How to get to Promontory Marina Bay by MRT?

How to get to Promontory Marina Bay by MRT?
Promontory Marina Bay by MRT

Get to the Promontory @ Marina Bay super fast with this guide!

Welcome to the complete guide on how to get to Promontory Marina Bay by MRT. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting or staying in Singapore. In this article, we will outline the fastest and most affordable way to access the Promontory, which is located right in the heart of Marina Bay in downtown Singapore. 

Getting around Singapore is extremely easy using the MRT. 

The Promontory is located in the southwestern portion of Marina Bay.  It is surrounded by superb 5-star hotels and corporate towers contributing to Singapore’s famous skyline. 

Taking the MRT to the Promontory can save you some time and money. 

Parking fees and taxi fees can get costly. The MRT avoids these, and with several stations within close proximity of the Promontory, you shouldn’t have a problem walking directly from your station of choice.  And once you are in the Marina Bay area you can easily access some of Singapore’s best attractions all during the same day

Visiting the Promontory @ Marina Bay in Singapore 

The Promontory @ Marina Bay has become one of Singapore’s coolest outdoor spaces in downtown. It is a green field that extends out over Marina Bay that is an ideal place for photo taking and watching live events out on the water. 

You can visit the Promontory for sightseeing or watch cultural and sporting events. In other words, it is a viewing platform for special Marina Bay functions. 

While walking around Marina Bay, you will pass by the Promontory. You can also walk directly to the Promontory from nearby office towers and popular hotels such as The Fullerton Bay (5-star, with superb reviews)

The Promontory @ Marina Bay is made of two spaces of respectively 5,048 m2 and 5,042 m2.

You can take excellent photos from here of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the Merlion, Esplanade and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

The Lawn @ Marina Bay is another interesting outdoor space directly south of the Promontory. All you need to do is walk across Marina Boulevard, and you will reach The Lawn. 

We highly recommend checking out the Promontory during the daytime and at night to capture Singapore’s stunning skyline at different times. 

Getting to the Promontory Marina Bay using MRT

Step 1: Map out your route to Promontory @ Marina Bay

There are several MRT stations within walking distance of the Promontory, but the most convenient one is

Downtown Station (DT17)

According to its station code, Downtown MRT Station (DT17) is on the Downtown (Blue) Line. 

It is located south of the Promontory. 

Step 2: Access the closest MRT station.

It’s much easier to access the Promontory via MRT if you’re staying close to a station in Singapore. 

Fortunately, many hotels and hostels are conveniently located within meters of strategic stations. 

Being close to a station will make your transport cheaper and faster regardless of whether you visit from abroad or stay long-term in the city. 

Here are a few popular (highly recommended) properties within close proximity to the stations listed below:

Fairmont Singapore (8.9/10 Review Score) (Esplanade Station)

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore (9.3/10 Review Score) (City Hall Station)

Always be sure to double-check hotel review scores based on verified guests prior to booking.  It’s also a wise decision to check a map of Singapore to ensure that you are staying in a convenient location such as Chinatown or Marina Bay.

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Step 3: Buy a transport card to reach the Promontory Marina Bay.

You can choose from two main cards on your way to Promontory Marina Bay:

Stored Value Cards 

Singapore Tourist Passes

Tourist Passes are a great option for foreign guests visiting the city. Once you buy one, you can get unlimited bus and train rides to any destination, including the Promontory.

They are usually valid for 1-3 days, so be sure to maximize your sightseeing during these days. 

We used a stored value card while figuring out how to get to the Promontory Marina Bay by MRT.

Stored value cards are your everyday commuter card. 

They are also valid on buses and trains. You need a balance on the card, and the cost of each trip will automatically get deducted every time you finish a trip. 

Step 4: Take the MRT to Downtown Station (DT17).

Ride the MRT all the way to Downtown Station (DT17).

As mentioned before, it’s on the Downtown Line. Here are the two neighbouring stations that you should be familiar with:

Telok Ayer Station (DT18)

Bayfront Station (DT16/CE1)

Technically, you can walk from either one of these stations directly to the Promontory as well, but staying on for one more stop and getting off at Downtown Station might be the fastest option for you.

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Promontory Marina Bay
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Promontory Marina Bay

Step 5: Alight at Downtown Station (DT17).

Alight, when you arrive at Downtown Station (DT17), collect your belongings before getting off.

Exiting the station.

Getting efficiently from the train platforms at Downtown Station to the correct exit will make your walk to the Promontory Marina Bay faster. 

Downtown Station (DT17) is built underground in the Downtown Core (Central subzone). 

It consists of four main levels, with the bottom level having restricted access. 

L1 – Street Level

B1 – Concourse

B2 – Train Platform A and B

B3 – Restricted Access

Once you alight from the train at Platform A or Platform B, travel up to Level 1 using the elevator, escalator or stairs.

Downtown Station (DT17) has three street-level exits (A, C and E) and three more underground exits (B, D and F) to surrounding towers. 

Take Exit A at Downtown Station to access the Promontory Marina Bay.

Map of Downtown MRT Station to reach Promontory Marina Bay
Navigating your way from Downtown MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Promontory Marina Bay

Step 6: Walk from Downtown Station (DT17) to the Promontory Marina Bay.

Exit A at Downtown Station will bring you out to the corner of Central Boulevard and Marina View. 

Walk northeast along Marina View until you reach Marina Boulevard which is just south of the Promontory. 

Cross Marina Boulevard and walk a few meters south along Marina Boulevard. 

Use the southern entrance to enter the Promontory @ Marina Bay. 

How long is the walk from Downtown Station (DT17) to the Promontory Marina Bay?

The walk from Downtown Station to the Promontory @ Marina Bay is fast and convenient. 

It will only take you about 4 minutes, and the total distance is just over 300 m.

Walking time and distance from Downtown MRT Station to Promontory Marina Bay

Using other MRT Stations to Reach The Promontory

Fortunately, there are several other MRT stations in downtown Singapore that are within walking distance of the Promontory. 

Downtown Station is the closest, but you can also take the MRT to the other stations below, especially if you’re travelling on another line.

Station Name

Walking Distance to 

The Promontory

Walking Time to 

The Promontory

Downtown (DT17) 300 m 4 minutes
Telok Ayer (DT18) 650 m 9 minutes
Raffles Place (NS26/EW14) 650 m 9 minutes
Bayfront (DT16/CE1) 750 m 9 minutes
Shenton Way (TE19) 800 m 10 minutes
Marina Bay (CE2/NS27/TE20) 850 m 11 minutes

How to get to the Promontory Marina Bay by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to the Promontory Marina Bay by MRT?

Popular Places to Visit near the Promontory Marina Bay

The Promontory Marina Bay is ideally located for sightseeing because it’s right in the heart of downtown. 

It is surrounded by iconic attractions and large corporate towers making up Singapore’s skyline. 

You can easily take some photos at the Promontory and then continue sightseeing. 

The Red Dot Design Museum (Directions) and the Lawn are the two closest points of interest to the Promontory. 

If you continue walking around Marina Bay, you will reach

  • The Merlion
  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Singapore Flyer
  • Helix Bridge 
  • ArtScience Museum (Directions)
  • Esplanade 
  • Jubilee Bridge

As a great alternative to walking, you can take a Singapore River Cruise which features Marina Bay, Boat Quay and Clarke Quay. 

Lau Pa Sat (Directions) is one of the most iconic places to eat near the Promontory. It features a wide selection of delicious hawker food served at reasonable prices, considering it’s located right downtown. 

If you continue walking past Lau Pa Sat from the Promontory, you will reach Chinatown. 

Expect lots of cheap places to eat and many shops scattered around famous temples such as

Thian Hock Keng Temple (Directions

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (Directions)

Sri Mariamman Temple (Directions

Best Accommodation Options – Hotels?

There are excellent hotels within close proximity of the Promontory Marina Bay. 

Most of the hotels in this area of Singapore are world-class and offer breathtaking views of Singapore’s skyline. 

The three closest hotels to the Promontory are:

The Fullerton Bay Hotelawesome views of Marina Bay Sands

Ascott Raffles Placeclosest to the Promontory

Marina Bay Sandssuperb views of Singapore’s skyline

Staying near the Promontory will guarantee that you will have direct access to several MRT stations and connectivity to popular other areas such as Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Little India and Bugis. 


Hopefully, this step-by-step guide on how to get to Promontory Marina Bay will make your trip a smooth one!

Fortunately, the Promontory is very well serviced by MRT, and you can walk directly to it from several stations around Marina Bay. 

The biggest decision you will have to make getting there is which station is the most convenient for you. 

We recommend heading to Downtown Station if you have the choice. It’s the closest and only 4 minutes walking distance from the Promontory. 

Telok Ayer, Bayfront and Marina Bay Station are good alternatives. They are all approximately 9 minutes (walking time) away from the Promontory.

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