How to get to Seletar Mall in Singapore?

How to get to Seletar Mall in Singapore?
Seletar Mall in Singapore

Get to Seletar Mall in Singapore super fast and affordably with this comprehensive guide.

Welcome to the complete step-by-step guide on how to get to Seletar Mall in Singapore. 

After officially opening in 2014, Seletar Mall, also known officially as ‘The Seletar Mall’ has become a popular place to shop, dine and spend time with friends and family. Getting there efficiently and affordably is a priority, and that’s why we will explain all the public transportation options available for your trip. 

One of the most popular ways to get to Seletar Mall is by using a combination of MRT and LRT services. We will first explain that process and then dig into bus services and how to get there by either driving or taking a taxi. 

By the end of this article, you will know exactly how to reach Seletar Mall using the following modes of transportation:

  • MRT and LRT
  • Bus 
  • Private Vehicle/Taxi

Getting to Seletar Mall using Singapore’s MRT and LRT networks requires specific information about stations, metro lines and transfers. We will share specific information about these transport options and summarize itinerary ideas to ensure that you maximize your time in Fernvale and Sengkang. 

First, let’s discuss some information about shopping and dining at Seletar Mall and then we will describe how to get there!

Shopping at ‘The Seletar Mall’ in Singapore

The Seletar Mall is a popular shopping and dining venue in Fernvale, Singapore. It first opened its doors in 2014, and currently, about 30% of the mall is occupied by restaurants and cafes. In other words, you should have no problem finding a place to eat here!

When you visit Seletar Mall in Singapore, you will have the opportunity to explore 6 levels of retail shops, which equates to about 188,000 square feet of rental space for brands and services. Aside from having a track record of affordable prices, Seletar Mall is known as an eco-friendly establishment where sustainability was strongly emphasized during its development. 

As you will read below, getting to Seletar Mall is no issue for locals or visitors to the city. It’s well connected to the MRT network by local LRT services. There are also several bus services that frequently pick-up and drop off shoppers here. There are 384 parking spots available, making driving a vehicle here convenient and stress-free. 

Nearby expressways such as Tampines Expressway (TPE) and Central Expressway (CTE) make for easy navigation to Seletar Mall and other interesting points of interest in Fernvale and Sengkang. 

Getting to Seletar Mall in Singapore using a combination of MRT and LRT Services.

Step 1: Access the closest MRT station. 

You can access Seletar Mall using MRT and LRT services. 

In most cases, you will have to access an MRT station first and then later transfer to the LRT.  

Try to prioritize staying close to an MRT station in Singapore. Getting to Seletar Mall and other places throughout the city will be faster, more affordable and worry-free. 

Parking and road traffic are immediately eliminated when you choose to walk directly to an MRT station. Therefore, prioritize booking a room beside a station.   

We have searched several accommodation websites to find convenient places to stay within 3 minutes or less of stations. They are listed below for your convenience.


Fairmont Singapore (5-star, 8.7/10 review score, close to Esplanade Station) 

Mid Range

Hotel Bencoolen @ Hong Kong Street (4-star, 8.3/10 review score, very close to Clarke Quay Station)


Chic Capsule Otel (2-star, 8.5/10 review score, very close to Chinatown Station)

As a rule of thumb, we recommend staying at places in Singapore with at least a 7.8/10 review score according to verified guests. Once your room is set, refer to step 2 below to begin your journey to Seletar Mall. 

Step 2: Identify the lines, stations and transfers to reach Sengkang MRT Station.

You can easily get to Seletar Mall using MRT and LRT if you know which lines, stations and transfers are needed along the way.

And that’s exactly what we will describe in the section below. We will first summarize MRT station and line information, followed by an overview of transfers required to get on the appropriate line to change to the LRT.  

MRT Line and Station Information

In order to reach Seletar Mall by LRT, you will first likely have to take the North-East MRT Line all the way to Sengkang Station (NE-16)

The North-East MRT Line is shown in purple on the metro map and Sengkang Station is numbered as the 16th stop on the line.   

Transfer Information to access the North-East MRT Line

If you are not staying close to a station along the North-East MRT Line, then you will likely have to transfer from a different MRT line.

Then, you can use the North-East Line to travel to Sengkang Station and transfer there to the LRT.

The three most popular transfer stations for getting on the North-East MRT Line are listed below:

Little India (transfer between the North-East and Downtown Line)

Serangoon (transfer between the North-East and Circle Line)

Dhoby Ghaut (transfer between the North-South, North-East and Downtown Lines)

You can refer to station maps along the way. Stational personnel are also available to answer questions.

Step 3: Buy a card/ticket to access Singapore’s MRT network.

You can choose from several tickets/cards when heading to Seletar Mall in Singapore, and they can be categorized below:

1) Singapore Tourist Passes 

2) Stored Value Cards

3) Single/Multi-Trip Tickets

Tourist Passes are a solid choice for foreign tourists visiting the city. If you have a busy itinerary, you will save a lot of time and money using one of these. 

Your decision whether or not to get a Tourist Pass should be based on your answers to the three questions below:

Are you visiting from abroad?

How many days are you in the city (1-3 days or more)?

Do you plan on travelling a lot (MRT, LRT and Bus Services)? High frequency, medium or low? 

If you are visiting for less than 3 days and want to explore a lot, get one!

We used a stored value card while figuring out how to get to Seletar Mall in Singapore. These are super popular with Singaporeans and guests staying over three days.

You can also buy standard multi-trip and single-trip tickets to get to Seletar Mall. Just head to the nearest station and buy them at one of the machines (while trying to avoid rush hour!).

Step 4: Transfer to the North-East Line (if needed) and take the MRT to Sengkang Station (NE-16).

If you are staying along the North-East Line, head directly to Sengkang Station. 

But, if you are like many commuters in Singapore, you might have to transfer from another MRT line to the North-East Line. Refer to maps along the way and ask for help if needed!

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Seletar Mall
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Seletar Mall

Step 5: Alight from the MRT at Sengkang Station.

Sengkang MRT Station has two neighbouring stations, Buangkok to the south, and Punggol to the north. 

When you stop at either one of these, get ready to get off at the next stop because it’s going to be Sengkang!

Alight at Sengkang MRT Station, and bring all your stuff.

Step 6: Transfer from the MRT platform to the LRT platform at Sengkang Station.

You can transfer between the North-East MRT Line and the Sengkang LRT Line at Sengkang Station. The process is super easy.  

The station is designed with MRT and LRT platforms for trains. The LRT component of the station is built above the MRT component, and they share common concourses on both the ground Ground Level and Level 2.

You will get off at Basement Level 1 of the integrated station as you alight from the MRT. Since the LRT platforms are located on Level 3 you can follow the station signs up to Level 3.  

Map of Sengkang MRT Station to reach Seletar Mall
Navigating your way from Sengkang MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Seletar Mall

Step 7: Ride the Sengkang West LRT Loop to Fernvale Station (SW5).

Find the LRT platform at Sengkang LRT Station and travel along the Sengkang East LRT loop to Fernvale Station (SW5)

Step 8: Alight at Fernvale LRT Station (SW5) and walk directly to Seletar Mall.

 Fernvale Station (SW5) is located in Sengkang New Town near the junction of Sengkang West Avenue and Fernvale Road. The platforms are above ground level.

You will arrive at Platform 2. 

Go down to the Ground Floor.

Fernvale LRT station has only a single exit (Exit A) at ground level at the north side of the station. 

Take Exit A.

Walk west along the short covered walkway directly to Seletar Mall.  

Map of Fernvale LRT Station to reach Seletar Mall
Navigating your way from Fernvale LRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Seletar Mall

How long does it take to walk from Fernvale Station to Seletar Mall?

The walk from Fernvale Station to The Seletar Mall is less than 100 metres, taking you less than 1 minute

You should see Seletar Mall once you get out of the station. 

Now, that’s convenient!

Walking time and distance from Fernvale LRT Station to Seletar Mall

Getting to Seletar Mall by Bus Public Bus

You can also get to Seletar Bus using Singapore’s extensive bus network. 

Ideally, if you plan to take the bus to Seletar Mall, you should try to get dropped off at a station within direct walking distance of the mall. 

Bus Stop Bus Numbers
#67481 Fernvale Stn/Blk 439a 50, 163, 171
#67489 Opp Fernvale Stn 50, 163, 163A, 671
#67491 Opp Fernvale Pr Sch 50, 163, 671

You can walk from any of these three bus stops to The Seletar Mall in 3 minutes or less. 

Driving or Taking a Taxi to Seletar Mall

If you aren’t travelling during rush hour, driving or taking a taxi to Seletar Mall is practical. The mall is equipped with affordable parking on site. 

Taxis in Singapore are a great option if you travel with other people and share the meter price. Furthermore, when you take a taxi to Seletar Mall you can get dropped off right at the door without worrying about parking your vehicle!

You can get to Seletar Mall by using various major expressways and exits.

The official address for Seletar Mall in Singapore is:

33 Sengkang West Ave, Singapore 797653

Most commuters use the following expressways to get to Seletar Mall:

1) Tampines Expressway (TPE)

2) Central Expressway (CTE)

3) Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE)

Yio Chu Kang Road is also commonly used to access points of interest such as Seletar Mall in this area of Singapore.

Once you get close to Seletar Mall, expect to find it at the corner of Sengkang West Avenue and Fernvale Road. 

And remember, always check traffic conditions before going to Seletar Mall. The last thing you want to do is get stuck in traffic when another alternative form of transportation such as the MRT is available.

How to get to Seletar Mall in Singapore?
An Overview of How to get to Seletar Mall in Singapore?

Should you stay near Seletar Mall or somewhere else in Singapore?

Despite the large population in Sengkang, there are surprisingly few accommodation options around Seletar Mall.

The closest listed place to stay that we could find online is:

Village Residence Hougang by Far East Hospitality (4-star, 7.4/10 review score, 12+ reviews)

We recommend staying further south, closer to the city centre to ensure convenient access to different areas.

Little India, for example, is further south, and therefore, much closer to downtown and popular sightseeing areas such as Marina Bay and Chinatown. 

Little India provides direct access to both Sengkang and Marina Bay using the North-East Line. And once you use the North-East Line to Sengkang Station, you can transfer to the LRT and access Seletar Mall. 

 A few of the most popular hotels near Little India Station include

Citadines Rochor (4-star, 8.6/10 review score, 160+ reviews) 

Hilton Garden Inn Singapore Serangoon (4-star, 8.2/10, review score, 2400+ reviews)

Check out our popular and very comprehensive accommodation guide to see which area and place suit your budget and itinerary.


Now that you know how to get to Seletar Mall in Singapore, you can focus on building an itinerary for the area.

 But before we suggest some itinerary ideas, we want to make some recommendations first. 

We highly recommend using the MRT and LRT network to get to Seletar Mall.

But, consider driving there or taking a taxi under two conditions:

  • If you are travelling with 3-4 other people and….
  • If you are not staying near an MRT or Sengkang LRT station.

You can share the cost, which means the price will be comparable to public transport. Also, long commutes to reach the MRT are not overly practical.

Regardless of how you get to Seletar Mall, the Sengkang LRT makes things easy in terms of getting around once you are there.

Points of Interest in Sengkang and Beyond

You can easily build a cool day itinerary that includes Seletar Mall and many other points of interest in Sengkang.

 First of all, in terms of shopping, you will find several malls in Sengkang and Hougang worth checking out:

Rivervale Mall

Rivervale Plaza

Compass One

Buangkok Square Mall

Hougang Mall

Hougang Green Shopping Mall

Compass One is particularly convenient to access because it’s connected to Sengkang MRT/LRT Station. Similar to Seletar Mall, both Rivervale Mall and Rivervale Plaza can be directly accessed via LRT.

 The other shopping centres are in Hougang – a region south of Sengkang in Singapore. Buangkok Station or Hougang Station (along the North-East Line) are convenient to access onward bus connections to these malls.

Most malls around Seletar have food courts or at least a healthy selection of restaurants and food courts. 

Food anyone?

If you want traditional hawker food, visit Kopitiam Square. 

All you need to do is exit Sengkang Station and walk about 300 metres southwest to reach the food centre. Expect to find affordable meals and a large selection of delicious dishes. 

Sengkang Sports Centre, Sengkang Swimming Complex and Sengkang Sculpture Park are popular recreational facilities. These are a short drive west of Sengkang MRT station along the waterfront.

This complete guide on how to get to Seletar Mall in Singapore has been designed to get you there fast, stress-free and affordably. But we do realize that we can always improve. If we missed something or you have any general questions, please contact us, and we would be happy to discuss.

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