How to get to Sun Plaza Singapore by MRT? 

How to get to Canberra Plaza by MRT?
How to get to Canberra Plaza by MRT?

Get to Sun Plaza Singapore fast and affordably via MRT by following these detailed steps.

Welcome to the complete guide on how to get to Sun Plaza Singapore by MRT. By the end of this article, you should know every single step needed to get to this popular Shopping Center in Northern Singapore.

Even though Sun Plaza is located in Sembawang – an area well north of Marina Bay, Chinatown and other sightseeing areas,  it is relatively easy to access using Singapore’s amazing Metro System.

A few of the primary considerations you have to make when accessing Sun Plaza Singapore by MRT are where to change between Metro lines and which station is the best to get off at?

We will outline this specific information and also include some cost-saving strategies. Fortunately, Singapore has several MRT lines that make getting around really easy. The MRT in Singapore is super popular with people of all class levels. It’s efficient, affordable and easy to use regardless of how long you are in the city. Getting to Sun Plaza is surprisingly easy from any area of Singapore if you follow these directions. 

Shopping at Sun Plaza in Sembawang, Singapore

Sun Plaza is a popular shopping mall in Sembawang Singapore that is a mixed-use residential and commercial development component. It is located along Sembawang Drive in northern Singapore in an area known as Sembawang. 

It first opened in 2004 and has been attracting guests and providing essential goods and services for residents ever since. While you are shopping at Sun Plaza, you can enjoy five floors of shops and services. The residence component of the complex features spacious apartment units. 

Similar to other malls in Singapore, Sun Plaza has lots of shops, services and food and beverage outlets. The customer service counter is located on Level 2 of the mall.

On-site parking is available at Sun Plaza, and the nursery rooms are available for families on Level 4.  

One of the coolest things about visiting Sun Plaza in Singapore via MRT is that it is very close to a station and the bus interchange.

Getting to Sun Plaza Singapore by MRT

Step 1: Walk to the closest station.

The first step in accessing Sun Plaza in Singapore via MRT is finding the nearest MRT station. 

Fortunately, Singapore has plenty of MRT lines distributed throughout the city. 

Try to book a room within comfortable walking distance of an MRT station if possible. You will get to Sun Plaza and other sights in the city faster if you are like 300-500 meters from an MRT station.

Hotels such as Conrad Centennial Singapore (Promenade Station) and the Capitol Kempinski Hotel (City Hall Station) are two examples of ideally located properties. 

You can access their adjacent MRT stations within 2-3 minutes of walking distance without breaking a sweat.

Step 2: Plan your trip to Sun Plaza – stations, lines and transfers.

The closest and most convenient station for getting to Sun Plaza via MRT is Sembawang MRT Station (NS11)

You should have no problem finding Sembawang Station (NS11) along Singapore’s Red Metro Line (also known as the North-South Line). 

If you have to transfer lines on the way to Sun Plaza in Singapore, this will likely be the most challenging portion of your trip. However, if you stay close to a Red Line station, you can skip down to step #3 below. 

Interchange Station Information (North-South Line)

To help you plan your trip to Sun Plaza in Sembawang, refer to the interchange station list below: 

Bishan – transfer between the Circle Line and the North-South Line

Newton –  transfer between the Downtown Line and the North-South Line

Dhoby Ghaut – transfer between the North-East, Circle and the North-South Line

City Hall – transfer between the East-West and North-South Line

Raffles Place – transfer between the East-West and North-South Line

Marina Bay – transfer between the Thomson East Coast, Circle and North-South Line 

Woodlands – transfer between the Thomson East Coast and North-South Line 

Jurong East – transfer between the East-West and North-South Line

You will also find metro maps in stations throughout Singapore. Travel to the gate area, and they are typically within 30 m of the entrance to the MRT.

Step 3: Get your MRT ticket/card to Sun Plaza. 

Next, focus on buying a ticket or card to reach Sun Plaza via MRT.

Several ticket options are available, but they fall into three main categories:

  1. Tourist Passes
  2. Stored Value Cards
  3. Multiple/Single Trip Tickets

Singapore Tourist Passes are an awesome option for foreign guests in Singapore. 

Once you buy one at a ticketing counter with your ID, you can use them on unlimited buses and trains throughout the city. They are not valid over 3 days, so they work well with short but action-packed itineraries.

Stored value cards are very popular with long-term guests and residents in Singapore. We used one of these while learning how to get to Sun Plaza Singapore by MRT.

Single and multiple trip tickets can be purchased at machines in each MRT station. Look for the ticketing machines not far from the entrance gates.

Step 4: Transfer (if necessary) to the North-South Line and ride the MRT to Sembawang Station (NS11).

Refer to the map at your first station to see if you need to transfer lines. 

Transfer if needed to the Red Line.

Then ride the North-South Line (Red) all the way to Sembawang Station (NS11). 

Sembawang Station (NS11) has two neighbouring stations that you should be familiar with:

Admiralty (NS10) – located southwest of Sembawang

Canberra (NS12) – located southeast of Sembawang 

You can refer to the maps and digital screens on the train. Move closer to an MRT exit when you stop at one of these neighbouring stations listed above.

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Sun Plaza Singapore
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Sun Plaza Singapore

Step 5: Alight at Sembawang Station (NS11).

Alight at Sembawang Station (NS11) and remember to collect all your stuff before getting off the train.

Step 6: Walk from the Level 2 platform down to the Level 1 station exits. 

Sembawang MRT Station (NS11) is built above ground within the Sembawang Central planning subzone near the junctions of Sembawang Drive and Canberra Road.

It consists of two main levels:

Level 1

Level 2

You will arrive at the train platforms on Level 2 of Sembawang Station.

Walk or take the escalator/elevator down to Level 1.

The exits are located on ground level. 

Map of Sembawang MRT Station to reach Sun Plaza Singapore
Navigating your way from Sembawang MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Sun Plaza Singapore

Step 7: Take Exit A at Sembawang Station (NS11)

Sembawang MRT station has four ground-level exits to choose from: A, B, C and D.

Take Exit A at Sembawang Station to directly access Sun Plaza. 

Step 8: Walk directly from Sembawang Station to Sun Plaza. 

Walking from Sembawang Station to Sun Plaza is super easy. 

After taking Exit A along the southern portion of Sembawang Station, walk outside. 

You will notice a covered pedestrian ramp that crosses Sembawang Alley. 

Walk south from the station to the Plaza using this covered walkway. 

Enter Sun Plaza using the northeastern entrance.

How long is the walk from the Sembawang Station to Sun Plaza?

The walk from Sembawang Station to Sun Plaza is definitely less than 1 minute

Sun Plaza is very conveniently located directly southwest of the station. 

You can walk between the station and the Plaza (less than 100 m) during the hottest or rainiest weather because the pedestrian path is fully covered.

Walking time and distance from Sembawang MRT Station to Sun Plaza Singapore

How to get to Canberra Plaza by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to Canberra Plaza by MRT?

Exciting things to visit near Sun Plaza

Even though Sun Plaza is located in northern Singapore and far away from sightseeing areas like Chinatown, Marina Bay, and Sentosa Island, you still have lots to see and do here.

We suggest doing some shopping, dining and visiting a few parks.

Two of the best recreational areas in Sembawang (not far from Sun Plaza) include:

Sembawang Hot Spring Park (south of the mall)

Sembawang Park (north of the mall along the waterfront)

You can take either a taxi, bus, or private vehicle from Sun Plaza to reach these parks.

If you want to shop at more malls than just Sun Plaza, you will be in luck! Many malls are located south of Sembawang in Yishun. 

Take the MRT south to Yishun Station to access these malls:

Northpoint City (Directions

Junction 9 (Directions)

Wisteria Mall (Directions)

Yishun Mall

Khatib Central

Sembawang Shopping Centre and Canberra Plaza are the two closest malls to Sun Plaza. Go to Canberra Station to access both of these. 

If you are looking for some affordable, delicious hawker food centres, you have a few options such as:

Broadway Food Centre (northwest of Canberra Plaza)

Chong Pang Market (How to get there using MRT)

Yishun Park Hawker Centre (How to get there via MRT)

Broadway Food Centre is the closest of the three to Sun Plaza, but you can expect good value and delicious meals at all of them! 

Where to stay near Sun Plaza in Sembawang? 

You won’t find too many accommodation options near Sun Plaza in Singapore. And this mainly is because of location. 

Most tourists and business people choose to stay south in areas such as Marina Bay and Orchard. You will find more famous points of interest near the city centre. 

If you want to stay in northern Singapore and not far from Sun Plaza, consider Orchid Country Club (4-star, 8.2/10 review score based on 356 reviews). 

Orchid Country Club is directly north of Lower Seletar Reservoir and south of most malls and parks in this area. With an excellent golf course on-site and lots of room for walking around, it’s an excellent place for people of all ages.

Heat to Khatib MRT Station (NS14) to access Orchid Country Club.

Alternative popular areas with guests include Sentosa Island, Chinatown, Bugis, and Little India. Chinatown and Little India are known for cheap options. Sentosa tends to be pricier.


Hopefully, you now know how to get to Sun Plaza Singapore by MRT in a fast, stress-free and affordable way.

Sun Plaza is actually directly south of Sembawang Station (NS11), making this a very convenient mall to visit in northern Singapore. 

The most challenging aspect of the trip is changing MRT lines if you are not staying along the Red (North-South) Line. Once you are on the correct line, it should be super easy to get off at Sembawang Station. 

Sembawang Station only has two levels. Head down to Level 1 and take Exit A and the walk from there is less than 1 minute. Sun Plaza is directly south of the station, making for easy navigating and a stress-free connection. No need for bus connections or taxis for this trip! 

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