How to get to Adam Road Food Centre by MRT?

How to get to Adam Road Food Centre by MRT?
Adam Road Food Centre by MRT

Get to Adam Road Food Centre super fast and easily via MRT!

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on how to get to Adam Road Food Centre by MRT.

Regardless of which area of Singapore you are starting your journey, you will know exactly how to get to Adam Road Food Centre without stepping foot in a vehicle. 

The most important thing to remember is what MRT line(s) to use and which station to get off at.  

Adam Road Food Centre is located well north of Singapore’s city centre, so planning any necessary line transfers in advance is important. 

Eating at Adam Road Food Centre in Singapore

Adam Road Food Centre first opened in 1974, and it has been serving up delicious food ever since. It isn’t one of Singapore’s largest hawker centers but is well known for a wide selection of stalls, including ever-famous nasi lemak. Due to its location in Bukit Timah, it is popular for visitors to Singapore Botanic Gardens and those heading to the Coast-to-Coast Trail. 

Some of the most popular dishes that you can enjoy at Adam Road Food Centre include:

  • Nasi Lemak
  • Hokkien Mee
  • Chicken Rice
  • Satays
  • Rojak
  • Big Prawn Noodles
  • Braised Duck
  • Fishball Noodles
  • Fried Kway Teow
  • Carrot Cake

There are also several shopping centres south of Adam Road Food Centre along Bukit Timah Road that you can explore during the same day. 

Getting to Adam Road Food Centre using MRT

Step 1: Plan your route – lines and stations. 

The most convenient station for getting to Adam Road Food Centre is 

Botanic Gardens Station (CC19/DT9)

You can use two different MRT lines to access Botanic Gardens Station:

  • Downtown Line
  • Circle Line

The Downtown Line is shown in blue colour on the metro map, and the Circle Line is shown in orange colour on the map. 

Step 2: Buy a transport card to reach Adam Road Food Centre. 

There are two main types of transportation cards to get to Adam Road Food Centre:

Singapore Tourist Passes

Stored Value Cards 

The Tourist Pass and the Stored Value Card are both great options for travelling throughout Singapore on a budget. 

The Tourist Pass is ideal for short-term foreign visitors, as it offers unlimited access to buses and trains for up to three days. 

On the other hand, the Stored Value Card deducts the fare from your balance every time you exit the public transport system, and it is available for all. We tried out the Stored Value Card while discovering how to get to Adam Food Centre by MRT, and it was easy and convenient to use.

Step 3: Access the closest MRT station.

If you’re considering a trip to Singapore, staying near a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station is a wise decision. It will make your MRT trip to Adam Food Centre and other points of interest much more affordable. 

Finding a property within 500 meters or less in the city will make it faster to access the MRT network in Singapore’s intense heat. 

Fortunately, there are tons of convenient hotels and hostels to choose from. 

We recommend these two properties based on their exceptional reviews and convenient location:

The Fullerton Hotel (right beside Raffles Place Station)

Marina Bay Sands Hotel (right beside Bayfront Station)

Marina Bay Sands is renowned throughout Asia for its amazing architectural design and sky pool. 

The Fullerton Hotel is located on beautiful Boat Quay, which is just a few minutes from Clarke Quay and minutes walking distance from Marina Bay.

Learn More: Singapore Accommodation Guide

Head to Chinatown, Little India or Bugis if you’re looking for more budget options, such as boutique hotels and hostels. 

Step 4: Take the MRT to Adam Road Food Centre, completing any line transfers along the way.

Access the nearest station and transfer to either the Circle Line or the Downtown Line if necessary. 

Then, ride the MRT all the way to Botanic Gardens Station (CC19/DT9). 

Expect to hear verbal announcements on the train as you approach.

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Adam Road Food Centre
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Adam Road Food Centre

Step 5: Alight at Botanic Gardens Station.

Get off the train at Botanic Gardens Station. 

Collect all your belongings before alighting. 

Step 6: Travel from the station platforms to the exit.

In the section below, we will describe how to correctly exit Botanic Gardens Station on your way to Adam Road Food Centre.

Exiting Botanic Gardens Station (CC19/DT9)

Botanic Gardens Station (CC19/DT9) is located near the northern edge of Singapore Botanic Gardens, where Cluny Park Road and Bukit Timah Road intersect. 

It is an underground station serviced by the Circle Line (CC19) and Downtown Line (DT9). 

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the five main levels making up Botanic Gardens Station:

L2 –  Overhead Pedestrian Bridge

L1 – Street Level

B1 – Circle Line and Downtown Line Concourses 

B2 –  Circle Line Train Platforms

B3 –  Downtown Line Train Platforms

You will arrive at Level B2 if you’re travelling on the Circle Line or Level B3 if you’re using the Downtown Line.  

You can choose from two exits at Botanic Gardens Station, Exit A and B.

Exit A serves Circle Line passengers, whereas Exit B serves Downtown Line passengers. 

Regardless of which train platform you arrive at, you must travel from Level B2 or B3 up to Level 1 Street Level to access Exit A or B. 

Escalators, elevators and stairs are available for you. 

Then follow the directions below to walk from Exit A or B to Adam Road Food Centre.

Map of Botanic Gardens MRT Station to reach Adam Road Food Centre
Navigating your way from Botanic Gardens MRT Station to station exit in order to reach Adam Road Food Centre

Step 7: Walk from Botanic Gardens Station to Adam Road Food Centre.

Adam Road Food Centre is located northwest of Botanic Gardens Station.

From Exit A or B, walk briefly northwest to Cluny Park Road.

Then turn right onto Bukit Timah Road.

Walk briefly east along Bukit Timah Road and then take the overhead pedestrian bridge over Bukit Timah Road and Dunearn Underpass. 

Turn left at the end of the pedestrian bridge and walk briefly west toward Dunearn CI.l

Then turn right onto Dunearn Cl.

Continue walking along Dunearn Cl as it snakes left (west). 

Enter Adam Road Food Centre.

How long is the walk from Botanic Gardens Station to Adam Road Food Centre?

The walk from Botanic Gardens Station to Adam Road Food Centre is short and Sweet. 

Expect it to take you about 6-7 minutes to cover the 450 m in distance. 

Walking time and distance from Botanic Gardens Station to Adam Road Food Centre

How to get to Adam Road Food Centre by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to Adam Road Food Centre by MRT?

What else to visit?

The biggest attraction within walking direct walking distance of Adam Road Food Centre is definitely Singapore Botanic Gardens (Info and Directions). 

You can access it either from the south or north because Napier Station (TE12) is now at the southern end. 

Also consider visiting the several small shopping malls located along Bukit Timah Road, not far from Adam Road Food Centre: 

Coronation Shopping Plaza (Info and Directions)

Serene Centre (Info and Directions)

Cluny Court (Info and Directions). 

Crown Centre Shopping Mall

Kings Arcade Shopping Centre

Bougainvillea Park is another green space that you can visit on the same day. It is on the other side of Bukit Timah Road, directly across from Tan Kah Kee MRT Station.

Best Hotels near Adam Road Food Centre

Adam Road Food Centre is quite far north of Singapore’s city centre. Consequently, most hotels and hostels in the city are located south of it. 

Staying south and using the MRT to access this food centre is a practical decision. 

The Orchard Road area is a practical location for accessing the Bukit Timah points of interest (Info and Directions). 

Orchard Road and the surrounding area is one of the most famous shopping areas in all of Singapore. Several MRT stations service Orchad, and once you’re there, you can access tons of hotels, malls and restaurants. 

You can take the Downtown Line a few stations east to access Orchard Road and the surrounding hotels from Adam Road Food Centre.

Here are some popular places to stay along Orchard Road: 

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel 

Hilton Singapore Orchard

Pullman Singapore Orchard

Take a look at these and double-check recent guest reviews before booking a room. 


Ideally, you now know how to get to Adam Road Food Centre by MRT. 

Just remember that two MRT lines service this trip. 

The Circle Line and the Downtown Line both stop at Botanic Gardens Station (CC19/DT9)

Once you arrive there, you can walk from the station to Adam Road Food Centre in about 6-7 minutes.

Adam Road Food Centre isn’t the largest one in the city, but it has many well-established stalls serving up delicious dishes. It’s also very affordable and only minutes from Singapore Botanic Gardens (located south of Bukit Timah Road).

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