How to get to Bedok Town Centre by MRT?

How to get to Bedok Town Centre by MRT?
Bedok Town Centre by MRT

Get to bustling Bedok Town Centre in Singapore with this step-by-step summary.

In this article, we will explain exactly how to get to Bedok Town Centre by MRT in Singapore. 

It doesn’t matter which area of the city you are starting your trip. With Singapore’s extensive MRT network, it’s possible to reach Bedok Town Centre using public transportation. 

Actually, you don’t even have to step foot in a vehicle on the way. 

As its name suggests, Bedok Town Centre is located in Bedok, which is Singapore’s largest planning area. It is conveniently serviced by the metro, making it a clear and stress-free place to visit. 

Once you visit The Centre, you can walk to shopping centres, hawker centres and several condos and apartments during the same day. 

Visiting Bedok Town Centre in Singapore

 Bedok Town Centre is a popular location because it offers visitors a wide selection of shops, eateries, and services in one convenient location. It is ideally located along New Upper Changi Road, which is accessible from the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and East Coast Parkway (ECP). 

Bedok Town Centre is also directly serviced by the MRT and Bedok Integrated Transport Hub, making it easy for people to get here fast. It is considered to be a bustling spot with plenty of amenities such as supermarkets, food stalls, barbers, salons, and convenience stores.

There are several residential complexes surrounding Bedok Town Centre, so local residents often just walk here to do their weekly shopping. 

You can also walk directly to Bedok Mall, the public library and Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre. Many outdoor restaurants are in Bedok Town Centre, so you can walk around and choose the best al fresco experience. 

Getting to Bedok Mall using MRT

Step 1: Access the closest MRT station. 

The first stepping in getting to Bedok Town Centre via MRT is finding the closest MRT station to your starting point. 

We recommend staying 500 m or less from a station to make getting around more efficient and cheaper. For example, being close ensures no taxi and parking fees for your entire time in Singapore. 

You will also avoid road traffic congestion while sightseeing.

These two examples below are popular because of their high review scores and proximity to stations

Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore – 2 minutes from City Hall Station

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore – 2 minutes to Raffles Place Station

Bedok isn’t the most popular area for finding hotels or hotels, so consider areas such as Sentosa, Marina Bay or Chinatown instead. 

Step 2: Select the correct transfer stations and lines to reach Bedok Town Centre.

If you want to reach Bedok Town Centre fast and affordably, you have to know which line services it, and which station is the closest to it. 

Bedok Town Centre is conveniently located along Singapore’s East-West Line.

The East-West Line is shown in Green Colour on the metro map. 

Bedok Station (EW5)  is by far the most convenient for directly accessing Bedok Town Square. 

You also should know where to transfer lines if you are staying away from the East-West Line. 

Paya Lebar and Tampines are popular interchange stations for getting to Bedok Town Centre. 

You can refer to metro maps in stations and on trains if you ever need support getting around. 

Step 3: Buy a metro card to reach Bedok Station (EW5).

There are two main types of metro cards for accessing Bedok Town Centre and Bedok Station. 

  1. Stored Value Cards
  2. Singapore Tourist Passes

Singapore Tourist Passes are designed for short-term guests in the city. 

Once you buy one, you can tap and go on buses and trains. They are valid for a specific number of days and offer unlimited trips. We recommend using a Tourist Pass only if you travel around a lot with a busy itinerary. 

We used a stored value card when we figured out how to get to Bedok Town Centre by MRT. 

Once you buy one, just ensure you have enough cash balance to get around. Tap and go to get on buses and trains, and the cost gets automatically deducted from your account. 

Learn More: Everything you need to know about buying MRT tickets 

Step 4: Complete necessary line transfers and travel to Bedok Station on the MRT.

Take the MRT to Bedok Station, completing any necessary transfers along the way. 

When you refer to the map, you should see Bedok’s two neighbouring stations

Kembangan Station (EW6) – West of Bedok

Tanah Merah (EW4/CG) – East of Bedok

Tanah Merah is busy with commuters heading to and from Changi Airport from popular areas such as Marina Bay Kembangan Station is on your way to downtown Singapore. 

Once you stop at either one of these, you should move closer to an exit on the train (especially if it’s busy during rush hour).

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Bedok Town Centre
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Bedok Town Centre

 Step 5: Get off the train at Bedok Station (EW5).

Alight when you arrive at Bedok Station. Remember to bring all your belongings with you.

Step 6: Travel from Level 2 of Bedok Station down to Level 1 to access your exit.

Bedok MRT Station (EW5) is built above-ground near the boundaries of Bedok North and Frankel planning subzones.

When you arrive via MRT, you should know where you need to go to find the exits. 

Bedok Station has the three following floors

L2 Train Platforms

L1 Concourse and Street Level

B1 Basement Underpass

You can expect to arrive at the Level 2 train platforms

Follow the station signs down to Level 1, which is street level.

You can take the stairs, escalators or elevators from L2 to L1.

Map of Bedok MRT Station to reach Bedok Town Centre
Navigating your way from Bedok MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Bedok Town Centre

Step 7: Take Exit B at Bedok Station.

Exit B at Bedok Station will bring you to Bedok Town Square at street level. 

You don’t have to take additional stairs or lifts to reach it. 

Step 8: Walk directly from Bedok Station to Bedok Town Centre.

Once you’re outside at Exit B, you will already be at Bedok Town Centre. 

Head north to access various shops and services.

How long does it take to walk from Bedok Station to Bedok Town Centre?

Fortunately, once you take Exit B, you will be already in Bedok Town Centre. 

You can head either north or east to access all the shops and services here. The walk is less than 1 minute from the station to the nearest places in The Centre.

Walking time and distance from Bedok MRT Station to Bedok Town Centre

How to get to Bedok Town Centre by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to Bedok Town Centre by MRT?


Other Places to Visit near The Centre

Bedok Town Centre comprises many shops and services, making it a bustling environment. It is also connected to Bedok Station and the Bedok Integrated transport hub.

Bedok Mall is one of the most popular shopping centres in this area of Singapore. Once you arrive via MRT, you can get there in less than 1 minute

Another popular event venue around The Centre is Bedok Town Square. It is directly east of the mall and north of Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre.

If you want to save money and still experience great food, try to have a meal or two at the Hawker Centre. There are several stalls to choose from. 

Bedok Public Library and Heartbeat@Bedok ActiveSG Swimming Complex are further north along Bedok North Street 1. These are popular community facilities for families living in Bedok. 

Bedok ActiveSG Stadium is east along New Upper Changi Road. 

Best Accommodation Options 

Due to its location between Changi Airport and Marina Bay, Bedok is not the most popular area for hotels and hostels in Singapore

If visitors are doing business in the city, they will likely stay closer to Changi Business Park (Directions) or downtown Marina Bay (Directions from the airport). 

Most of the condos and apartments around Bedok Town Centre are occupied by locals. 

If you are looking for a place to stay in Bedok, here are two properties we found during our online search:

Q Loft Hotels@Bedok

Hotel 81 Changi

If you choose a spot to stay, we recommend finding a comfortable place to stay downtown and using the East-West MRT Line to Bedok Town Centre. 


Please let us know via email if you have any questions about how to get to Bedok Town Square by MRT. 

The trip here is surprisingly easy because you don’t have to walk far from Bedok Station to the shops and restaurants. For most commuters, the most challenging part of the trip is making sure you transfer to the East-West Line at the right station. 

Paya Lebar and Tampines are noteworthy transfer spots connecting to the Green Line. If you are travelling from downtown, you will likely stop at Kembangan Station directly before getting off at Bedok.

Once you arrive at Bedok Station, you can easily walk around Bedok Town Centre. 

There are tons of stores, services and restaurants north of the station. 

Bedok Mall is a very popular spot for weekly groceries and a wide selection of eateries and cafes. 

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