How to Riverside Point by MRT in Singapore?

How to Riverside Point by MRT in Singapore?
Riverside Point by MRT

Get to Riverside Point in Clarke Quay fast and affordably with these steps!

Welcome to the complete guide on how to get to Riverside Point by MRT in Singapore. 

Riverside Point is located in Clarke Quay and overlooks the Singapore River. It’s a popular area for both tourists and locals. Getting there is super easy using the MRT network. 

We will thoroughly explain which line and station you should use to access it. But Singapore’s MRT network is so integrated that you can walk to Riverside Point from multiple stations. 

In some cases, it won’t make sense to transfer lines, and in some cases, it will. 

Two clear benefits of taking the MRT to Riverside Point are the complete avoidance of traffic and parking headaches. You will save money taking the MRT, and you won’t have to hail taxis or continuously use your phone for ride-hailing services.  

Visiting Riverside Point in Singapore

Riverside Point is best described as a mixed-use commercial development along Merchant Road in Clarke Quay, Singapore. 

People visit Riverside Point for different reasons. 

The first floor features awesome alfredo waterside restaurants and bars that attract tourists, locals and businesspeople throughout the daytime. Then at night, it gets livelier with lots of draught beer and seafood orders. 

Chances are that if you’re visiting Riverside Point as a tourist, you will truly enjoy the laidback environment along the River. It is scenic here and highly convenient to access using the MRT network.  

Level 2-4 in Riverside Point is mainly made up of office space and some retail outlets. 

There are approximately 162 parking spots available at Riverside Point, but a lot of people get to this area of the city by bus or train. It’s a short walk from here to other scenic areas of Singapore, such as Robertson Quay, Boat Quay and the ever-famous Marina Bay. 

Getting to Riverside Point using MRT Services

Step 1: Plan your route to Riverside Point – know the closest station and best MRT line.

The closest and most convenient station to Riverside Point in Singapore is 

Clarke Quay Station (NE5)

You can travel here using the North-East Line, which is shown in purple colour on the metro map. 

Clarke Quay Station is not an interchange station, so the NE Line is the only way to get there.

Step 2: Access the nearest MRT station.

Getting to Riverside Point is super convenient via MRT. 

But it is more challenging if you’re staying at a hotel far away from a station which forces you to use taxis or ride-sharing services to get around. 

If you have some choice in where you’re staying in Singapore, try to book a room 400 meters away or less to minimize transit times. 

You shouldn’t have any problem finding places to stay because hundreds of hotels and hostels are purposely built near stations. 

Here are two popular hotels with direct MRT access:

Marina Bay Sands Hotel – 5-star (Bayfront Station)

Sofitel Singapore City Centre – 5-star (Tanjong Pagar Station)

Most of the best luxury hotels are located around Marina Bay or Sentosa Island. Head to Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam or Geylang for more affordable options. 

Read More: Top Luxury Hotels near Marina Bay

Step 3: Purchase a card to use Singapore’s metro to Riverside Point. 

You can choose from two cards for getting around Singapore, including Riverside Point in Clarke Quay:

Stored Value Cards 

Singapore Tourist Passes

We used a stored-value card while figuring out how to get to Riverside Point by MRT in Singapore for the first time. Once purchased, just top up the card with cash when your balance is getting low. 

Singapore Tourist Passes are designed for foreign visitors to the city. 

They are great for unlimited bus and train rides for a certain number of days. 

Step 4: Navigate the MRT network to Clarke Quay Station (NE5).

Ride the MRT to Clarke Quay Station (NE5) when you are set to visit Riverside Point.

Remember that you will have to transfer to the North-West Line on the water to the waterfront. 

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Riverside Point
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Riverside Point

Step 5: Alight at Clarke Quay Station (NE5).

The two neighbouring stations to Clarke Quay are

Chinatown Station (DT19/NE4)

Dhoby Ghaut (CC1/NE6/NS24)

When you stop at either one of these, there will be a verbal announcement about Clarke Quay Station coming up on the North-East Line. 

Alight upon arrival at the station.  

Exit Information at Clarke Quay Station (NE5)

You shouldn’t have any problem accessing Riverside Point from Clarke Quay Station, but you will need to know which exit to take and how to get there. 

Clarke Quay MRT Station (NE5) is built underneath Eu Tong Sen Street and New Bridge Road, near the intersection with Merchant Road and North Canal Road.

It consists of three main levels:

L1 – Street Level

B1 – Concourse and Ticketing

B2 – Train Platform A and Train Platform B

Be prepared to arrive at Level B2 on your trip to Riverside Point by MRT.

From there, you can choose which station you want to use. 

There are six exits to choose from at Clarke Quay Station (A, B, C, E, F and G). 

You can take Exit C at Clarke Quay Station to access Riverside Point.

Map of Clarke Quay MRT Station to reach Clarke Quay
Navigating your way from Clarke Quay MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Riverside Point

Step 6: Walk from Clarke Quay Station (NE5) to Riverside Point along the waterfront. 

Exit C will bring you to the riverside boardwalk in front of Clarke Quay Central. 

You can walk west along the scenic waterfront to reach Riverside Point. 

Along the way, you will pass Paradox Singapore Merchant Court at Clarke Quay and Read Bridge. 

Riverside Point is located right after Read Bridge, right on the waterfront.

How long is the walk from Clarke Quay Station (NE5) to Riverside Point?

The walk from Clarke Quay Station to Riverside Point should take you only 3 minutes.

It’s less than 300 meters away – short enough that you won’t even break a sweat!

Walking time and distance from Clarke Quay MRT Station to Riverside Point

Alternative Stations within Walking Distance of Riverside Point?

It’s hard to argue the fact that Clarke Quay Station is the best station for getting to Riverside Point. 

But there are other alternatives to consider, especially if you’re travelling downtown on a line other than the North-East Line. 

In the table below, you can check out all the closest stations to Riverside Point so that you can choose the best one based on your itinerary.

Station Name

Walking Distance to 

Riverside Point

Walking Time to 

Riverside Point

Clarke Quay (NE5) 100 m 1 minute
Fort Canning (DT20) 400 m 5 minutes
Chinatown (DT19/NE4) 800 m 10 minutes
Raffles Place (EW14/NS26) 1 km 12 minutes
Havelock (TE16) 1.4 km 13 minutes

The walking times to Riverside Point from neighbouring stations ranges from 1 minute to 13 minutes. You can also connect with buses at these stations if the weather is unfavourable. 

How to get to Riverside Point by MRT?
How to get to Riverside Point by MRT?

Other Places to Visit?

Riverside Point is located in one of the best locations in all of Singapore for walking around and enjoying the waterfront.

It is located directly beside the Singapore River in the heart of Clarke Quay. The nightlife and party scene in Clarke Quay is busy with tons of restaurants, pubs and clubs to choose from. 

Once you have checked out Clarke Quay Central Mall (Directions) near Riverside Point, you can walk in either direction along the River to see other cool areas.

Boat Quay (Directions) is on the way toward Marina Bay. 

It is very popular with tourists and locals and well-known for sit-down restaurants and seafood venues. We highly recommend dining here if you can.

If you continue walking southeast, you will reach Marina Bay.

Marina Bay is one of Southeast Asia’s most iconic places. It features the world-famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the Merlion (Directions) and Singapore’s iconic skyline. 

Consider heading to Sands SkyPark (Directions) for unobstructed views.

We recommend visiting Marina Bay in the morning and night to capture the true experience. 

If you travel in the opposite direction from Riverside Point, you will reach Roberston Quay. It is known for high-end river-side restaurants and excellent views of the river. 

Robertson Walk (Directions) is a popular dining venue with several high-end alfredo restaurants to enjoy. 

One of the best outdoor spaces not far from Clarke Quay Central is Fort Canning Park (Directions). Head here for relaxation, exercise, picnics or some fresh air with your family and friends!

Best Places to Stay in Clarke Quay

Staying in Clarke Quay and around Riverside Point is a wise decision for several reasons. 

First of all, the area here is beautiful. Be prepared to enjoy superb riverside views and wide riverside boardwalks. You will see tons of people walking, running, and cycling here. 

Most of the hotels near Riverside Point are 3, 4 and 5-star properties. 

The closest hotel to Riverside Point is Paradox Singapore Merchant Court at Clarke Quay

It’s a great place to stay and reasonably affordable, considering its superb location. 

Park Regis Singapore is another solid option. It is a few minutes away from Riverside Point.

Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay is located on the other side of Riverside Point. 

Always make sure to check recent review scores and the exact property you choose in Singapore. 


Hopefully, this step-by-step guide will help you remember all the steps on how to get to Riverside Point by MRT in Singapore. 

One of the benefits of visiting here is the beautiful location right along the Singapore River. 

Undoubtedly, Clarke Quay Station is the best one for getting to Riverside Point. The walk is only 3 minutes, and it’s a very pleasant area for sightseeing. 

You will likely see Singapore River Cruises during your short walk. 

Other stations, such as Fort Canning and Chinatown, are also within walking distance of Riverside Point. You can consider walking from one of them if you would prefer not to transfer from the Downtown Line to the North-East Line. 

Once you’re at Riverside Point, get ready to enjoy the fantastic alfresco environment. 

You can walk east to Clarke Quay Central or walk across Read Bridge to access tons of Clarke Quay clubs and pubs. 

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