How to Get from Changi Airport to Marina Bay Sands Using MRT?

How to get from Changi Airport to Marina Bay Sands using MRT?

This article is designed to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to get to from Changi Airport to Marina Bay Sands using the MRT network.  Rest assured, the information in this article is reliable because it is based on our own personal travel experience in Singapore. We have flown into Singapore on countless occasions and travelled all the way to Marina Bay Sands (one of the most stunning hotels in the world)

Marina Bay Sands is without question one of the most ionically designed buildings in all of Southeast Asia.  Very few people visiting Singapore leave without seeing Marina Bay Sands overlooking Singapore’s world-famous skyline.  It has an extremely popular observation deck that is a must-see while in the city!

Marina Bay Sands is more than a beautifully designed building, however. It is actually a large shopping mall, hotel, and entertainment complex. Many tourists who fly into Changi Airport head to Marina Bay Sands for breathtaking photos of Singapore’s skyline.

Why should you consider visiting Marina Bay Sands if you are in Singapore?

This article explains how you can get from the airport Marina Bay Sands by MRT.  This raises an important question: Why should you visit Marina Bay Sands in the first place?  One of the first things that you have to realize about Marina Bay Sands is that it offers a lot of different options for visitors. For many visitors, Marina Bay Sands is their hotel of choice because of the amazing panoramic viewpoints from the rooms. 

Many of Marina Bay Sands’ skyline view rooms sell out on a regular basis because of the high tourist demand.  If you have the budget to afford a room facing the city it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture these breathtaking views of the city. For others, it is the site of different theatrical shows and music concerts. 

Changi Airport to Marina Bay Sands
There are lots of reasons why you should visit Marina Bay Sands!!

You gamble at the Casino or watch live entertainment at one of the theatres. Famous bands like the Rolling Stones have played at Marina Bay Sands during special events. Marina Bay is also a large luxury mall that has many of the world’s top branded clothing, bag, and accessory stores. 

And let’s not forget about restaurants. You can find all kinds of top-notch restaurants in the mall that are sure to serve excellent dishes.

The walkways around Marina Bay Sands are also extremely popular for exercising. It is common to see hundreds of people running around the Marina when it isn’t scorching hot outside. 

With several major attractions within 5 minutes of Marina Bay Sands, we strongly recommend getting a Multiple-Attraction Pass (like the Klook Pass) to receive up to 52% on entrance tickets. At the time of writing, over 200,000 of these passes have been purchased online.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get to from Changi Airport to Marina Bay Sands using MRT:

Step 1: Once you land, clear immigration and customs and then travel to Changi Station. 

Changi Airport consistently gets rated as one of the top airports in the world. Consequently, you can expect prompt service when you land in Singapore. As usual, first, pass through immigration and customs and then follow the signs to the Changi Airport MRT Station. 

Purchase your MRT ticket with your intended destination being Bayfront MRT Station. Board the train and stow your bags in a safe spot. 

Step 2: Take the MRT to either Tanah Merah MRT Station or Expo MRT Station

Option 1

Technically, once you get on the MRT at Changi Airport you can take one of two different routes to reach Marina Bay Sands.

One option is to take the MRT to Tanah Merah MRT Station and then transfer to the East-West Line (this is the Green Line on the MRT Map). Once you get onto the East-West Line you can take the train all the way to Bugis MRT Station

Once you arrive at Bugis MRT Station on you can transfer to the Downtown Line (this is the Blue Line on the MRT Map). Take this line to Bayfront MRT Station and you will be at Marina Bay Sands.

Option 2 

Another alternative is taking the Changi MRT train to Expo MRT Station. Once you arrive at Expo simply transfer to the Downtown Line and use that line all the way to Bayfront MRT Station.  

Step 3: Take the MRT to Bayfront MRT Station and Marina Bay Sands.

Bayfront MRT station is physically connected to Marina Bay Sands. There are two MRT Lines in Singapore that service trains to Bayfront that you should be familiar with:

Circle Line 

Downtown Line

Both of these stop at Bayfront Station. 

Also, you should be aware that there are two other MRT Stations within close proximity to Marina Bay Sands:

Marina Bay MRT Station

Downtown MRT Station

Technically, you can walk to either one of these Marina Bay Sands but they are definitely farther away than Bayfront MRT Station.

How long does it take to travel from Changi Airport to Marina Bay Sands using the MRT?

When you are traveling from Changi Airport to Marina Bay Sands in Singapore using the MRT you have to keep in mind that the travel time will not always be the exact same. In other words, during busy times it may take longer for people to get off the train at each station along the way. On average, however, this trip usually takes anywhere from 51 minutes to 1 hour and 8 minutes. 

$$$ How much does it cost to take the MRT to Marina Bay Sands in Singapore?

MRT prices in Singapore can vary depending on multiple variables. For example, adults will not pay the same fare as children or senior citizens when they take the MRT from the airport to Marina Bay Sands.

At the time of writing this trip from the airport to Marina Bay Sands cost $1.84 for adults, $0.63 for children or students and $0.92 for senior citizens and disabled persons), and $1.41 (workfare concession). 

The standard ticket fare at ticketing machines is $2.60.

Step 4: Exit Bayfront Station and walk to Marina Bay Sands

Once you arrive at Bayfront MRT Station you can take either exit C or D if you want to access the main components of the Marina Bay Sands complex. The summary table below provides an overview which exit you should take when you arrive at Bayfront Station:

 Exit A – To Bayfront Avenue street level.

Exit A – To Gardens by the Bay.

Exits C & D – To….

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (1-minute walk)

Sands Expo & Convention Centre (3-minute walk),

Marina Bay Sands Hotel (5-minute walk)

Sands SkyPark (10-minute walk)

ArtScience Museum (10-minute walk)

Sands Theatre (10-minute walk)

Exit E – To Sands Expo & Convention Centre

Selecting the best hotel near Marina Bay Sands

One of the benefits of staying near Marina Bay Sands is that you will get amazing views of Singapore but you also be able to access popular attractions like the Merlion, Gardens by the Bay, and the Esplanade. They are all within walking distance of the complex.

The obvious and most convenient choice for staying near Marina Bay Sands is staying at Marina Bay Sands Hotel.  This is one of the most popular hotels in all of Southeast Asia.  It is extremely well-managed and receives very high customer review scores from verified guests. You can expect to capture amazing views of Singapore from the marina- side rooms. Keep in mind that when you are booking a room here you can have the choice of getting a view of the skyline or not when you book.

Marina Bay Sands from Changi Airport
Getting from Changi Airport to Marina Bay Sands can be super easy by using the MRT.

Although Marina Bay Sands Hotel is extremely convenient and a great property, it can be quite expensive especially during peak season when a lot of tourists are visiting. It also is the site of many concerts and events.  Therefore you can expect some nights to be extremely busy.

If you want to have convenient access to Marina Bay Sands and this beautiful area of Singapore, you can also get more affordable rooms by staying near Boat Quay or Clarke Quay.  

You can either take the MRT from Clarke Quay or you can walk within 15 minutes to Marina Bay. 

Where did we stay in Singapore during our visit to Marina Bay Sands?

We have stayed in all kinds of different properties in Singapore. Therefore we will just comment on a few of the most recent ones we have stayed at.

During our last trip, we stayed at Hotel Bencoolen Hong Kong Street.  

The two main reasons why we stayed at this property were price and easy access to the MRT Network.  This property is literally a three-minute walk away from Clarke Quay MRT Station.  During our stay, we were quite impressed with the breakfast, and the rooms were very well prepared. The bathroom was very clean and the sheets were changed on a daily basis. The staff were attentive and they provided us with additional information when we asked them questions.

Weather permitting, you Can walk from this property to Marina Bay Sands in approximately 15 minutes. Along the way, you will pass by The Fullerton Hotel and Anderson Bridge.

***Take note that Hotel Bencoolen Hong Kong Street has not paid us anything to share this information.

Any more questions about your trip to Marina Bay Sands from the airport using the MRT?

We encourage you to send us an email if you have any additional questions about getting from Changi Airport to Marina Bay Sands using the MRT in Singapore. Although Singapore does an amazing job of organizing their public transportation networks you may still have some questions about purchasing tickets for the MRT or which other hotels you may want to consider around the Marina area.

Keep in mind that Marina Bay Sands is not in the isolated landmark in Singapore. It is actually located within walking distance of many of Singapore’s premier sightseeing areas. Some close by points of interest include the Merlion, Boat Quay, and Clarke Quay, Singapore Flyer, and the Esplanade (among other things).

This has been a step-by-step guide on how to get to Marina Bay Sands from the airport using the MRT.  Send us an email if you require additional information regarding this connection.

How to get from Changi Airport to Marina Bay Sands using MRT
A summary of how to get from Changi Airport to Marina Bay Sands using MRT.

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