How to get to Sembawang Park in Singapore?

How to get to Sembawang Park in Singapore?
Sembawang Park in Singapore

Get to Sembawang Park fast, affordably and without any headaches using this step-by-step guide!

Welcome to the complete guide on how to get to Sembawang Park in Singapore using multiple forms of transportation. 

As its name suggests, Sembawang Park is located in northern Singapore and not particularly close to the downtown core. Consequently, you have to be quite familiar with all the available transport options to make your trip affordable and efficient. 

We will first explain how to reach Sembawang Park using MRT and public bus services. A combination of the two (train and bus) is a practical way to get there. Then, we will explain how to get there directly using a public bus (not involving the MRT).

Driving your vehicle and/or taking a taxi, there are very convenient and efficient options. We will discuss where you can park and the pros and cons of driving to Sembawang Park. 

Once you are at Sembawang Park, there are several other points of interest to explore. You can enjoy several shopping malls, parks and food centres during the same day without much planning.

Visiting Sembawang Park in Singapore

Sembawang Park is a popular 15-hectare park in northern Singapore facing the Strait of Johor. It naturally attracts visitors of all ages because it offers various activities. 

One of the most popular places in Sembawang Park is the beach. It’s an ideal spot to capture picture-perfect views while relaxing for a few hours. Next to the beach area, you will see Sembawang Park Jetty, a popular fishing hangout.

Families with small children frequently visit the maritime-themed playground at Sembawang Park. This ‘Battleship Playground’ has a unique design and has convenient benches for parents while their children burn some energy playing. 

If you are a fitness enthusiast, Sembawang Park is a good choice as well. Both jogging and swimming are popular activities here. There is also an outdoor gym (exercise station) in the park’s central region. You can do some cardio and then do some weight-assisted exercises to train more muscle groups. 

You can also explore several historical landmarks while at Sembawang Park. 

If you are thinking of eating at Sembawang Park, you have two main options:

1) Barbecue over a charcoal grill (bring your food and drinks) or….

2) Eating at Beaulieu House Restaurant

Beaulieu House Restaurant is very close to the beach, making it super easy to access during your day near the water. 

Getting to Sembawang Park by MRT 

It isn’t possible to make it directly to Sembawang Park using only the MRT. But it’s easy to connect from an MRT station to the Park using public bus services. That’s what we will explain in the direct section below.

Step 1: Access the closest MRT station.

Making your way to Sembawang Park using the MRT is a lot easier if you are situated close to an MRT station.

Consequently, we recommend booking a room within walking distance of a station (if you don’t have accommodation already). 

Ideally, try to stay 500 m or less from a station.

Some popular hotels well integrated with MRT stations include:

Marina Bay Sands (Bayfront Station)

Fullerton Bay Hotel (Raffles Place Station)

Once you’re near a station, it’s super easy to get around using the MRT.

Step 2: Plan your trip to Sembawang Park (Stations, Lines and Transfers).

The most convenient station for travelling to Sembawang Park is Sembawang Station (NS11) (yeah, it’s easy to remember).

Sembawang Station is located along the North-South Line which is shown in Red colour on Singapore’s metro map.

Interchange Station Information (North-South Line)

Getting to the North-South Line is likely the most challenging part of your trip to Sembawang Park. 

You should know which interchange stations are available and which one is the most suitable (according to your starting position in Singapore’s metro). 

Here is a list we compiled of potential transfer stations to help you along the way:

Bishan – transfer between the Circle Line and the North-South Line

Newton –  transfer between the Downtown Line and the North-South Line

Dhoby Ghaut – transfer between the North-East, Circle and the North-South Line

City Hall – transfer between the East-West and North-South Line

Raffles Place – transfer between the East-West and North-South Line

Marina Bay – transfer between the Thomson East Coast, Circle and North-South Line 

Woodlands – transfer between the Thomson East Coast and North-South Line 

Jurong East – transfer between the East-West and North-South Line

Also take note that you can find metro maps in stations throughout Singapore. When you begin your trip to Sembawang Park, look for maps near the entrance gates. 

Step 3: Buy your MRT ticket to reach Sembawang Station (NS11).

You can easily purchase MRT tickets in Singapore. There are several types of tickets, but they fall within these three categories:

  1. Tourist Passes
  2. Stored Value Cards
  3. Multiple/Single Trip Tickets

Singapore Tourist Passes are ideal for visitors with short, fast-paced itineraries. Once you buy one, you can take advantage of unlimited bus and train rides for a set number of days ranging from 1-3.

Stored value cards are very popular amongst Singaporeans, permanent residents and visitors staying over 3 days.  We used one of these while learning how to get to Sembawang Park in Singapore. 

As you might expect, head to stations and kiosks to buy single and multiple trip tickets. 

Step 4: Transfer (if needed to the North-South Line) and ride the metro to Sembawang MRT Station (NS11).

Refer to station maps and transfer (where needed) on your way to Sembawang Station.  

Sembawang has two neighboring stations that you should be familiar with:

Canberra Station (NS12)

Admiralty (NS10)

Move closer to an exit on the train once you stop at either one of these stations.

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Sembawang Park
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Sembawang Park

Step 5: Alight at Sembawang Station (NS11).

Alight at Sembawang Station (NS11) and bring all your belongings with you. 

Step 6: Travel from the train platforms on Level 2 down to the station exits on Level 1. 

Sembawang MRT Station (NS11) is an above-ground station near the junctions of Sembawang Drive and Canberra Road.

The station consists of two main levels:

Level 2 – Train platforms (departures and arrivals)

Level 1 – Concourse, street level and station exits. 

When you arrive at Sembawang Station follow the signs from Level 2 down to Level 1. 

Map of Sembawang MRT Station to reach Sembawang Park
Navigating your way from Sembawang MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Sembawang Park

Step 7: Take Exit C at Sembawang Station to access the public bus to Sembawang Park. 

Sembawang MRT station has four exits at ground level (A, B, C and D).

Take Exit C at Sembawang Station, which will take you onto Sembawang Way (directly north of the station). 

Step 8: Take the bus from Sembawang Station to Sembawang Park.

You should have no problem taking the bus from Sembawang Station to Sembawang Park.

In the section below, we will share how to get to the southern entrance of the Park first, followed by a description of getting to the northern entrance. 

Southern Entrance

Once you are out of the station, walk across Sembawang Way to the following bus stop:

Opp Sembawang Stn – Stop ID: 58219

Wait at the stop and then get on Bus 882

Stay on the bus for 8 stops and then get off at the following stop:

Opp Jalan Janggus – Stop ID: 58081

Walk northeast on Sembawang Road toward Jalan Janggus.

Take a slight left at Jalan Janggus and then a slight left onto Tuah Road.

Enter Sembawang Park from the southern entrance. 

Approximate Bus Ride Length (including walking): 18 minutes

Bus Pick-up Frequency: Approximately every 12

Walking time and distance from Sembawang MRT Station to Sembawang Park (Southern Entrance)

Northern Entrance

Follow the exact same directions as above, except you will have to stay on Bus 882 for a few minutes longer.

When you stop at Opp Jalan Janggus – Stop ID: 58081, stay on the bus.

Ride the bus to the next station and get off at:

Sembawang Pk Stop ID: 58091

Walk directly west from this bus stop to enter Sembawang Park.  

Approximate Bus Ride Length (including walking): 20 minutes

Bus Pick-up Frequency: Approximately every 12 minutes

Walking time and distance from Sembawang MRT Station to Sembawang Park (Northern Entrance)

Getting to Sembawang Park using Public Bus

You can easily get to Sembawang Park by bypassing MRT services if you are staying near one of the bus routes. There are several bus stops near the Park. 

Sembawang has both a southern and northern entrance, so you do have some choice where you want to be dropped and which bus stop to get off at. 

We have researched the most convenient bus stops in relation to the entrances of Sembawang Park and the bus numbers to look out for below:

Bus Stop

Bus Numbers

Approximate Walking Time from the Bus Stop to the entrance of Sembawang Park

Sembawang Pk

Stop ID: 58091

882 Less than 1 minute to the northern entrance
Aft Andrews Ave

Stop ID: 58089

882 3 – minute (300 m) walk to the southern entrance 
Opp Jln Janggus

Stop ID: 58081

882 3-4 minute (400 m) walk to southern entrance

As you can see, Bus 882 is very important in getting to Sembawang Park via bus! So, keep your eye out for it (it also stops at Sembawang MRT station).

Driving or Taking a Taxi to Sembawang Park

Driving your vehicle to Sembawang Park in Singapore is the most convenient transportation option of all. With two parking lots on-site, you can drive right there and park right beside one of the entrances!

You will choose parking at either the northern (close to the beach) or southern parking lot. 

It is located along Sembawang Road with the following coordinates:

 Sembawang Rd. Singapore, 1.4616734724254303, 103.83689241891784

 Irau Drive and Sembawang Road are the two most popular roads for accessing Sembawang Park. If you take a taxi there, you should have no problem getting dropped off near either one of the entrances.

How to get to Sembawang Park in Singapore?
An Overview of How to get to Sembawang Park in Singapore?


Itinerary Ideas near Sembawang Park

Sembawang Park isn’t likely to be at the top of a tourist list for Singapore. Due to its location in northern Singapore, you won’t see too many tourists here in comparison to Marina Bay, Chinatown and Sentosa Island

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth making a day trip here from another area!

We suggest visiting an outdoor space, shopping and eating at a hawker centre in Sembawang. 

Some of the best and closest shopping centres relative to Sembawang Park include:

Sembawang Shopping Centre (Directions)

Canberra Plaza (Directions)

Sun Plaza (Directions)

Northpoint City (Directions

Junction 9 (Directions)

Wisteria Mall (Directions)

Yishun Mall

Khatib Central

If you are looking for some affordable, delicious hawker food centres, you have a few options such as:

Chong Pang Market (How to get there using MRT)

Broadway Food Centre 

Yishun Park Hawker Centre (How to get there via MRT)

Sembawang Hot Spring Park is another awesome option if you are looking for some fresh air and relaxation. It is south of Sembawang Shopping Centre.

Where to stay near Sembawang Park?

You won’t find too many accommodation options near Sembawang Park, unfortunately. Areas such as Chinatown and Marina Bay have way more options available. 

We suggest looking into Orchid Country Club (4-star, 8.2/10 review score based on 356 reviews) if you want to stay in Northern Singapore. 

It is directly north of Lower Seletar Reservoir and south of most malls and parks in this area. It has a great golf course on-site and lots of room for walking around and it’s an excellent place for people of all ages.

You should go to Khatib MRT Station (NS14) to access Orchid Country Club.

Geylang, Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam are some of the most budget-friendly areas to stay in Singapore, so check them out if you want to save on accommodation. 


With this comprehensive guide, you should know how to get to Sembawang Park in Singapore using different modes of transportation.

Driving a vehicle and parking right at the park is definitely the most convenient way to get there. Two parking lots are available on-site, so you can bring along towels, drinks, snacks and anything else for the day. 

Using a combination of MRT and bus is practical. Head to Sembawang Station and get on Bus 882 right across the street from the station. The most important consideration is that you will have to transfer to the North-South Line on the way to Sembawang Station. Otherwise, this trip should be super easy. 

There are several bus stops near Sembawang Park’s two entrances. But, they are only serviced by Bus 882 at the time of writing, so make sure that you don’t miss that bus! You can get dropped off right near the beach with a taxi, which is also super easy and convenient.

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