How to get to Aperia Mall by MRT?

How to get to Aperia Mall by MRT?
Aperia Mall by MRT

Get to Aperia Mall fast and affordably by following these specific steps!

Welcome to the complete guide on how to get to Aperia Mall by MRT in Singapore. 

Like many of Singapore’s shopping centres, getting to Aperia Mall using public transportation is straightforward and cost-effective. We will focus on getting there using the most convenient line and station and also summarize all stations within walking distance of it. 

Aperia Mall is located on the outskirts of the central business district in Kallang. It only takes a few minutes from here to reach the popular sightseeing districts, such as Marina Bay and Chinatown. Therefore, it is still close to many of the best hotels in Singapore.

By the end of this guide, you should be able to get to Aperia Mall on a budget and conveniently walk straight from the nearest stations. No additional vehicles like taxis or ride-hailing services are needed unless the weather is super hot or pouring rain. 

Aperia Mall is also close to many of the city’s major attractions, making sightseeing via MRT very convenient.

 Shopping at Aperia Mall in Singapore

Aperia Mall is a popular mixed-use shopping centre in Kallang, Singapore. 

It is situated at the intersection between Lavender Street and Kallang Road and features two impressive business towers and a 3-storey retail (shopping) centre. Aside from a wide selection of shops and services, you can also expect to find convenient lifestyle amenities here as well. 

The complex features a recreational pool and several children-friendly facilities such as childcare and enrichment centres. If you’re looking for groceries, there is a store here.

Parking is available, and the nursing room for families is located on Level 1 of the shopping centre. It’s well-serviced by MRT, making it a convenient place for weekly shopping even if you don’t work in the adjoining towers. 

Getting to Aperia Mall via MRT

Step 1: Plan your route to Aperia Mall Lines and Stations?

Aperia Mall is almost equal distance from the following two MRT stations in Singapore:

Lavender MRT Station (EW11) 

Bendemeer MRT Station (DT23)

Typically, we summarize how to get to the point of interest from the closest station, but since these two are almost the same walking distance from Aperia Mall, we will summarize both!

Lavender Station (EW11) is on the East-West Line, which is shown in green colour on Singapore’s metro map. 

Bendemeer Station (DT23), on the other hand, is located on the Downtown Line, which is shown in dark blue colour.  

Step 2: Walk to the closest MRT station.

Getting to Aperia Mall in Singapore using the MRT is a lot easier if you are starting your trip close to another station. 

Booking a room in Singapore close to a station is a wise idea to save time and money. 

Sticking to the MRT in Singapore will help you to avoid

  • Parking fees
  • Road traffic
  • Vehicle emissions

Parking can be a costly headache that can take up a lot of your time.

We recommend either one of these hotels be within a few minutes of convenient MRT stations. 

Marina Bay Sands Hotel (right beside Bayfront Station)

Fullerton Hotel (right beside Raffles Place Station)

Learn More: Singapore Accommodation Guide – Where to stay?

When booking a room in Singapore, it comes down to two factors: location and prices.  

Marina Bay and Sentosa are known for high-end hotels, whereas Chinatown, Little India, Katong, Bugis and Geylang are more budget-friendly options. 

Boutique hotels and hostels tend to be the cheapest available options in Singapore. We suggest finding a cheap place with lots of reviews and a score above 8.5/10 on leading websites. 

Step 3: Buy a card to reach Aperia Mall.

If you don’t have a transport card already, you can buy different types of metro cards to reach Aperia by MRT. 

Here are the two main options for getting around via MRT and public bus:

Stored Value Cards 

Singapore Tourist Passes

As the name suggests, Tourist Passes are designed for visitors from abroad. They have a defined number of days of validity. 

You can save time and money using one if you plan a busy itinerary in Singapore with many MRT trips in the works. Expect to get unlimited train and bus rides once it’s purchased and activated. 

We used a stored value card while figuring out how to get to Aperia Mall by MRT. 

Stored Value Cards are different because they work on a per-trip basis. Both locals and foreigners can buy one. Once you exit the MRT network or get off a bus, the balance will automatically adjust. 

You can use them for over three days (unlike Tourist Passes).

Regardless of whether you use a stored-value card or Singapore Tourist Pass, it’s a wise decision to also buy a Multiple Attraction Pass (already 200,000+ sold). You will save up 40% on entrance fees by buying several passes at the same time.

Step 4: Ride the MRT to Lavender MRT Station (EW11) or Bendemeer MRT Station (DT23). 

When you’re set, take the MRT to Lavender or Bendemeer Station. These are both within walking distance of Aperia Mall. 

Since they are about equal distance from Aperia, don’t transfer lines to get there. Stay on the East-West Line to access Lavender, or stay on the Downtown line to access Bendemeer. 

You will hear verbal announcements on the train as you approach the station of your choice.

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Aperia Mall
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Aperia Mall

Step 5: Alight at Lavender MRT Station (EW11) or Bendemeer MRT Station (DT23). 

Alight when you arrive at the train platforms.

Bring all your belongings with you when you alight from the train.

Step 6: Travel from the train platforms to the best station exit. 

If you want to reduce your travel time from the MRT to Aperia Mall, it’s best to know how to navigate your way from the station to the most convenient exit. 

We explain the station information below.

Exiting Lavender Station 

Lavender MRT Station (EW11) is built underground in the Lavender planning subzone underneath Kallang Road, near the intersection between Lavender Street and Crawford Street.

It has three main levels:

L1 – Street Level 

B1 – Ticketing Concourse

B2 – East West Line Train Platforms

You will arrive at the Level B2 Train Platforms regardless of which direction you are coming from. 

From there, travel up to L1 – Street Level using the elevator, stairs or escalator.

Lavender MRT Station has two exits leading to either side of Kallang Road. 

Take Exit B at Lavender Station to access Aperia Mall. 

Navigating your way from Lavender MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Aperia Mall
Navigating your way from Lavender MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Aperia Mall

Exiting Bendemeer Station 

Bendemeer MRT Station (DT23) is built underneath at the intersection between Kallang Avenue and Kallang Bahru.

It has four main levels

L1 – Street Level 

B1 – Underpass Linkway

B2 – Ticketing Concourse

B4 – Downtown Line Train Platforms

Once you arrive at the B4 Train Platforms, travel up via stairs, elevator or escalator to L1 Street Level. 

Bendemeer MRT station has two ground-level exits to choose from, A and B.

Take Exit B at Bendemeer Station to walk to Aperia Mall. 

Navigating your way from Bendemeer MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Aperia Mall
Navigating your way from Bendemeer MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Aperia Mall

Step 7: Walk from Lavender or Bendemeer Station to Aperia Mall.

Conveniently, you can expect similar walk times from either Lavender or Bendemeer Station to Aperia Mall. 

Here are the detailed directions from each station below.

Walking Directions – Lavender to Aperia Mall

Exit B at Lavender Station will bring you to Kallang Road. 

Walk northeast on Kallang Road toward Horne Road

Take a sharp left turn north onto Lavender Street.

Walk north along Lavender Street. 

Aperia Mall is located to the right, on the eastern side of Lavender Street. 

Enter Aperia Mall using the western entrance. 

Walking Directions – Bendemeer to Aperia Mall

Exit B will bring you onto Kallang Bahru Avenue. 

Head southwest on Kallang Bahru towards Kallang Avenue.

Turn left onto Kallang Avenue.

Walk southeast along Kalang Avenue.

Enter Aperia Mall using the eastern entrance. 

How long does it take to walk from these stations to the mall?

The 700 m walk from Lavender Station to Aperia Mall should take you about 7 minutes.

Walking time and distance from Lavender MRT Station to Aperia Mall

You can expect the walk from Bendemeer Station to Aperia Mall to take about 6-7 minutes as well. It’s approximately 550 meters away from the station. 

Walking time and distance from Bendemeer MRT Station to Aperia Mall

Other MRT Stations to Consider

In some cases, you might be travelling on another MRT line downtown, and it might not make sense to transfer lines. The time you would spend transferring lines wouldn’t be worth the headaches involved. You could take the bus from Kallang or Bugis if the walk is too far.

Refer to the table below for alternative stations getting to Aperia Mall via MRT.

Station Name

Walking Distance to 

Aperia Mall

Walking Time to 

Aperia Mall

Bendemeer (DT23) 550 m 6-7 minutes
Lavender (EW11) 700 m 7 minutes
Kallang (EW10) 1.1 km 14 minutes
Bugis (EW12/DT14) 1.6 km 20 minutes

As you can see, Bendemeer and Lavender are the best stations for accessing Aperia Mall.  

You can take the bus from these stations if you don’t feel like walking or prefer to avoid the heat or rain. 

How to get to Aperia Mall by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to Aperia Mall by MRT?

Other Points of Interest to Visit

Aperia Mall may be on the border of the central business district of Singapore, but it’s still relatively close to several interesting places to visit. 

It isn’t too far from Singapore Sports Hub (Directions), where some of the city’s best athletics facilities are located. This is where you will find the following sports venues:

National Stadium (Directions)

Kallang Wave Mall (Directions)

Singapore Indoor Stadium (Directions)

If you head southwest from Aperia Mall, you will reach Kampong Glam, along with its impressive cultural sights and delicious restaurants. 

Consider visiting the following spots:

Sultan Mosque (Directions)

Haji Lane (Directions

Arab Street (Directions)  

The Malay Heritage Centre (Directions) is also located in Kampong Glam and is very much worth an extensive visit. 

The area around Sultan Mosque is particularly popular amongst visitors, with streetside restaurants and a welcoming ambiance. 

Where to stay near Aperia Mall?

Most hotels near Aperia Mall are budget-friendly, mainly consisting of 2, 3 and 4-star properties. 

They are mainly located on the opposite side of Lavender Street. 

You can access most places to stay within 3-4 minutes from the retail mall. 

The closest hotel to Aperia Mall is Fragrance Hotel Lavender (2-star).

Other accommodation options not too far away include

Hotel 81 Lavender 

Hotel Snow Lavender

Arcadia Hotel

V Hotel Lavender

You can walk west from these properties to the attractions in Kampong Glam. As you move closer and closer to Marina Bay, you can expect properties to get increasingly more expensive. 


Hopefully, this guide has summarised all the steps on how to get to Aperia Mall by MRT in Singapore. 

Despite being located in Kallang (a few minutes from Marina Bay), it’s still straightforward to access the mall and the attached business towers. 

The East-West and Downtown MRT lines are definitely the best ones for getting to Aperia Mall. Taking either one of these lines will ensure that you will be only about 6-7 minutes walking distance away. 

If you want to walk directly from the two closest stations, alight at either Lavender (EW11) or Bendemeer Station (DT23).

Bendemeer Station (DT23) is north of the mall, whereas Lavender (EW11) is south of it. 

There are several hotels scattered on the other side of Lavender Avenue if you want to save some cash staying in this area of Singapore. 

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