How to get to Bay East Garden by MRT?

How to get to Bay East Garden by MRT?
How to get to Bay East Garden by MRT?

Get to Bay East Garden in downtown Singapore super fast and affordably with these steps.

Welcome to the step-by-step guide on getting to Bay East Garden by MRT in Singapore. 

As its name suggests, Bay East Garden is located in a beautiful location in Singapore, lining the eastern shoreline of the world-famous Marina Bay. Getting here fast and affordably via MRT is a priority for exercise enthusiasts, families and nature lovers. 

Fortunately, getting around Singapore is super easy using the MRT because there are several MRT lines servicing most city areas and more currently in development. Once you reach Bay East Garden, you can walk to several of Singapore’s top attractions

The MRT is cheap, reliable and more environmentally friendly than driving your own vehicle everywhere. Simply book a room near an MRT station and you will gain access to the well connected network. 

This article will summarize the closest stations to Bay East Garden and which lines you can take to get to them. We will also share itinerary and accommodation information so you know what to do and where to stay in this area of Singapore. 

Visiting Bay East Garden in Singapore

Bay East Garden first opened to the public in October 2011. It is a beautiful outdoor space that lines the eastern portion of Marina Reservoir right in the heart of Singapore’s sightseeing district. It currently spans 32 hectares of land and has a stunning 1.2-mile frontage overlooking Marina Bay. 

You should visit Bay East Garden if you want to capture stunning views of Singapore’s skyline while enjoying nature. It is popular with families, exercise enthusiasts and those seeking some relaxation downtown. 

Bay East Garden has several extensive tropical leaf-shaped gardens and several undulating paths that are perfect for biking, walking or jogging. It is open 24/7 and is entirely free to visit. Parking is available and so too are public washroom facilities.

You might want to visit Bay East Garden during the day and night to get contrasting views of Singapore’s spectacular skyline. 

Getting to Bay East Garden using MRT

Step 1: Walk to the nearest MRT station.

Bay East Garden is just minutes from big-time attractions such as the Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay. Therefore, staying close to an MRT station downtown makes life easier in terms of walking to a station and avoiding parking and traffic headaches downtown. 

Fortunately, there are several MRT stations within 2-3 minutes of hotels/hostels in the city. 

We suggest staying as close as possible to a station to make your transport more efficient. 

Here are two hotels that continuously get positive review scores and are super close to the stations mentioned below:

Marina Bay Sands Hotel – 2 minutes from Bayfront Station

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore – 2 minutes to Raffles Place Station

Also, consider staying in popular areas such as Chinatown, Little India, Kantong, Sentosa Island and Bugis.  

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Step 2: Plan your MRT trip to Bay East Garden: Stations, Lines and Transfers.

When you’re heading to Bay East Garden via MRT, currently, there are two main stations for getting there:

Promenade Station (DT15/CC4) 

Stadium Station (CC6)

As you can see, their shortcodes show that Promenade and Stadium are both located along the Circle (Orange) Line

Promenade is an interchange station, so you can also get there by taking the Downtown (Blue) Line

Take a look at your starting position in Singapore and plan your transfers (if necessary) in advance. 

Dhoby Ghaut, Marina Bay, and Bayfront are commonly used interchange stations for getting to the Circle Line. 

Little India, Bugis, Chinatown and Bayfront Station are popular transfer spots to access the Downtown Line.  

Step 3: Buy a Stored Value Card or a Singapore Tourist Pass.

You have two main card options when heading to Bay East Garden via MRT:

  1. Stored Value Cards
  2. Singapore Tourist Passes

Stored value cards are immensely popular with Singaporeans and visitors staying more than a few days in the city. Once you buy one, simply tap to enter and exit trains. 

We used a stored value card while figuring out how to get to Bay East Garden by MRT.

If you are visiting from abroad and have a busy itinerary then strongly consider buying a Singapore Tourist Pass.

These are valid for a set number of days and work on trains and buses. 

COST-SAVING TIP: Try to buy a Multiple Attraction Pass to use along with your transportation card. You can save up to 52% on entrance fees by getting several attraction passes online at the same time. Over 200,000 of these passes have already been purchased.

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Step 4: Take the MRT to Promenade (DT15/CC4) or Stadium (CC6) MRT Station.

When you are set for Bay East Garden, ride the MRT to either Promenade Station or Stadium Station. We suggest getting off at whatever one of these is closest to your starting point in Singapore. 

The most challenging part of this trip will be using the correct interchange station to access either the Downtown or Circle Line. 

Listen for verbal announcements as you travel toward Bay East Garden.

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Bay East Garden
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Bay East Garden

Step 5: Alight from the train.

Get off the train at either Promenade or Stadium Station.

Bring all your personal belongings.

Step 6: Exit Promenade (DT15/CC4) or Stadium (CC6) MRT Station.

Once you get off the train, it’s time to efficiently travel from the train platforms to the correct exit leading to Bay East Garden. 

Refer to the exit directions below.

Exiting Promenade MRT Station (CC4/DT15)

Promenade MRT Station (CC4/DT15) is built underground in the Downtown Core (Marina Centre planning subzone).

With both Circle and Downtown Line trains connecting at Promenade, it consists of several levels that you should be familiar with:

L1 Street Level

B1 Circle Line Concourse

B2 Circle Line Platform B

B4 Downtown Line Concourse

      Circle Line Platform A

B6 Downtown Line Platform D

B7 Downtown Line Platform C

According to this layout, you will arrive at B2, B4, B6, or B7.

Follow the signs and travel to L1 Street Level. 

Promenade Station has three exits at ground level (A, B and C).

Take Exit C to reach Bay East Garden. 

Map of Promenade MRT Station to reach Bay East Garden Helix Bridge SingaporeRT Station to reach MMap of City Hall MRT Station to reach Suntec City to reach Map of City Hall MRT Station to reach Marina Square Singapore
Navigating your way from Promenade MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Bay East Garden

Exiting Stadium MRT Station (CC6)

Stadium MRT Station (CC6) is built underground in the Kallang planning area. It is located within Singapore Sports Hub. 

It consists of 3 main levels:

L1 Street Level

B1 Restricted Staff Area

B2 Train Platforms A and B

You will arrive at B2, where the train platforms are located. 

Take the elevator or lift up to L1 Street Level. 

You will see two exits at ground level (A and B).

Take Exit B.

Map of Stadium MRT Station to reach Bay East Garden
Navigating your way from Stadium MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Bay East Garden

Step 7: Walk from your preferred station to Bay East Park. 

Once you are outside and ready to go to East Bay Park, you can walk, cycle or take a public bus.  

Walking Directions from Promenade Station to Bay East Garden

Exit C at Promenade Station will bring you out on Temasek Avenue. 

Walk southeast on Temasek Avenue and take a slight left to remain on it.

Turn left onto Raffles Boulevard.

Then turn left and take the stairs. Walk under ECP until you reach Rhu Cross.

Turn left onto Rhu Cross and use the north entrance to enter Bay East Garden.

Approximate Walking Time: 21 minutes (1.5 km)

Walking time and distance from Promenade MRT Station to Bay East Garden

Walking Directions from Stadium Station to Bay East Garden

Head southeast on Stadium Walk

Turn right to stay on Stadium Walk and walk towards Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Walk around Singapore Indoor Stadium 

And then take the Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge across the Geylang River. 

Turn right onto Tanjong Rhu Promenade and walk west.

Turn left (south) onto Tanjong Rhu View. 

Then, turn right onto Tanjong Rhu Road.

Turn left onto Rhu Cross and continue south until you pass under ECP. 

Enter Bay East Road from the northern entrance. 

Approximate Walking Time: 20 minutes (1.6 km) 

Walking time and distance from Stadium MRT Station to Bay East Garden

How to get to Bay East Garden by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to Bay East Garden by MRT?

***Special Note: Future MRT Station in Bay East Park

Although Stadium and Promenade Station are currently the best options for getting to Bay East Park, this will change when the new Thomson-East Coast MRT Line is developed. 

A new MRT station called Founders’ Memorial MRT Station (TE22A) is scheduled to open in 2027. It will be located right in East Bay Garden, making it by far the most convenient station for getting to the park. 

We will update this article and directions when it opens up to commuters. 

Attractions near Bay East Garden

Bay East Garden is ideally located and easy to integrate into your itinerary for Singapore. 

If you walk west from Bay East Garden, you will be in the heart of Marina Bay which is one of the must-see areas of Singapore. 

Some of the biggest attractions in this area include:

Singapore Flyer (Directions)

Gardens by the Bay (Directions)


Sands SkyPark (Directions)

Marina Barrage (Directions)

Once you are near Marina Bay, you can walk from one point of interest to the next. 

There are also several popular malls here, such as Suntec City, Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Millena Walk and Marina Square that welcome visitors with cool air conditioning and a surplus of shops and restaurants.

A walk around Marina Bay is also not complete without taking pictures of Singapore’s famous skyline. Consider heading here during the day and at night to get the best pictures. 

Best Hotels near the Gardens

The direct area west of Bay East Gardens is one of the best places to stay in all of Singapore. If you walk from the Gardens west across Benjamin Sheares Bridge toward Promenade Station, you will reach a cluster of luxury hotels that are ranked amongst the best in Singapore. 

Some of the best properties to stay at near the Bay East Gardens include

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia (5-star) – 2 minutes south of Promenade Station

Conrad Centennial (5-star) – 1 minute southwest of Promenade Station

Pan Pacific (5-star) – 3 minutes southwest of Promenade Station

Mandarin Oriental (5-star) – 4 minutes south of Promenade Station

As you can see above, hotels in Marina Bay are mainly luxury properties with superb service standards and amenities. Tourists stay here for superb views of Marina Bay and Singapore’s famous skyline. 

If you want cheaper accommodation, consider Chinatown, Boat Quay and Clarke Quay, which offer more in the 2, 3 and 4 -star range and hostels. 

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Hopefully, you now know how to get to Bay East Gardens by MRT in Singapore without any issues. 

The Bay East Gardens are ideally located, but you do have a bit of a choice in terms of accessing them from the MRT. 

Promenade is the closest MRT station to the Gardens. Since it’s part of both the Downtown and Circle Lines you have some flexibility getting there. Once you exit the station, all you need to do is head east over Benjamin Sheares Bridge to access the northern section of the park. 

You can also access the Bay East Garden Visitor Centre from the northern entrance. 

The second alternative station for accessing Bay East Garden is Stadium. 

Stadium Station is north of Bay East Garden. Travelling south from the station to the Gardens is straightforward. You will also reach the northern section of the park using Stadium Station. 

Getting from Promenade or Stadium Station to Bay East Gardens will take some time. You can walk, cycle or take a bus to get there. Cycling is a fast, environmentally friendly option that you might want to consider.

It is important to note that when the new Thomson-East Coast Line is developed, a new station will be located right in Bay East Park. The station will be called Founders’ Memorial MRT Station (TE22A).

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