How to get to Northpoint City by MRT?

How to get to Northpoint City by MRT?
Northpoint City by MRT

Follow these specific steps to reach Northpoint City via MRT in record time!

Welcome to the complete guide on how to get to Northpoint City by MRT.

Regardless of where you are staying in Singapore, we will outline every step of the way to Northpoint City using MRT services. As its name suggests, Northpoint City is in the northern region of Singapore in Yishun.

Northpoint City is not particularly close to the downtown core of Singapore, but it is serviced with public transportation that is affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly. We will focus on where to transfer MRT lines to reach the mall and what kind of ticket options are available. Once you reach the nearest MRT station to Northpoint City, we will explain exactly how to walk from the best exit straight to the mall without any issues along the way. 

There are other points of interest/attractions quite close to Northpoint City. 

Once you are in Yishun, consider checking out some other malls, food centres and recreational areas to make it a full day of fun.

Shopping at Northpoint City in Singapore

Northpoint City is a very popular shopping mall in Yishun, Singapore. It is very well integrated with public transportation and local residences, making it an ideal place to visit during the week or on weekends. It is attached to North Park Residences condominium and has Yishun Public Library. Even the Yishun Bus Interchange and Nee Soon Central Community Club is connected to the mall.  

According to our research, Northpoint City is the largest shopping centre in Northern Singapore, featuring a combined net lettable area of 500,000 sq ft (46,000 m2) and more than 400 tenants offering a wide range of goods and services. It was the first suburban mall in Northern Singapore, and after several renovations and expansions, it consists of seven levels and two major wings – the North Wing and the South Wing. 

You should have no problem finding tons of food and beverage options at Northpoint City. The North Wing, for example, has over 50 food and beverage options, and the South Wing has a popular food court called the ‘Makan Town’. 

Services at Northpoint City

Northpoint City is a massive shopping mall. Therefore, you should have no problem finding anything you are looking for. 

Here is a quick summary of some of the services and amenities you will find during your visit:

On-Site Parking (EPS Parking) for cars and motorcycles

Customer Service Counter (located at North Wing Level 2)

Nursing Rooms for Families (located in both Wings on multiple floors)

Banking Services (ATMS):

POSB – North Wing, Level 3 & South Wing, Level 1

Maybank – North Wing, Level 1

OCBC – North Wing, Basement 1

UOB – North Wing, Level 1

AXS Machines – North Wing, Basement 1

 On your way to or from Northpoint City, be sure to utilize the underground retail link, which provides seamless access between Northpoint City, the Yishun Bus Interchange and the closest MRT station. It is fully air-conditioned and features over 30 retail vendors specializing in the ‘grab and go’ concept. 

Getting to Northpoint City by MRT

Step 1: Access the most convenient MRT station.  

If you want to save time and money getting to Northpoint City, staying close to an MRT station should be a priority. 

Walking directly to a station immediately means avoiding expenses associated with taxis. 

You won’t even have to think about taxi meters. 

Also, forget about traffic and parking headaches when you arrive at Northpoint City. 

We have shortlisted three hotels (at different price ranges) within walking distance of the stations listed below: 

Luxury – the best of the best. 

Conrad Centennial Singapore (5-star, 8.9/10 review score, close to Promenade Station) 

Mid-Range – somewhere in the middle.

Heritage Collection on Chinatown (4-star, 9.0/10 review score, very close to Chinatown Station)

Step 2: Plan your route – lines, stations and interchanges. 

The best MRT station for accessing Northpoint City is Yishun Station (NS13). 

Yishun Station is located on Singapore’s North-South MRT Line, shown in red on the metro map.  

Transferring to the North-South Line

If you stay near a station along the North-South Line, getting to Northpoint City via MRT will be super easy. 

However, if you are not starting on the North-South Line, you will have to transfer to it. 

And, the faster you transfer, the faster your trip will be!

To help you out, we have summarized a list of the most popular and convenient interchange stations that enable you to access the North-South Line below:

Bishan – transfer between the Circle Line and the North-South Line

Newton –  transfer between the Downtown Line and the North-South Line

Dhoby Ghaut – transfer between the North-East, Circle and the North-South Line

City Hall – transfer between the East-West and North-South Line

Raffles Place – transfer between the East-West and North-South Line

Marina Bay – transfer between the Thomson East Coast, Circle and North-South Line 

Woodlands – transfer between the Thomson East Coast and North-South Line 

Jurong East – transfer between the East-West and North-South Line

If you are visiting from abroad, try to book a room close to these stations. Not only will you get to Northpoint City faster using the MRT, but getting to other spots will be efficient.  

Step 3: Buy a ticket or card to reach Yishun Station (NS13).

We had a choice of several MRT ticket options but eventually used a stored value card when determining how to get to Northpoint City by MRT. 

If you are visiting Singapore from abroad, then consider buying a Singapore Tourist Pass. Once you pick one up, you can ride on buses and the metro (MRT) without any headaches. You can reach Northpoint City with these and other points of interest all over the place.

SAVING-MONEY TIP: If you want to save up to 52% on attractions in Singapore, then buy a MULTIPLE ATTRACTION PASS. The key is booking entrance tickets online in advance. So far, over 200,000 passes have been purchased by Singaporeans and visitors to the city.

Step 4: Complete any necessary transfers and travel along the North-South Line to Yishun Station. 

You might have to transfer lines if you’re not staying along the North-South Line. 

Complete any necessary transfers and ride the MRT to Yishun Station (NS13). 

Yishun Station (NS13), has two neighbouring stations that you should be familiar with:

Canberra (NS12) (north)

Khatib (NS11) (south)

Once you stop at either one of these, move closer to an exit because you’ll be getting off at the next station (Yishun).

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Northpoint City
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Northpoint City

Step 5: Alight at Yishun MRT Station (NS13).

Get off the train at Yishun Station (NS13). Don’t forget anything on the train.

Step 6: Travel from train platforms (L2) down to the underpass (B2). 

Yishun MRT Station (NS13) is located within the Yishun West planning subzone near the road junction with Yishun Central and Yishun Avenue 1.

You will arrive at Level 2 of the station (this is where the train platforms are located). 

Follow relevant station signs and travel down to Basement Level 2 (B2) of the station using the correct exits. 

Map of Yishun MRT Station to reach Northpoint City
Navigating your way from Yishun MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Northpoint City

Step 7: Exit Yishun Station using one of the underpasses and walk directly to Northpoint City. 

You can choose from five exits at Yishun Station. 

Four of the exits (A, B, C and D) are at ground level, and there is one underground exit (E)

Directions to the North Wing of Northpoint City

Take Exit E to reach the North Wing. 

Exit E leads to an underpass underneath Yishun Avenue 2, which connects to Basement 2 of Northpoint City (North Wing).

Walk along the underpass and enter the mall. 

Directions to the South Wing of Northpoint City

You can take what is called the ‘Northpoint Link’ to access the South Wing of Northpoint City Mall. 

Walk towards Exit D

You will see escalators and a lift at Exit D that lead to Basement Level 2 of North Point City South Wing. 

Head down the escalator or lift to the underpass. 

Walk along the underpass to the entrance of North Point City.

How long does it take to walk from Yishun Station to Northpoint City?

The underpasses connecting the station to the mall are very convenient so you can expect the walk from Yishun Station to Northpoint City to be 2-3 minutes.   

Northpoint City is directly east of Yishun Station (across Yishun Avenue 2) so the walk is short and sweet. 

Walking time and distance from Yishun MRT Station to Northpoint City

How to get to Northpoint City by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to Northpoint City by MRT?

Things to do near Northpoint City – Itinerary Ideas

Northpoint City is without question a ‘megamall’ in terms of its size and range of products and services. 

But there are other shopping malls, recreational areas and food centres to explore during the same day in Yishun. 

Wisteria Mall, Yishun Mall, Junction 9 and Sembawang Shopping Centre are fours malls not too far away. 

You can get to them using local bus services. 

In terms of eating out, you might want to try the following places:

Yishun Park Hawker Centre

Chong Pang Market & Food Centre

These food centres are known for a large selection of affordable, traditional dishes. If you want to save money in Singapore, check them out!

Some of the most popular recreational areas close to Northpoint City are Yishun Park, Yishun Pond, Lower Seletar Reservoir Pond and Yishun Dam. You can either drive or take the bus to any of these from the mall. 

Staying near Northpoint City

In theory, staying near Northpoint City is a very good idea. 

As mentioned before, it’s extremely well connected with MRT and the Yishun Bus Interchange. 

The issue is that there are very few places right near the mall. 

According to our research, the closest place to stay with positive guest review scores is Orchid Country Club (4-star, 8.2/10 review score based on 356 reviews).

It is southeast of Northpoint City (a short drive away) and offers resort-style accommodation with 9-hole golf courses and an Olympic-size swimming pool.

If you don’t want to be stationed up in Northern Singapore, you can stay in Marina Bay or another popular area downtown and use these directions to reach Northpoint City.


You should now know how to get to Northpoint City by MRT.

Getting to the mall is straightforward because of the seamless connectivity with Yishun Station (NS13).

The most challenging part of the trip from downtown Singapore is connecting with the North-South Line if you are not staying near it. There are several interchange stations to use for transferring. 

Once you access Yishun Station, you can take either Exit E or Exit D to access Northpoint City. The underground underpasses are seamless and super easy to use. Just remember that each underpass leads to a different section of the mall. 

Northpoint City consists of a South Wing and a North Wing, and it pays to know which one you want to visit before starting your trip!

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