances from all the other nearby stations. 

Step 2: Travel to the nearest MRT station.

Booking a room close to MRT stations in Singapore is a wise way to save money and get to places such as Jalan Besar Plaza fast and affordably.  

The MRT network is so well connected that you don’t have to stay along a specific line to access points of interest in the city. 

For example, Jalan Besar Station is located along the Downtown Line, but you could stay closer to downtown and simply transfer lines at one of the interchange stations to get there. 

Based on our experience, booking a room near a station will help you to avoid

  • Parking fees
  • Vehicle emissions
  • Road traffic

If you have the budget, we highly recommend these two properties based on their review scores, location and proximity to MRT stations in Singapore:

Marina Bay Sands Hotel (right beside Bayfront Station)

Fullerton Hotel (right beside Raffles Place Station)

Learn More: Singapore Accommodation Guide – Where to stay to access attractions while saving money?

Marina Bay and Sentosa are generally considered to be high-end areas to stay with a large selection of luxury 5-star properties. On the other hand, Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam and Geylang are cheaper areas with more budget hotels and hostels. 

Step 3: Purchase a metro card to get to Jalan Besar Plaza.

You can reach Jalan Besar Complex by MRT using two main types of transportation cards:

Stored Value Cards 

Singapore Tourist Passes

Both of these cards have pros and cons, but it’s important to note that Singapore Tourist Passes are designed for foreign visitors to the city. 

You can use them for a set number of days and get unlimited train and bus rides once purchased and activated. 

Using one can save time and money if you plan a busy itinerary in Singapore.

We used a stored value card while figuring out how to get to Jalan Besar Plaza by MRT.

Stored Value Cards are available to everyone, including locals and foreigners.

The balance on your card will be adjusted when you exit the MRT or a bus within the system. Tourist Passes are restricted to 3 days or less, whereas stored value cards are valid for longer stays. 

Step 4: Take the MRT to Jalan Besar Station (DT22).

When ready, ride the MRT to Jalan Besar Station (DT22). 

If you aren’t staying near Jalan Besar Station, transfer to the Downtown Line to access it. 

Expect to hear verbal announcements on the train as you approach Jalan Besar Station. 

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Jalan Besar Plaza
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Jalan Besar Plaza

Step 5: Alight at Jalan Besar MRT Station (DT22).

Double-check the train before you exit at Jalan Besar MRT Station. 

Step 6: Travel from the Jalan Besar Train Platforms to the best exit for accessing the Plaza.  

The faster you can access the best exit at Jalan Besar Station, the faster you will be able to walk straight to Jalan Besar Plaza. 

Here to all the station information below for exiting Jalan Besar Station from the platforms you arrive at. 

Exiting Jalan Besar Station 

Jalan Besar MRT Station (DT22) is built underground below Jalan Besar and the intersection with Weld Road.

It has five levels that you should be familiar with:

L1 – Street Level 

B1 – Underpass

B2 – Concourse and Ticketing

B3 – Service Corridor and Escalators

B4 – Downtown Line Train Platforms A and B

You will arrive at the Level B4 Train Platforms regardless of which direction you are travelling along the Downtown Line.

From there, travel up to L1 – Street Level using the elevator, stairs or escalator.

Jalan Besar MRT station has two exits at ground level, A and B. 

Take Exit B at Jalan Besar Station to reach Jalan Besar Plaza via MRT. 

Map of Jalan Besar MRT Station to reach Jalan Besar Plaza
Navigating your way from Jalan Besar MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Jalan Besar Plaza

Step 7: Walk from Jalan Besar Station (DT22) directly to Jalan Besar Plaza.

Once you exit Jalan Besar Station, you shouldn’t have any problem navigating your way to Jalan Besar Plaza. 

Here are clear walking directions to get you there fast, below. 

Walking Directions from the station to Jalan Besar Plaza

Exit B at Jalan Besar Station will bring you out to the northern side of Jalan Besar, at the corner of Upper Weld Road and Jalan Besar.  

From the MRT exit, walk northeast along Jalan Besar. 

Cross to the southern side of Jalan Besar using the pedestrian walk when you reach Veerasamy Road. 

Continue walking northeast along Jalan Besar. 

Cross Maude Road and enter Jalan Besar Plaza from the northwestern corner. 

How long should it take you to walk from Jalan Besar Station to Jalan Besar Plaza?

The walk from Exit B of Jalan Besar Station to Jalan Besar Plaza should take you about 4-5 minutes from door to door. 

It’s only 400 meters away from the station, and the walk couldn’t be easier along Jalan Besar. 

Walking time and distance from Jalan Besar MRT Station to Jalan Besar Plaza

Alternative Stations access to Jalan Besar Plaza

Getting to Jalan Besar Plaza is interesting because there are several MRT stations that are within convenient walking distance of it. 

We have already explained how to get from Jalan Besar Station to the Plaza. But we will also summarize the walking distance and time from other neighbouring stations. 

Keep in mind that not all commuters will be travelling along the Downtown Line to get there, so knowing alternative routes may save you some time getting here. 

Station Name

Walking Distance to 

Jalan Besar Plaza

Walking Time to 

Jalan Besar Plaza

Jalan Besar (DT22) 400 m  4-5 minutes
Farrer Park (NE8) 450 m 6 minutes
Lavender (EW11) 750 m 9 minutes
Bendemeer (DT23) 900 m 12 minutes

As you can see above, Jalan Besar Station is the closest, but not by much! Farrer Park Station is only 50 meters farther from Jalan Besar Plaza, making it a solid choice along the Northeast Line. 

Even Lavender Station is a reasonable choice for getting to Jalan Besar Plaza. It’s only 9 minutes away and well under a kilometre door-to-door. 

How to get to Jalan Besar Plaza by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to Jalan Besar Plaza by MRT?

Other Points of Interest to Visit

Jalan Besar Plaza is located south of some of Little India’s most popular shopping centres and north of the cultural attractions in Kampong. Therefore, if you travel north or south of the Plaza, you will be treated to lots of culture and affordable shopping. 

If you walk north of Jalan Besar Plaza you will reach Mustafa Centre (Directions) and City Square Mall (Directions). 

Both are very popular shopping centres will all kinds of deals. You can also find all kinds of traditional Indian restaurants near Mustafa Centre (with some being directly across the road). 

You will have to walk further west if you want to explore more of Little India. 

Another shopping centre within walking distance of Jalan Besar Plaza is Kitchener Complex. It is east of the Plaza and directly opposite V Lavender Hotel. Jalan Besar Sports Centre is also in this area. 

A short bus or taxi ride south from Jalan Besar Plaza will take you to Kampong Glam, along with its impressive cultural sights and delicious restaurants. 

Consider visiting the following spots:

Sultan Mosque (Directions)

Haji Lane (Directions

Arab Street (Directions)  

The Malay Heritage Centre (Directions) is also located in Kampong Glam. 

Head to the area around Sultan Mosque for excellent restaurants and a unique Middle Eastern vibe right in Singapore.  

Where to stay near Jalan Besar Plaza?

Even though Jalan Besar Plaza is not directly located in the main sightseeing or business area of Singapore, you still have a healthy number of hotels to choose from here. 

Most properties are in the 2, 3 and 4-star range and within 1-3 minutes walking distance from the Plaza. 

Here are some of the closest choices:

Hotel NuVe Stellar, Farrer Park (3-star)

Classique Hotel (3-star)

J8 Hotel (3-star)

The Vagabond Club (4-star)

Holiday Inn Express Serangoon (3-star)

One of the benefits of staying near Jalan Besar Plaza is that you will be close to the MRT. If you stay a bit south, Lavender Station will be close, and if you stay north, Farrer Park Station will be close. Staying a bit west ensures easy access to Jalan Besar Station.


Ideally, this guide has fully explained to you how to get to Jalan Besar Plaza by MRT in Singapore. 

The interesting thing about taking the MRT to the Plaza is that it’s located between several MRT Stations. Therefore, you can access it quite conveniently from different MRT lines. 

The closest MRT station to Jalan Besar Plaza is easily remembered because it’s also called Jalan Besar Station (DT22). You can walk door-to-door in about 4-5 minutes. 

It is located on the Downtown Line. 

The next best station option is Farrer Park (NE8). 

Unlike Jalan Besar Station, it’s located along the North-East Line, making it a great option. You can walk door-to-door from Farrer Park Station to Jalan Besar Plaza in only 6 minutes. Keep in mind that it also eliminates the need to transfer to the Downtown Line if you’re already on the North-East Line. 

Lavender and Bendemeer are the two other stations to consider. Walking times are 9 and 12 minutes, respectively, from these stations. 

Walk north to access Mustafa Centre from Jalan Besar Plaza or continue northeast to access Jalan Besar Sports Centre.

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