How to get to Cross Street Exchange by MRT?

How to get to Cross Street Exchange by MRT?
Cross Street Exchange by MRT

Get to Cross Street Exchange as fast as possible using these steps.

Welcome to the best guide on how to get to Cross Street Exchange by MRT in Singapore.

Based on our experience getting around Singapore, the MRT provides a fast, affordable and safe means to reach most parts of the city. 

Getting to Cross Street Exchange is no exception. 

Cross Street Exchange is located downtown in the heart of the city. With Singapore’s extensive public transportation network, you can walk directly to the mall from various MRT stations. 

In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need about which lines to take and which stations are the closest to Cross Street Exchange. 

If you require additional information about purchasing transportation cards in Singapore, we will also share that information with you.  

Shopping at Cross Street Exchange in Singapore 

Cross Street Exchange (formerly called China Square Central) is a large commercial complex right in Chinatown. It consists of retail shops, food and drink outlets and a large 15-story office tower. 

You can head to Cross Street Exchange for a range of different services. 

It’s a popular spot for cafes and restaurants because there are several offices here. Many business people dine here during lunch hours because it’s super convenient, without the need to even step outside. 

Most of the eateries are concentrated on the main level, and there are gyms and fitness facilities in the basement. 

Getting to the Cross Street Exchange using MRT

Step 1: Plan your metro route to Cross Street Exchange.

You can actually choose from several MRT stations to reach Cross Street Exchange. 

The two closest stations are

Telok Ayer Station (DT18)

Chinatown Station (DT19/NE4)

We recommend accessing it from Chinatown Station because it’s part of both the Downtown and Northeast Line. Telok Ayer Station is also super convenient, but it’s only part of the Downtown Line at the moment. 

For the next few steps, we will explain how to reach Cross Street Exchange using Chinatown Station. 

Step 2: Access the closest MRT station.

Walk from your hotel or apartment to the nearest MRT station in Singapore.

Getting to Cross Street Exchange will be faster and cheaper if you are close to the metro. 

We recommend staying 500 meters or less from a station to ensure easy access. And remember, Singapore’s MRT network is extensive so you shouldn’t have any problem getting around. 

A few of the most popular hotels within 2-3 minutes walking distance to convenient stations include

The Fullerton Hotel (9.0/10 Review Score) (Raffles Place Station)

Fairmont Singapore (8.9/10 Review Score) (Esplanade Station)

Always double-check verified guest review scores and the specific location before booking a room in Singapore. It’s pointless getting a cheap room if it’s an hour away from all attractions and social hot spots. 

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Step 3: Buy a metro (transportation) card to reach Cross Street Exchange.

There are two commonly-used cards for getting around Singapore (and to Cross Street Exchange) via MRT: 

Stored Value Cards 

Singapore Tourist Passes

We used a stored value card while discovering how to get to Cross Street Exchange by MRT.

You can use stored-value cards on the MRT, LRT and buses in Singapore. 

They are super popular amongst Singaporeans and long-term visitors to the city.

On the other hand, Tourist Passes are designed for tourists visiting from abroad. 

The main benefit of using a Tourist Pass is that you can get unlimited bus and train rides to any destination, including Cross Street Exchange. 

They are usually valid for 1-3 days, so you should plan your itinerary in advance to maximize sightseeing during these days of your trip. 

Step 4: Ride the MRT to Chinatown Station (NE4/DT19).

When you’re ready to travel to Cross Street Exchange, take the MRT to Chinatown Station (NE4/DT19). 

It’s on the North-East and Downtown MRT Lines and serves as an interchange between them. 

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Cross Street Exchange
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Cross Street Exchange

Step 5: Alight at Chinatown Station (NE4/DT19).

When you arrive at Chinatown Station (NE4/DT19) collect all your belongings and get off the train. 

Now it’s time to exit the station as fast as possible to walk to Cross Street Exchange.

Exiting Chinatown Station (NE4/DT19)

Here are the directions for leaving Chinatown Station. 

Chinatown Station (NE4/DT19) consists of several levels because it is part of both the North-East and Downtown Lines. 

L2 – Bridge Access

L1 – Street Level

B1 – Downtown Line Concourse/North-East Line Concourse

B2 – Downtown Line Train Platform C and D/Transfer Linkway

B2 – North-East Line Train Platform A and B/Transfer Linkway

You will alight from the train at train Platform A, B, C or D depending on which line you are travelling on. 

From there, travel up to Level 1 using the elevator, escalator or stairs.

Chinatown MRT station has five exits at street level to choose from (A, C, D, E, F).

Take Exit F at Chinatown Station to walk to Cross Street Exchange.

Map of Chinatown MRT Station to reach Virtual Room Singapore
Navigating your way from Chinatown MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Cross Street Exchange

Step 6: Walk directly from Chinatown Station (NE4/DT19) to Cross Street Exchange.

Exit F at Chinatown Station will bring you out onto Upper Cross Street. 

The exit is just a bit northwest of Cross Street Exchange. 

Once you’re out of Exit F, turn left and walk southeast along Upper Cross Street until it turns into Cross Street. 

You can enter Cross Street Exchange using the northwestern entrance at the corner of Cross Street and South Bridge Road. 

How long is the walk from Chinatown Station to Cross Street Exchange?

The walk from Exit E at Chinatown Station and Cross Street Exchange is fast and easy.

Expect the total walking time to take you around 2 minutes, and the total distance is just around 130 m – now that’s convenient!

Walking time and distance from Chinatown MRT Station to Cross Street Exchange

Alternative MRT Stations to Get to Cross Street Exchange

As mentioned before, there are several MRT stations within walking distance of Cross Street Exchange. 

Without question, Chinatown and Telok Ayer Station are two of the best and most popular options. 

But you should also consider other stations, especially if travelling on a different line. Sometimes, trying to get to Chinatown or Telok Ayer with a line transfer might take more time than the additional distance from another station. 

To help you make this decision, refer to the table below that summarizes the closest stations and their relative travel times and distances from Cross Street Exchange.

Station Name

Walking Distance to 

Cross Street Exchange

Walking Time to 

Cross Street Exchange

Chinatown (NE4/DT19) 130 m 2 minutes
Telok Ayer (DT18)  140 m 2 minutes
Maxwell (TE18) 400 m 5 minutes
Raffles Place (NS26/EW14) 650 m 8 minutes
Downtown (DT17) 700 m 9 minutes

With the opening of the Thomson-East Coast Line, you can be within 5 minutes of walking distance of Cross Street Exchange using Maxwell Station (TE18). 

How to get to Cross Street Exchange by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to Cross Street Exchange by MRT?

Popular Places to Visit 

You have tons of options for eating, drinking and sightseeing near Cross Street Exchange. 

It is located in downtown Singapore and is in close proximity to tons of cultural attractions in Chinatown. 

Three of the most popular temples within walking distance of it include

Sri Mariamman Temple (Directions

Thian Hock Keng Temple (Directions

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (Directions)

One of our favourite places to eat and chat is Lau Pa Sat (Directions). It features a wide selection of delicious hawker food served at reasonable prices. Hong Lim Market is another tasty alternative with affordable prices. 

There are several other shopping centres close to Cross Street Exchange, with Far East Square (Directions) directly beside it. You will also be within walking distance of Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Marina Bay. These areas are beautiful and extremely popular among locals and visitors alike.

Best Places to Stay near Cross Street Exchange

Cross Street Exchange is well situated close to Chinatown’s well-priced hotels and hostels. 

Actually, Chinatown is one of the best areas to stay in Singapore. It’s affordable, convenient and well-connected to MRT services. 

Three of the closest properties to Cross Street Exchange are:

Capri by Fraser China Square 

The Southbridge Hotel 

The Clan Hotel Singapore

There are several other budget hotels located along Cross Street and Upper Cross Street, and you should have no problem finding solid accommodation here. Compare reviews before booking to ensure it’s a well-serviced place to stay. 


Hopefully, this detailed guide on how to get to Cross Street Exchange by MRT will make your trip a smooth one!

Getting to Cross Street Exchange via MRT is a smart idea for several reasons. 

First of all, you will altogether avoid parking fees in downtown Singapore (which can really add up over a few hours). 

Secondly, you won’t need to pay for a taxi or a ride-hailing service to get there. 

Spending a bit more time selecting a place to stay near an MRT station can make your trip more efficient and affordable.

The two closest MRT stations to Cross Street Exchange are Chinatown (NE4/DT19) and Telok Ayer (DT18). 

Cross Street Exchange is located between these two stops, so the walking distance is quite similar. You might find it easier to access the mall from Chinatown Station as opposed to Telok Ayer because Chinatown is a stop on two lines – the Northeast Line and the Downtown Line. You can transfer lines here, which is a convenient option to have.

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