How to get to Siglap Centre by MRT?

How to get to Siglap Centre by MRT?
Siglap Centre by MRT

Get to Siglap Centre super fast with this step-by-step guide.

Welcome to our guide on how to get to Siglap Centre by MRT!

By the end of this article, you will be able to access this mixed-use commercial building in Bedok in a fast, affordable manner. 

Siglap Centre is located in an interesting area of Singapore in terms of getting there via MRT. Unlike many points of interest in the city, Siglap Centre is not within proximity of a station. Therefore, it’s common for commuters first to take the MRT and then transfer to a bus that leads in the direction of the shopping centre. 

You can always choose to walk or cycle from the MRT to the mall, but you should first know the approximate time to get there. 

When you use public transportation in Singapore (MRT and buses), you will bypass some road traffic and save time, avoiding parking. You also won’t have to pay taxi fees or parking fees when you arrive. 

Shopping at Siglap Centre in Singapore

Siglap Centre is best described as a mixed-use commercial and residential development in Bedok, Singapore. It is located between Changi Airport and Singapore’s downtown business district and north of East Coast Park. 

It is just a few minutes’ drive from popular neighbourhoods such as Marine Parade, Joo Chiat and Katong.

When you visit Siglap Centre, you can expect to find serviced apartments at the top level. Below the residences is the commercial component where some popular fast food restaurants and shops are located. The upper floors have educational and tuition centers and a Raffles Medical center outpatient clinic.

There is also a basement level at Siglap Centre with a bakery and a grocery store. 

Residents head to Siglap Centre for spa services and access to POSB/DBS ATM machines. 

Getting to Siglap Centre using MRT

Step 1: Walk to the nearest MRT station.

When you’re set to head to Siglap Centre via MRT, walk to the nearest station. 

Singapore has several hotels/hostels and condominiums beside stations, which is no coincidence. Getting around via MRT is a very popular option for people all over the city. 

A practical strategy for efficient and affordable transportation connections is booking a room within a few hundred meters of an MRT station. 

Here are a few popular examples of hotels right near convenient stations:

Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore – 2 minutes from City Hall Station

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore – 2 minutes to Raffles Place Station

Always do your research before booking a room in Singapore. Location is key, and double-check that recent reviews are positive.  

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Step 2: Plan your MRT trip to Siglap Centre – Lines and Transfers. 

You actually have a bit of a choice when you’re heading to Siglap Centre via MRT. 

Since it’s south of the nearest MRT stations, you can take a bus from a few stations and get there in a relatively similar period of time. 

Consequently, we will explain step-by-step how to get to Siglap Centre by MRT from these two stations:

Kembangan Station (EW6)

Bedok Station (EW5) 

Both Kembangan and Bedok Station are located along the East-West (Green) Line

We suggest planning to travel to the most convenient of these two stations. 

Step 3: Buy a card to access the MRT network at your first station. 

There are two main cards that are used for getting to Siglap Centre via MRT:

  1. Stored Value Cards
  2. Singapore Tourist Passes

Based on our experience getting around Singapore, these are both great options, but they are designed for different commuters. 

We used a stored value card when we first figured out how to get to Siglap Centre by MRT. Once you purchase one of these, top it up with cash, and you can travel on trains and buses. 

Singapore Tourist Passes work similarly, but they are designed for foreign tourists visiting Singapore. They are typically available for 1-3 day stays and work on buses and trains.  

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Step 4: Ride the MRT to either Kembangan or Bedok Station.

Once you are set for your trip to Siglap Centre, take the MRT to either one of these stations:

Kembangan Station (EW6)

Bedok Station (EW5) 

Check the metro map and determine which one is closest to your starting point. Listen for verbal announcements as you travel along the East-West MRT line. 

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Siglap Centre
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Siglap Centre

Step 5: Alight and travel from the train platforms to the appropriate exit. 

Once you arrive at your preferred station for accessing Siglap Centre, it’s time to navigate your way to the correct exit to connect with buses.  

The section below summarizes station information for both Kembangan Station (EW6) and Bedok Station (EW5).

Exiting Kembangan MRT Station (EW6)

Kembangan Station (EW6) is an above-ground station in the Kembangan planning subzone along Sims Avenue. 

It has only two levels, so making your way to the exits is an easy process.

Level 2 Train Platforms

Level 1 Concourse and Street Level Exits

When you arrive at Level 2 of the station, head down via the escalator, elevator or stairs to L1. 

At Level 1, walk over to Exit B

Map of Kembangan MRT Station to reach Siglap Centre
Navigating your way from Kembangan MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Siglap Centre

Exiting Bedok MRT Station (EW5)

Bedok Station is an above-ground station that is located along Bedok North and Frankel planning subzones, along New Upper Changi Road.

It consists of three main levels.

L2 Train Platforms (A and B)

L1 Concourse and Access to Street Level

B1 Underpass to Bedok Mall

When you arrive at Level 2 of Bedok Station, head down to Level 1 using the stairs, elevators or escalators. 

Follow the signs to Exit A.

Map of Bedok MRT Station to reach Siglap Centre
Navigating your way from Bedok MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Siglap Centre

Step 6: Exit Kembangan or Bedok Station and connect with public bus services. 

When you consider the walking distance from Bedok or Kembangan Station to Siglap Centre, it’s clear that connecting with a bus is the most practical way to get there (for most people). 

Therefore, the faster you can find the best bus stop, the quicker you will reach Siglap Centre. 

Bus Connection from Kembangan Station to Siglap Centre

Once you take Exit B at Kembangan Station, you will be on Jalan Kembangan.

Walk over to the following bus stop 

Kembangan Station – Stop ID: 83321

Get on Bus 135 and stay on it for six stops. 

Alight at the following bus stop

Bef Frankel Pl – Stop ID: 93109

Then it’s time to walk to Siglap Centre. 

Walk southeast on Frankel Avenue toward Coldstream Avenue.

Turn left onto East Coast Road.

Walk east along East Coast Road until you see Siglap Centre to the north. 

Driving time and distance from Kembangan MRT Station to Siglap Centre
You can expect the bus ride to take 4 minutes from Kembangan MRT Station to Siglap Centre

Bus Connection from Bedok Station to Siglap Centre

With the Bedok Transport Interchange north of Bedok Station, you do have some flexibility in getting to Siglap Centre. 

You can exit from the station and catch a bus from Exit A along New Upper Changi Road, or you can head to the bus interchange. 

From Exit A you can head straight to this bus stop.

Bedok Stn Exit A – Stop ID: 84039

Get on Bus 31 or Bus 137 heading south, and then walk from a nearby station to Siglap Centre. 

Driving time and distance from Bedok MRT Station to Siglap Centre
You can expect the bus ride to take 5 minutes from Bedok MRT Station to Siglap Centre

How long is the bus ride from Kembangan and Bedok Station to Siglap Centre?

The bus ride from Bedok Station to Siglap Centre ranges from 10-15 minutes. The ride from Kembangan to Siglap is slightly longer, taking 15-22 minutes on most days. 

How to get to Siglap Centre by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to Siglap Centre by MRT?

What else to explore after visiting Siglap Centre?

Siglap Centre is located south of the development around Bedok Station and east of Katong. 

If you head south of Siglap Centre, you will reach one of Singapore’s most popular parks – East Coast Park. Consider checking out cool places such as Singapore Wake Park (SWP) and East Coast Lagoon Food Village. 

Travel north of Siglap Centre if you want to shop at some of Bedok’s shopping centres, such as Bedok Mall (Directions) and Bedok Town Centre (Directions).

West of Siglap Centre is Katong and famous Joo Chiat Road (Directions). One of the most famous places to check out is the Peranakan Houses (Directions) along Koon Seng Road. 

Best Hotels/Hostels near the Mall

The area around Siglap Centre is not particularly well known for sightseeing or business. Consequently, there aren’t too many places to stay within walking distance of it. 

One exception is East Coast Hostel Lodge @Siglap which is just a few minutes west of Siglap Centre on East Coast Road. 

You might be better off finding a room in Marina Bay or Chinatown. Demand is high in these areas, and there is a wide selection. Chinatown is the cheaper option, whereas Marina Bay has tons of luxury hotels to choose from.

Always look for a place close to an MRT station with many positive verified guest reviews.  

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Hopefully, this step-by-step guide will make it super clear how to get to Siglap Centre by MRT in Singapore.

Remember, you do have some flexibility getting to this shopping centre. Since it is located south of the East-West Line, you can head to either Kembangan or Bedok Station using the MRT. 

Then, you can connect with bus services heading south to bus stops near Siglap Centre. You can expect the bus ride to take between 10-20 minutes, depending on traffic and how long you have to wait for the bus. 

It’s also possible to walk from these stations to Siglap Centre, but it will take you more than 20 minutes in Singapore’s balmy weather. Cycling is a faster option if you have wheels to get around!

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