How to get to Burlington Square by MRT?

How to get to Burlington Square by MRT?
Burlington Square by MRT

Get to Burlington Square via MRT fast and affordably!

Welcome to the best guide on how to get to Burlington Square by MRT in Singapore.

In this detailed article, we will share all the steps required to reach Burlington Square, including the best line(s) and the most convenient station(s) to walk from. 

Due to its centralized location, it’s possible to walk from several different MRT stations to Burlington Square without the need to connect with bus services. 

There are also several other shopping centres right near Burlington Square, making it easy to shop for textiles or electronics during the same day. 

Taking the MRT to get around is a cost-effective way to save money in Singapore. 

The MRT network services most city areas, so regardless of where you are, you can likely get here and other points of interest on the metro. 

Visiting Burlington Square in Singapore

Burlington Square is a mixed-use development on Bencoolen Street that features retail shops, an office tower and three large residential towers. 

With the 12-storey office tower and three 20-storey residential towers on-site, the retail shops and food and beverage outlets get natural business from residents and visitors.

You can enjoy a nice selection of shops and services at Burlington Square. 

Expect to find the following shops and services:

  • Groceries
  • Music shops
  • Optical Services
  • Medical clinics
  • Reflexology
  • Dentists
  • Electronics
  • Photography services

Similar to other malls in Singapore, there are several food and beverage outlets to choose from. 

Getting to Burlington Square via MRT

Step 1: Plan your trip to Burlington Square – Lines and Stations?

There are a few MRT stations within walking distance of Burlington Square, but the closest and most convenient one is definitely: 

Rochor Station (DT13)

It’s on the Downtown Line – shown in blue colour on the MRT map. 

Step 2: Walk to the closest MRT station. 

Try to book your room in Singapore (if you’re visiting) in a strategic location close to an MRT station.

This will ensure easy access to the MRT, making all your trips cheaper and faster. 

The last thing you want to do in Singapore is getting a taxi whenever you need to go somewhere. 

Singapore’s MRT network is extensive and helps commuters bypass road traffic and parking fees. 

Here are two properties right near MRT stations that we suggest staying at

Fullerton Hotel (right beside Raffles Place Station)

Marina Bay Sands Hotel (right beside Bayfront Station)

Learn More: Top Luxury Hotels near Marina Bay

Try to book a budget room in Chinatown, Little India, Geylang or Kampong Glam if you’re looking to save some cash. Singapore is considered an expensive place to be, but finding a clean, cheap room can save you a lot of cash.

Step 3: Purchase a transport card to reach Burlington Square. 

There are two main cards for getting around Singapore, including to Burlington Square:

Stored Value Cards 

Singapore Tourist Passes

We initially used a stored-value card while discovering how to get to Burlington Square by MRT. 

You shouldn’t have too many problems buying and using a stored-value card.

Buy one and top it up with enough cash balance to get around. 

Your balance will get automatically deducted for each trip when you exit the MRT network or buses in the city. 

As you might expect, stored-value cards are popular with locals and visitors because they can be used for several purposes.

As the name suggests, Singapore Tourist Passes are designed for busy, short-term visitors to Singapore. 

They work differently than stored-value cards because you can get unlimited bus and train rides for a set number of days. Typically, you have to use the MRT daily to save money.

Step 4: Ride the MRT all the way to Rochor Station (DT13).

Take the Downtown Line to Rochor Station (DT13) to reach Burlington Square.

Rochor Station has two neighbouring stations that you should be familiar with:

Little India Station (DT12/NE7) – north of Rochor

Bugis Station (DT14/EW12) – south of Rochor

Once you stop at one of these, move closer to the exit on the train. 

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Burlington Square
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Burlington Square

Step 5: Get off the train at Rochor Station (DT12). 

Get off the train when you arrive at Rochor Station (DT12).

Refer to station signs and the information below to exit efficiently to Burlington Square. 

Step 6: Exit Rochor Station (DT12). 

Rochor Station (DT13) is built underneath Sungei Road and Rochor Canal Road and is within convenient walking distance of Bugis, Rochor and Little India districts.

It consists of 3 main levels:

L1 – Street Level 

L2 – Ticketing Concourse

B3 – Downtown Line Train

You will arrive at the Level B3 Train Platforms while heading to Burlington Square.

Travel from the platform up to L1 – Street Level using the stairs, escalator or elevator. 

You can choose from two exits leading to ground level (A and B) at Rochor MRT station.

Take Exit A if you want to walk from Rochor Station to Burlington Square.  

Map of Rochor MRT Station to reach Sim Lim Square
Navigating your way from Rochor MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Burlington Square

Step 7: Walk from Rochor Station to Burlington Square.

Exit A at Rochor Station will bring you to the corner of Rochor Canal Road and Prinsep Street. 

Walk briefly southwest along Prinsep Street until you reach Burlington Square.

You can enter Burlington Square using the northeast ground-level level entrance.

How long is the walk from Rochor Station to Burlington Square?

The walk from Rochor Station to Burlington Square is very short.

It should take 1 minute because the distance is only about 100 m

Now, that’s convenient!

Walking time and distance from Rochor MRT Station to Burlington Square

Other Stations within Walking Distance of Burlington Square?

With Rochor Station only 100 m from Burlington Square, that’s obviously the closest station. 

But you can also walk there from other stations due to its central location near Bugis, Little India and the museum district of Singapore. 

We outline other station options in the table below.

Station Name

Walking Distance to Burlington Square

Walking Time to Burlington Square

Rochor (DT13)


100 m 1 minute
Jalan Besar (DT22) 550 m 8 minutes
Little India (DT12/NE7) 600 m 8 minutes
Bugis (DT14/EW12) 800 m 11 minutes

The walking time to Burlington Square ranges from 1 minute to 11 minutes. 

By the time you wait for a bus and then travel to the shopping centre, you would have already been there on foot. Therefore, we don’t suggest connecting by bus unless it’s raining or cold outside. 

How to get to Burlington Square by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to Burlington Square by MRT?

What else to visit during the same day?

Burlington Square is only minutes from popular shopping areas, such as Orchard, Little India, and Bugis. 

It’s the kind of area where you can pick and choose which malls you want to visit within the same day. 

The five closest shopping centres to Burlington Square are

Sim Lim Square (Directions)

Sim Lim Tower 

OG Albert Department Store

Fu Lu Shou Complex

The Bencoolen

You can also walk north from Burlington Square to Little India to access more shopping malls.

Little India has several shopping malls and tons of stores selling affordable items.

Mustafa Centre (Directions) and Tekka Centre are two of the most popular shopping centres in Little India. 

Bugis is also not far from Burlington Square.

If you walk to Bugis you will enjoy several excellent shopping centres and the popular Bugis Street Market (Directions).

Bugis Junction (Direction) and Bugis+ (Directions) are two malls worth checking out. 

Indian Heritage Centre, Abdul Gafoor Mosque, and Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple are interesting cultural points of interest near Burlington Square. 

Best Accommodation – Where to stay?

Burlington Square is mainly surrounded by 2, 3 and 4-star properties. Therefore, you can find some really nice budget-friendly places to stay here if you look around.   

Marina Bay, for example, tends to be a more expensive area than Rochor.

With Rochor Station right near Burlington Square, you can walk straight to these properties from the MRT.

The three closest hotels to Burlington Square are:

Summer View Hotel (3-star)

Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen (3-star)

Ibis Styles Singapore on Albert (3-star)

Always double-check the location of your hotel in Singapore to make sure it’s close to the MRT. 


Ideally, you should now know how to get to Burlington Square by MRT. 

Rochor Station (DT13) is definitely the best station to get there. 

It’s only 100 meters away from Exit A, taking less than 2 minutes of total walking time. 

If you’re not travelling along the Downtown Line or need to get off at another station, you can also walk there from 

Jalan Besar (DT22)

Bugis (DT14/EW12) 

Little India Station (DT12/NE7)

Typically, it takes from 8 to 11 minutes to walk from these stations to Burlington Square. You can consider taking a bus or taxi from these stations, but if the weather outside is nice, you will be better off walking. 

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