How to get to DjitSun Mall Bedok by MRT?

How to get to DjitSun Mall Bedok by MRT?
DjitSun Mall Bedok by MRT

Get to DjitSun Mall Bedok fast and save money on the way using the MRT.

Welcome to the complete guide on how to get to DjitSun Mall Bedok by MRT in Singapore. 

DjitSun Mall Bedok is located in a bustling area of Bedok, which is known for its fantastic shopping and access to many public facilities. Getting there is relatively easy using Singapore’s extensive MRT network, which connects most city areas through a series of lines. 

When you take the MRT all the way to DjitSun Mall Bedok, you will immediately avoid unnecessary taxi fees, traffic congestion and all parking expenses. Consequently, it is our recommended way to get there. 

Once you arrive in Bedok via MRT, you won’t even break a sweat walking to the mall. 

It’s that simple following the directions outlined in this article below. 

Shopping at DjitSun Mall Bedok 

DjitSun Mall Bedok is located in an ideal spot in Bedok, Singapore. It is named after the mall founder, Lim Djit Sun, and it opened to the public on August 1st, 2013. 

When you visit DjitSun Mall Bedok, you can enjoy 4 retail levels. Even though DjitSun Mall may not be the biggest shopping centre in Bedok, it does have various dining options on the ground level and some interesting tenants.

Many people head to DjitSun Mall Bedok to shop, dine, exercise or to watch a movie. There is a cinema here on the upper floor which is popular with local residents of Bedok. 

There are several educational enrichment centres here which cater to English, Chinese and art students. 

Once you are finished visiting DjitSun Mall Bedok, it’s super convenient to access the MRT, integrated transport hub, hawker centres and Bedok Mall. 

Getting to DjitSun Mall Bedok using MRT

Step 1: Access the MRT network at a nearby station.

Getting to DjitSun Mall Bedok via MRT is much easier if you’re within walking distance of an MRT station. Lots of people living in Singapore strategically buy or rent property to have direct access to the metro.

You can do the same by taking your time and booking a room within walking distance of the nearest station

Some clear benefits include being greener, saving money and making your itinerary of Singapore more efficient

Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore – 2 minutes from City Hall Station

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore – 2 minutes to Raffles Place Station

If you are undecided on where to stay, most visitors choose Marina Bay, Chinatown, Sentosa, Bugis or Little India. 

Step 2: Map out your lines and transfers to reach DjitSun Mall Bedok.

You should know the lines and potential transfers to reach DjitSun Mall Bedok via MRT. 

The most convenient station for accessing DjitSun Mall is Bedok Station (EW5).

Bedok Station (EW5) is conveniently located on the East-West Line, which is Green on the metro map throughout the city. 

Paya Lebar and Tampines are popular interchange stations for getting to Bedok Station (EW5). 

Paya Lebar connects the Circle Line with the East-West Line, whereas Tampines Station connects the Downtown and East-West Lines. 

Step 3: Buy a transport card to reach Bedok Station (EW5).

Most commuters in Singapore use one of the following cards for getting around on trains and buses. 

  1. Stored Value Cards
  2. Singapore Tourist Passes

Either one of these will work for your trip to DjitSun Mall Bedok, but Singapore Tourist Passes are designed for short-term foreign guests to the city. They are valid for specific days and offer unlimited trips on buses and trains. 

We used a stored value card to determine how to get to DjitSun Mall Bedok by MRT in Singapore. 

These are similar to Tourist Passes. They can be used for buses and trains. The cost of the trip gets automatically deducted from your card balance. 

Stored value cards are popular with people staying longer than just a few days in Singapore. 

Read More: Everything about buying MRT tickets in Singapore 

Step 4: Ride the MRT to Bedok Station using the East-West (Green) Line.

Ride the MRT to Bedok Station on the East-West Line. 

If you planned line transfers in advance, it should be a smooth, stress-free ride to get there. 

While you are travelling to Bedok Station, you should be up to date about its two neighbouring stations:

Kembangan Station (EW6) – West of Bedok

Tanah Merah (EW4/CG) – East of Bedok

You can expect Tanah Merah to be busy with commuters heading to and from Changi Airport from popular areas such as Marina Bay.  

Kembangan Station tends to be quieter.  It’s west of Bedok Station (closer to Marina Bay and the central downtown).

Move closer to an exit on the train when you’re heading to DjitSun Mall Bedok.

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Djitsun Mall Bedok
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Djitsun Mall Bedok

Step 5: Alight at Bedok Station (EW5).

Get off the train at Bedok Station. There will be a verbal announcement on the train before it stops. 

Collect all of your personal items before getting off. 

Step 6: Travel from the Level 2 Train Platforms down to Level 1 (ground level) to access the correct exit.

Bedok MRT Station (EW5) is built above ground near the Bedok North and Frankel planning subzones.

The section below outlines how to access the right exit on your way to DjitSun Mall Bedok.

Bedok Station has three floors.

L2 Train Platforms

L1 Concourse and Street Level

B1 Basement Underpass

Trains arrive at Level 2, and that’s where you will alight. 

Follow the station signs and travel via elevator, stairs or escalator all the way down to Level 1. 

Level 1 corresponds to ground level in Bedok.

Map of Bedok MRT Station to reach DjitSun Mall Bedok
Navigating your way from Bedok MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach DjitSun Mall Bedok

Step 7: Use Exit B (Level 1) at Bedok Station.

Take Exit B and Bedok Station (which is on Level 1). 

Exit B will bring you out onto the northern side of New Upper Changi Road. 

Step 8: Walk north from Exit B straight to DjitSun Mall Bedok.

Once you are outside of Exit B the walk from there to the mall is super easy.

Here are the walking directions:

Walk briefly east toward Bedok North Drive. 

Turn left (north) onto the walkway towards Bedok North Drive.

Continue walking north for about about 2 minutes. 

Turn left onto Bedok North Drive, and you should see DjitSun Mall Bedok on the opposite side of the road.

How long does it take to walk from Bedok Station to DjitSun Mall Bedok?

The walk from Exit B of Bedok Station to DjitSun Mall Bedok is short and sweet. It should only take about 3 minutes because the mall is only 200 m north of the station. 

You won’t even have time to break a sweat if you use the MRT to get there!

Walking time and distance from Bedok MRT Station to DjitSun Mall Bedok

How to get to DjitSun Mall Bedok by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to DjitSun Mall Bedok by MRT?

Other Places near DjitSun Mall Bedok

Even though DjitSun Mall Bedok is not located in a prime sightseeing area such as Chinatown, it’s easy to spend a day in this area of Singapore. 

The most popular mall near the station is called Bedok Mall, and it’s located between DjitSun Mall Bedok and the MRT, so you will pass by it. You can follow very similar directions to access it

Bedok Town Square is a famous event centre. It’s east directly east of the Mall on the other side of Bedok North Drive. 

You can walk south from DjitSun Mall to Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre if you want some cheap, delicious hawker food. It’s right near the MRT station.

Bedok Public Library and Heartbeat@Bedok ActiveSG Swimming Complex are further north along Bedok North Street 1. These are popular community facilities for families living in Bedok. 

Bedok ActiveSG Stadium is east along New Upper Changi Road, which is southeast of the mall. You can either walk there or grab a short cab ride.  

Where to stay? Accommodation Suggestions

DjitSun Mall Bedok is not located in downtown Singapore. 

Actually, it’s closer to Changi Airport and farther from Marina Bay (downtown). 

Most visitors to Singapore tend to stay closer to big-time tourist attractions like the Merlion. A lot of exhibits and international product conference are held near Changi Business Park (Directions), so there is not a lot of attractions in Bedok to warrant a lot of hotels and hostels. 

There are several residential complexes near DjitSun Mall, but they have mainly locals staying in them.

We only found a few properties in Bedok during our online research.

Q Loft Hotels@Bedok

Hotel 81 Changi

We recommend staying closer to Marina Bay if you visit for tourism purposes. Then, you can have direct access to the MRT network and get around quickly to various city areas.


Ideally, you now know how to get to DjitSun Mall Bedok by MRT in a fast, affordable and reliable way. 

Getting to the mall is easy using the MRT. Once you get on the East-West Line, simply keep your eye out for Bedok Station, and its neighbouring stops. 

Move closer to an exit if it’s rush hour to ensure an easy exit from the train. 

The most challenging aspect of this trip is definitely transferring to the East-West Line at the correct station. 

Raffles Place, City Hall, Bugis, and Paya Lebar are potential interchange stations you can use from downtown Singapore on your way to DjitSun Mall Bedok.

Once you use Exit B at Bedok Station, walking to the mall should take 3 minutes (maximum). Along the way, you will pass by Bedok Mall to your left (west) and Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre to your right (east).  

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