How to get to Junction 9 in Yishun by MRT?

How to get to Junction 9 in Yishun by MRT?
Junction 9 in Yishun by MRT

Get to Junction 9 super fast and affordably via MRT by following these specific steps.

This article will outline every step on how to get to Junction 9 in Yishun by MRT. 

Regardless of whether you are living in Singapore, or staying at a hotel near an MRT station, by the end of this article, you will know exactly where to transfer stations, which MRT lines to take and which station is the most convenient for directly accessing Junction Nine. 

Junction Nine is not the only shopping mall in Yishun. There are several other shopping centres and outlying attractions you can explore during the same day. And that’s why we will also explain what other points of interest are worth exploring once you reach Yishun. 

Shopping at Junction Nine in Singapore

Junction Nine is a popular shopping mall in Yishun, Singapore. It is sometimes called a ‘neighborhood mall’ because it is a reliable source of goods and services for residents of nearby areas. 

Even though Junction Nine is quite far from downtown Singapore, it’s still easy to access using public transport. 

It consists of 2 main retail levels consisting of 146 commercial units. Therefore, when you visit Junction Nine, you will have a wide selection of products and a healthy selection of food and beverage outlets. 

Aside from the shopping centre, the Yishun Nine complex consists of 2 blocks of residential apartments. Each apartment spans 11 storeys high and offers residents convenient access to the mall. 

Expect to find competitive prices at Junction Nine in Yishun as opposed to luxury items.

Getting to Junction 9 in Yishun by MRT

Step 1: Walk to the most convenient MRT station. 

The first step in getting to Junction Nine via MRT is to access the closest MRT station. 

Fortunately, Singapore has many metro lines spanning most city areas. Find the closest one to your accommodation.

If you haven’t selected an area or place to stay in Singapore, consider popular, well-connected properties such as The Fullerton Hotel or Marina Bay Sands. Try to find a place within 2-3 minutes walking distance to make getting around more efficient. 

Step 2: Plan your trip – transfers, lines and stations to Junction 9.

The most convenient MRT station for getting to Junction Nine Shopping Mall is Yishun Station (NS13). 

It is located on Singapore’s metro map on the Red (North-South Line). 

One important thing to consider when heading to Yishun and Junction Nine is transferring lines on the way. Having many metro lines makes things easier in Singapore, but you have to identify the best station to transfer lines if you are not staying along the Red Line. 

Interchange Stations to Access the North-South Line

To help you plan your route to Junction Nine, refer to the list below. It is a summary of the most popular interchange stations on Singapore’s MRT network to the North-South Line. 

Bishan – transfer between the Circle Line and the North-South Line

Newton –  transfer between the Downtown Line and the North-South Line

Dhoby Ghaut – transfer between the North-East, Circle and the North-South Line

City Hall – transfer between the East-West and North-South Line

Raffles Place – transfer between the East-West and North-South Line

Marina Bay – transfer between the Thomson East Coast, Circle and North-South Line 

Woodlands – transfer between the Thomson East Coast and North-South Line 

Jurong East – transfer between the East-West and North-South Line

You can find metro maps in every station in Singapore. Typically, a large map is quite close to the entrance gates where you tap your card/ticket to enter. 

Step 3: Buy your metro ticket to reach Yishun MRT Station (NS13). 

You can select from a few different ticket options to reach Junction Nine in Yishun by MRT.

  1. Stored Value Cards
  2. Tourist Passes

We used a stored value card when figuring out how to get to Junction 9 in Yishun by MRT. Once you buy one, just top it up, and you can get on the MRT, LRT and buses throughout the city. 

Singapore Tourist Passes are another card that you can get in the city. 

These are more popular with foreign visitors to Singapore. Present your ID at ticketing offices, and don’t forget to return the card for a refund when applicable!

MONEY-SAVING TIP: Make Singapore cheaper by getting a MULTIPLE-ATTRACTION PASS which can save you up to 52% on entrance fees to the city’s top attractions. The key is to get them online in advance to get the discount. Already, over 200,000 Singaporeans and visitors have purchased these to make sightseeing a lot cheaper. These passes also work very with the transportation cards in Singapore.

Step 4: Complete any necessary transfers to the North-South (Red) Line and head to Yishun Station (NS13).

Check out the location of your interchange station(s) and then complete any necessary transfers to the North-South Line.

Take the North-South Line (Red) to Yishun Station (NS13). 

Although Yishun Station can be accessed from the north, most commuters will likely be heading from the southern regions of the city. 

Yishun Station (NS13) has two neighbouring stations that you should know about to plan your exit from the train: 

Canberra (NS12) (North)

Khatib (NS14) (South)

Listen for verbal announcements along the way to Junction Nine and refer to the digital screens and route maps on the metro. 

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Junction 9 in Yishun
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Junction 9 in Yishun

Step 5: Get off the train at Yishun Station (NS13).

Alight at Yishun Station (NS13) and have your card or ticket ready to exit the metro network here. 

Step 6: From the platforms at Level 2, head down to Basement 2 of Yishun Station (NS13). 

Yishun MRT Station (NS13) is an above-ground station near Yishun Avenue 2 and the road junction with Yishun Central and Yishun Avenue 1.

Yishun Station (NS13) consists of three levels:

Level 2 (L2)

Level 1 (L1) 

Basement Level 2 (B2)

You will arrive at the Level 2 train platforms. 

Travel down to Level 1 of the station, using relevant signs.

Map of Yishun MRT Station to reach Junction 9
Navigating your way from Yishun MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Junction 9

Step 7: Take Exit C or D at Yishun Station (NS13) to get onto Yishun Avenue 2.

If you plan to walk from Yishun Station (NS13) to Junction Nine, there are several exits that you can use. It has four exits at ground level (A, B, C and D) and an underground Exit E which leads to an underpass underneath Yishun Avenue.  

We will explain how to get there from Yishun Avenue 2 (directly) east of the station.  

Take either Exit C or D to get onto Yishun Avenue 2.

Step 8: Bus or walk from Yishun Station (NS13) to Junction 9 Shopping Mall.

You can either walk or take the bus from Yishun Station to Junction Nine.

In the section below, we will summarize both ways and then you can choose what works for you.

Walking Directions from Yishun Station to Junction 9

Taking Exit C or D will bring you onto Yishun Avenue 2, which is directly east of Yishun Station.

Head north on Yishun Avenue 2 toward Yishun Central.

Once you reach Yishun Central, turn right (east).

Walk east along Yishun Central until you reach Yishun Avenue 9. 

Turn left (north) onto Yishun Avenue 9. 

Continue walking northeast along Yishun Avenue 9 until you reach the western entrance of Junction 9 Mall. 

Bus Directions from Yishun Station to Junction 9

Walk to the bus stop across from the station on Yishun Avenue 2.

Here are the bus stop details:

Opp Yishun Stn – Stop ID: 59008

Get on any of the following buses:

806, 807, 811, 812T, 860

Stay on the bus for about 4 minutes until you reach a stop near Junction 9 such as Blk 309 Stop ID: 59171.

Get off the bus and walk a few minutes northeast along Yishun Avenue 9. 

Enter Junction 9 using the west entrance. 

Should you walk or take the bus from Yishun Station (NS13) to Junction 9?

Walking or taking the bus from Yishun Station to Junction 9 are both practical options that will take a similar amount of time. 

For example, the walking should take about 10 minutes, and the distance between the station and Junction 9 is about 900 m (just shy of 1 km). 

Walking time and distance from Yishun MRT Station to Junction 9

It’s an easy walk unless it’s super hot outside or pounding rain.

The bus ride from Yishun Station to Junction 9 usually takes about 9-15 minutes, depending on how long you have to wait and how fast you walk once you alight. 

How to get to Junction 9 in Yishun by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to Junction 9 in Yishun by MRT?

Planning your itinerary around Junction 9 in Yishun

The cool thing about visiting Junction 9 in Yishun is that there are lots of other malls to the south that you can visit during the same day.

For example, Northpoint City (directions) is a huge shopping centre that you will pass by when you take a bus or walk from Yishun Station to Junction 9.  

It is one of the most popular shopping malls in all of northern Singapore, partly due to its seamless connectivity with Yishun Station. 

Some other shopping malls you can visit during the same day at Junction 9 include:

Wisteria Mall (directions)

Yishun Mall

Khatib Central

You can also visit Canberra Plaza and Sembawang Shopping Centre by heading northwest from Junction 9.

If you aren’t satisfied with the food options in Junction 9, there are two popular hawker centres in Yishun:

Chong Pang Market (How to get there using MRT)

Yishun Park Hawker Centre (How to get there via MRT)

These are both excellent places to eat if you want a large selection of local favorites while saving a pile of money.

 You might want to sample some dishes at both places and see which one you like best!

Yishun also has some popular public spaces that offer fresh air, flora and fauna and some nice views:

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park (Directions)

Yishun Pond

Yishun Dam

We recommend doing some shopping and getting some time outdoors in Yishun. Then, finish it off with an affordable meal at a hawker centre!

Accommodation Options near Junction 9 in Yishun 

Orchid Country Club (4-star, 8.2/10 review score based on 356 reviews) is the best and most practical place to stay in Yishun. 

It is directly north of Lower Seletar Reservoir and south of most malls and parks in this area. With a nice golf course on-site and lots of room for walking around, it’s a great place for people of all ages.

Alternative popular areas with guests include Marina Bay, Chinatown, Bugis, Little India, Orchard and Sentosa Island. 


So there you have it, a step-by-step guide on how to get to Junction 9 in Yishun by MRT. 

The trip is really simple. But remember to plan any necessary line transfers. There are several stations you can use to access the North-South Line. And once you are on the Red Line, it should be smooth sailing to Yishun Station (NS13). 

Once you arrive at Yishun Station, decide on whether you want to walk or bus from there to Junction 9?

Walking can save you a few minutes, but it might be better to take the bus if it’s hot or rainy. We always recommend walking, but it makes sense to bus it when conditions outside are not practical. 

Junction 9 has two main retail levels with various shops, services and food and beverage merchants. You will pass Northpoint City on the way to Junction 9, so you can always walk there if there is a product or service that you can’t find at Junction 9.

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