How to get to KAP Mall by MRT?

How to get to KAP Mall by MRT?
KAP Mall by MRT

Quickly make it to KAP Mall in Singapore via MRT with these steps!

Welcome to the step-by-step guide on how to get to KAP Mall by MRT. Fortunately, KAP Mall is well serviced by the MRT, making it a relatively straightforward place to visit using public transportation. 

KAP Mall is in Bukit Timah which means that if you shop there, you can conveniently access other malls, top attractions nearby and some great recreational areas to the north. We will share all the information you need regarding stations, metro lines and interchange stations to reach KAP Mall fast and affordably. 

The cool thing about using Singapore’s MRT network to get around is that you book a room right near a station and then save a lot of money and time. Parking and taking taxis everywhere can get expensive, and driving a vehicle in Singapore isn’t cheap!! As long as you know in advance where you need to transfer lines, the MRT is easy to navigate and makes day trips stress-free. 

Shopping at KAP Mall in Singapore

KAP Mall in Bukit Timah, Singapore has a wide range of shops and services. It is known to have quaint eateries and a laidback vibe. The Mall is set in swanky King Albert Park and offers a distinctive suburban feel. The tenant mix is eclectic and attracts a lot of younger Singaporeans. 

And in case you are wondering, KAP stands for King Albert Park!

Even though it isn’t a large mall by Singapore standards, it does have a popular cinema that has luxurious lounge chairs, comfy seats, gourmet snacks, butler service, and a restaurant. 

When you visit KAP Mall you can expect to find:

Tuition centres


Cafes (with indoor and outdoor seating)

Convenience stores

The focus at KAP Mall is definitely more centred on hanging out with friends at restos and cafes opposed to shopping for goods. It’s a solid place to socialize with a modern vibe. 

You can also access several other shopping centres near KAP Mall using the MRT or walking for about 5 minutes. 

Getting to KAP Mall by MRT

Step 1: Access the nearest MRT station in the city. 

Head directly to the nearest MRT station when are ready to go to KAP Mall in Singapore. As a rule of thumb, try to stay 500 m or less from a station to ensure efficient and affordable trips around the city. 

You will be able to avoid taxi fees and parking fees by staying within walking distance. Fortunately, there are tons of hotels, hostels and condos in Singapore that have specifically developed to be minutes from neighbouring MRT stations.

Here are a few examples below at different price ranges:


Heritage Collection on Chinatown (4-star, 9.0/10 review score, very close to Chinatown Station)


The Fullerton Hotel (5-star, 9.0/10 review score, close to Raffles Place Station) 

There are several areas in Singapore that are worth staying in. But most foreign visitors stay close to downtown or on Sentosa Island. 

Step 2: Refer to the metro map in the first station to plan your transfers, line information and final station. 

The most popular and convenient station for accessing KAP Mall by MRT is King Albert Park Station (DT6).

King Albert Park Station is on the Downtown Line, shown in dark blue on Singapore’s metro map. 

Transferring to the Downtown Line on the Metro

If you need to transfer to the Downtown Line, plan in advance so you don’t waste time on the way to KAP Mall in Bukit Timah. 

 Refer to the list below of popular interchange stations to help you select the right one:

Botanic Gardens – transfer between the Circle and Downtown Line

Newton – transfer between the North-South and Downtown Line

Little India – transfer between the North-East and Downtown Line

Bugis – transfer between the East-West and Downtown Line

Also, some of the most popular stations right downtown for accessing the Downtown Line include:



Chinatown Station

Both Promenade and Bayfront Station are popular for people staying near Marina Bay. You can access this area from the airport and then walk to several world-class hotels within 2-3 minutes from these stations.  

Step 3: Purchase a ticket to reach King Albert Park Station (DT6).

You can buy a stored-value card or a Singapore Tourist Pass before using the MRT to King Albert Park Station. 

Stored value cards and Singapore Tourist Passes can be used on buses and trains throughout Singapore. We used a stored value card when discovering how to get to KAP Mall by MRT. But visitors from abroad may benefit from a Tourist Pass (if you have a busy itinerary planned). 

Avoid peak periods if you want to buy a ticket from a machine. You don’t want to waste time waiting in line!

MONEY SAVING TIP: If you are visiting attractions in Singapore, then get a multiple attraction pass to save up to 52% on entrance prices. This is a proven strategy because buying several passes online in advance results in big savings. Consequently, over 200,000 of these passes have been purchased by Singaporeans and tourists visiting the city.

Step 4: Ride the MRT all the way to King Albert Park Station (DT6). 

Access the MRT system and complete any transfers to the Downtown Line.

Ride the MRT all the way to King Albert Park Station (DT6).

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near KAP Mall
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near KAP Mall

Step 5: Get off the train at King Albert Park Station. 

Alight at King Albert Park Station (DT6). Bring all of your belongings with you. 

Step 6: Exit Albert Park Station (DT6).

King Albert Park MRT Station (DT6) is an underground station located underneath Bukit Timah Road at the junction of Blackmore Drive. 

The MRT platforms are located at Basement Level 3 of the station and that’s where you will arrive.

Travel up to Street Level

King Albert Park MRT Station has two exits at Street Level (A and B).

Take Exit A

Map of King Albert Park MRT Station to reach KAP Mall
Navigating your way from King Albert Park MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach KAP Mall

Step 7: Walk or take public bus services from King Albert Park Station to KAP Mall. 

Walking Directions

Exit A will bring you out onto Bukit Timah Road at King Albert Park Station.  

Travel west on Bukit Timah Road.

Continue walking until you reach King Albert Park Road. 

Turn left (southwest) onto King Albert Park Road. 

You will see a small entrance to KAP Mall on your right. 

Enter KAP Mall. 

Walking time and distance from King Albert Park MRT Station to KAP Mall
You can expect it to take 4 minutes to walk from King Albert Park MRT Station to KAP Mall
Bus Directions

Walk from Exit A to the nearest bus stop called ​​King Albert Pk Stn (Stop ID #: 42051).

Wait at the bus stop and get on any of the following bus services:

151, 154, 157, 170A, 67

Get off at King Albert Park Bus Stop (ID#: 42061).

Walk briefly west along Bukit Timah Road and turn left (southwest) onto King Albert Park Road. 

You will see a small entrance to KAP Mall on your right. 

Enter KAP Mall (same entrance to the mall as walking directions above).   

Is it more practical to walk or take the bus from the MRT to KAP Mall?

According to our research and experience, you will be better off walking from King Albert Park Station to KAP Mall. 

KAP Mall is only 400 metres west of the station which makes the walk only about 3-4 minutes. If you plan on taking a bus the travel time is slightly less but you will have to wait for a bus to arrive and then walk to KAP Mall from the nearest entrance. 

Overall, it’s just more practical (faster, healthier, more environmentally friendly) to walk between the station and the mall. 

Can you also get to KAP Mall from Beauty World Station (DT5)?

YES! Although King Albert Park Station is closer to KAP Mall, it’s very much possible to walk from Beauty World Station (DT5) as well. 

Take Exit C from Beauty World Station and walk south along Upper Bukit Timah Road. 

The walking distance is about 600 metres and should take you about 8 minutes

How to get to KAP Mall by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to KAP Mall by MRT?

Planning an Itinerary  

The cool thing about visiting KAP Mall is that there are several excellent public parks and malls nearby. 

When you take the MRT here, it’s easy to fill your day up.

Consider exploring some of the excellent parks in Bukit Timah. 

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is a great place to visit. It’s popular with nature lovers, exercise enthusiasts and families looking to get some fresh air. 

Bukit Batok Nature Park (Directions) is another popular spot. There is a scenic viewport that is well worth the hike to get there!

More Shopping?

KAP is one of several shopping centres in Bukit Timah Singapore. 

The closest malls to Bukit Timah Plaza include:

Bukit Timah Plaza (Directions)

Beauty World Centre (Directions)

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (Directions)

Beauty World Plaza (Directions

Sime Darby Centre

If you want to shop then Beauty World Plaza, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and Beauty World Plaza are right near Beauty World Station. They are all located along Upper Bukit Timah Road within 30 seconds of each other. 

Sime Darby Centre and Bukit Timah Plaza are within close walking distance of KAP Mall. Access all of these from King Albert Park Station (DT6).

Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre is a popular place for affordable hawker dishes. It’s only a few minutes northwest of KAP Mall. You can walk there from the mall in a few minutes. 

Accommodation Options Near KAP Mall?

When you are selecting an area to stay in Singapore, you have to consider factors such:


Access to Public Transportation (MRT stations)

Duration of stay in the city


Proximity to malls and attractions

The area around KAP Mall does have several malls and MRT stations, but it doesn’t offer a lot in terms of accommodation (hotels and hostels). There are residential areas nearby. 

Consequently, staying closer to the downtown and following these directions to KAP Mall or other points of interest in Bukit Timah is a practical decision. 

Areas such as Orchard, Marina Bay, and Chinatown are very popular because they have lots of hotels within walking distance to malls, stations and attractions. The hotels around Marina Bay are particularly popular.


We hope that this step-by-step guide on how to get to KAP Mall by MRT will get you there in no time! 

Although King Albert Park Station (DT6) is the closest and most practical station for getting to KAP Mall, you can also use Beauty World Station (DT5). 

Just expect a longer walking distance and bus ride to get there.  

Both of these are on the Downtown Line.  

The most challenging section of this trip is planning your transfers between lines (if needed). Once you are on the Downtown Line it should be smooth sailing to King Albert Park Station (DT6). The walk from the station to the Mall is simple and fast. 

We suggest only using bus services to reach KAP Mall if you are dealing with bad weather outside (like thunderstorms) because waiting for a bus is not overly practical. The distance is short and waiting for a bus may add unnecessary time to your trip.

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