How to get to Yishun Park by MRT? 

How to get to Yishun Park by MRT?
Yishun Park by MRT

Get to Yishun Park fast and affordably by following these specific steps!

By the end of this comprehensive article, you will know precisely how to get to Yishun Park by MRT. 

Regardless of where you start your trip in Singapore, we will outline every step to reach Yishun Park affordable and efficiently. Fortunately, Singapore has an impressive MRT network consisting of several lines with connecting interchange stations. 

You don’t have to leave the metro to access another line on the way up to Yishun. 

First, we will focus on planning your route to Yishun Park and then we will share all the information you need about exiting the closest station and getting there as fast as possible. Once you are at Yishun Park, consider exploring other points of interest close by. There are some interesting malls, parks and food centres worth checking out. We will highlight these itinerary ideas in the latter stages of this article. 

Visiting Yishun Park in Singapore

Located right in the heart of Yishun, Yishun Park is a popular recreational area in Singapore that caters to people of all ages. When you visit Yishun Park, pay special attention to the large selection of tropical fruit trees. For a city park, it’s quite rare to get the opportunity to see trees growing durian, star fruit, rambutan and even jackfruit. 

You can also expect to find paths and fitness corners ideal for exercise enthusiasts.

And while you are burning off some calories, your children can enjoy the playgrounds. 

The Nature Playgarden is particularly popular in Yishun Park. It is set atop a grassy mound and overlooks the neighbouring Dipterocarp arboretum. 

Information boards are posted throughout Yishun Park to provide additional information about flora and fauna present here.  If you want to grow your own plants, allotment gardens are available for rent that occupy 2.5 m x 1 m of space. 

An enjoyable educational experience at Yishun Park is visiting the Yishun Arboretum. It comprises over 800 primary forest trees from the family called Dipterocarpaceae (or Dipterocarps for short). Expect to find over 70 species of trees here! 

An exciting alternative to the Yishun Park is checking out the SAFRA clubhouse. It’s popular amongst families, and it is located along the western portion of the Park. 

Getting to Yishun Park by MRT

Step 1: Access the most convenient MRT station. 

The first step in getting to Yishun Park by MRT is accessing the metro as soon as possible. 

 Try to book a room or stay at a place within 3-4 minutes walking distance from a convenient station. 

We suggest staying at a place that has received positive review scores from verified guests in Marina Bay, Chinatown, or Orchard.

Marina Bay Sands, for example, is a popular, world-class hotel that is 2-3 minutes from Bayfront Station. 

If you pick the right spot, you will naturally avoid taxi fees, parking fees and time spent in traffic. 

Step 2: Plan your trip to Yishun Park: Stations, Lines and Transfers.

As its name suggests, Yishun Park is located in Yishun Singapore – an area well north of the city centre. 

It’s easy to remember the name of the closest station to the park – Yishun Station (NS13). Plan on heading here when you’re ready to go to Yishun Park. 

And in case you’re wondering, Yishun Station (NS13) is located on Singapore’s Red Line (also known as the North-South Line throughout the city). 

Transfer Information to the North-South Line

The faster you reach the North-South Line to Yishun Park, the better!

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to stay near a station on the Red Line. Therefore, you need to know where you can transfer between lines to the Park. 

Please refer to the list of interchange stations compiled for your convenience below. Each one provides connectivity to the North-South Line and eventually Yishun Station (NS13). 

Bishan – transfer between the Circle Line and the North-South Line

Newton –  transfer between the Downtown Line and the North-South Line

Dhoby Ghaut – transfer between the North-East, Circle and the North-South Line

City Hall – transfer between the East-West and North-South Line

Raffles Place – transfer between the East-West and North-South Line

Marina Bay – transfer between the Thomson East Coast, Circle and North-South Line 

Woodlands – transfer between the Thomson East Coast and North-South Line 

Jurong East – transfer between the East-West and North-South Line

Before heading to the first station, always plan your entire route to Yishun Station and Yishun Park.  More proactive planning will speed up your travel time. 

Step 3: Purchase your ticket to reach Yishun Station (NS13) via MRT services.

There are several types of MRT tickets in Singapore, but they can be grouped into three main categories:

  1. Stored Value Cards
  2. Tourist Passes
  3. Multiple/Single Trip Tickets

Both Tourist Passes and Stored Value Cards provide seamless connectivity between buses and trains. If you need to use the metro and bus services, consider getting one of these two options. 

We used a stored value card while figuring out how to get to Yishun Park by MRT. 

If you are only in the city for three days or less, consider getting a Tourist Pass, but these are best for busy itineraries

You can purchase single and multiple trip tickets in stations throughout the city. Avoid peak periods and queues when possible. 

Step 4: Complete any necessary transfers to the Red Line and travel to Yishun MRT Station (NS13).

Use the most convenient interchange station to access the Red Line (North-South Line) if needed. 

Then, travel on the Red Line to Yishun MRT Station (NS13). 

Yishun Station (NS13) has two neighbouring stations that you should know about to plan your exit from the train: 

Canberra (NS12) (North)

Khatib (NS14) (South)

Collect all your belongings and move to an exit when you approach these neighbouring stations.

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Yishun Park
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Yishun Park

Step 5: Alight at Yishun Station (NS13).

Get off the metro at Yishun Station (NS13).

Step 6: Travel from Level 2 of Yishun Station down to L1 or the B2 Underpass. 

Yishun MRT Station (NS13) is an above-ground station near Yishun Avenue 2, and the road junction with Yishun Central and Yishun Avenue 1.

The station consists of three levels :

Level 2 (L2)

Level 1 (L1) 

Basement Level 2 (B2)

You will arrive at the train platforms at Level 2 of Yishun Station (NS13). 

Travel down to Level 1 of the station, following using relevant signs.

Map of Yishun MRT Station to reach Yishun Park
Navigating your way from Yishun MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Yishun Park

Step 7: Exit Yishun Station (NS13).

You can actually use multiple different exits at Yishun Station and still make it to Yishun Park. 

To keep things simple, take Exit C or D.

Step 8: Walk or take public bus services from Yishun Station (NS13) to Yishun Park. 

Once you exit Yishun Station, you can either take the bus or walk directly to Yishun Park – the choice is yours. 

We will outline both methods below!

Walking Directions from Yishun Station to Yishun Park

Exit C or D will bring you onto Yishun Avenue 2.

Head north on Yishun Avenue 2 toward Yishun Central.

Turn right (east) onto Yishun Central.

Walk east along Yishun Central until you reach the northwestern corner of Yishun Park. 

Enter Yishun Park and have a great time.

Bus Directions from Yishun Station to Yishun Park

If you want to reach Yishun Park from the station using bus services, use Exit E.

Walk to the bus stop called Opp Yishun Station (Stop ID#: 59008).

Get on any of the following bus services:




Stay on the bus for a few stops and get off at Blk 322 (Stop ID#: 59359).

Walk south along Yishun Central toward Yishun Ave 11. 

Enter Yishun Park using the northwestern entrance. 

Is it better to walk or take the bus from Yishun Station (NS13) to Yishun Park?

We recommend walking between Yishun Station and the Park if you choose. 

The walk takes about 10-11 minutes and is just short of 1 km in distance.

Walking time and distance from Yishun MRT Station to Yishun Park

Taking the bus will take about 10-13 minutes when you consider waiting times and the short walk after getting off near the Park. 

If it’s rainy or super hot, taking the bus is a wise decision, but it’s more practical to walk under most circumstances. 

Remember that you can also use the underpass to Northpoint City and then access the park from the eastern side of the mall (not a bad idea if you want to enjoy some aircon while getting there!). 

How to get to Yishun Park by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to Yishun Park by MRT?

Itinerary Ideas around Yishun Park

One of the best places to visit right after Yishun Park is Yishun Park Hawker Centre. It is loaded with local favourites and has very affordable prices. 

Northpoint City (directions to get there) is definitely a great place to shop during the same day. 

It is located west of Yishun Park and east of Yishun Station. You can walk there right from the station in less than 1 minute.

You can also check out the following shopping malls after you visit Yishun Park:

Yishun Mall

Junction 9 

Khatib Central

Wisteria Mall (Directions)

Chong Pang Market (Directions to get there using MRT) is another popular food centre. 

It’s like Yishun Park Hawker Centre; expect an informal setting with low prices.

Other popular recreational areas close to Yishun Park include

Yishun Pond

Yishun Dam

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park (Directions)

Yishun Station and Khatib Station are the two most popular stations for accessing points of interest in this area of Singapore. 

Staying near Yishun Park

Orchid Country Club (4-star, 8.2/10 review score based on 356 reviews) is the best accommodation choice relatively close to the Park.

To get there, take the MRT from Yishun Station one station south to Khatib Station. You can walk or bus from there, or take a taxi if you have luggage.

Orchid Country Club offers resort-style accommodation with a 9-hole golf course and an Olympic-size swimming pool. Overall, it receives positive reviews from verified guests.

Other popular areas to stay in Singapore include Sentosa, Orchard, Little India, Chinatown and Marina Bay. Consider staying further south and following these directions north to Yishun Park and the surrounding attractions. 


Ideally, you now know how to get to Yishun Park by MRT without any complications. 

Remember, the most complicated portion of this trip is making sure that you transfer over to the Red (North-South Line). Once you are on there, it’s smooth sailing all the way to Yishun Station (NS13).

You can use several exits to reach Yishun Park from the station. 

You can walk outside along the roads or take the underground passage to Northpoint City. 

Either way, you are heading about 1 km east of the station to reach the Park. 

Taking a bus from the station is also easy but less practical than walking (assuming good weather conditions outside). 

Once you are in Yishun Park, enjoy the healthy selection of tropical fruit trees, playgrounds, Dipterocarp arboretum, and the fresh air!

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