How to get to Velocity@Novena Square by MRT?

How to get to Velocity@Novena Square by MRT?
Velocity@Novena Square by MRT

Get to Velocity@Novena Square super fast and affordably with these steps.

Welcome to the step-by-step guide on how to get to Velocity@Novena Square by MRT!

In this comprehensive article, we will share specific information about:

Which MRT line(s) should you use to reach  Velocity@Novena Square?

What is the closest station?

How to buy MRT tickets/cards for your trip?

What are other points of interest/attractions close to the mall? 

We will focus on taking the MRT to Velocity@Novena Square because it is ideally located close to a station. Consequently, once you book a room close to a convenient station, the MRT network provides seamless access to this mall and other malls in the Novena area of the city. Once you follow these directions, you should also plan a full-day itinerary of this area

Shopping at Velocity@Novena Square in Singapore

Velocity@Novena Square is a sports and active lifestyle-themed mall right in the heart of Novena Singapore. Due to its clear focus on sports, recreation and fitness, Velocity@Novena Square is popular among local shoppers and athletics enthusiasts.

Whether you want to buy sporting equipment or apparel, this is an excellent choice because everything is nicely organized in one central location. There are also many sports-related events at Velocity@Novena Square. 

You will also find numerous sport and lifestyle services in the mall that make it an exciting place to visit. For example, complimentary bicycle parking racks on Level 1 of the mall promote shoppers to use green forms of public transportation when possible. 

You can play basketball here on the outdoor court. It is complimentary to use and functions on a first-come-first-served setup. You don’t even have to bring a basketball. Instead, just sign one out at the Level 1 Customer Service Counter, and you should be good to go!

If you enjoy football (soccer), there are a few playing tables on Level 1 of Velocity@Novena Square. 

Additional Services at Velocity@Novena Square

Complimentary Wifi (30 minutes)

ATM Machines (Level 1 and MRT Level)

NETS CashCard Top Up Machines 

Complimentary Wheel Chair Services

Hot Water Dispensers

Family Nursing Rooms

Shower Rooms (Level 2 and Level 3) 

One of the cool things about shopping at Velocity@Novena Square is that you can walk to numerous other shopping centres in the area. Therefore, taking the MRT here is very convenient.  

Some of the most popular points of interest include:

Novena Square 2

United Square Shopping Centre

Royal Square Novena

Balestier Point

Balestier Plaza

Whampoa Food Centre

Zhongshan Shopping Mall

A few popular hotel right near Velocity@Novena Square are:

Ramada by Wyndham Singapore at Zhongshan Park (4-star, 8.3/10 review score, 1,445+ reviews)

Keep in mind that many of the hotels near Velocity@Novena Square are well-priced compared to hotels in Marina Bay, Orchard and Sentosa. You can find some good bargains here in the 2, and 3-star hotel categories. 

Getting to Velocity@Novena Square via MRT

Step 1: Access the closest MRT station. 

Getting to Velocity@Novena Square is a lot easier if you can just walk to an MRT station. Try to avoid headaches with taxi fees, parking, and time spent in traffic by making sure that you can just walk directly to a station. 

Skip down to step #2 if you live in Singapore and already have a station that you use all the time. 

If you are visiting from abroad, try to stay within 500 m or less from a station to make your time in the city more affordable and efficient. When you go to Velocity@Novena Square, it won’t cost you a dime to get to the closest station. 

We have searched various online accommodation websites and have included three convenient properties below. 

Each one is within 3 minutes of their neighbouring station:


The Fullerton Hotel (5-star, 9.0/10 review score, beside Raffles Place Station) 

Mid Range

Hotel Bencoolen @ Hong Kong Street (4-star, 8.3/10 review score, very close to Clarke Quay Station)


Chic Capsule Otel (2-star, 8.5/10 review score, very close to Chinatown Station)

Now, you should focus on planning out your route to Velocity@Novena Square.

Step 2: Map out your MRT route to Velocity@Novena Square.

Velocity@Novena Square is one of the most convenient malls in Singapore to access using the MRT network!

The section below will outline the most popular MRT Line, Station and transfer stations for getting to Velocity@Novena Square.

Keep in mind that several lines and transfer stations can be used to reach Velocity, and it all depends on which station you are starting at in Singapore. 

Recommended MRT Lines and Station(s) – Velocity@Novena Square

Novena Station is by far the most convenient station for getting to Velocity@Novena Square. 

Keep in mind that Novena Station (NS-20) is located along Singapore’s North-South MRT line, and it connects commuters from the Marina Bay area in the south with Jurong East. 

Novena hasIt has two neighbouring stations.

 Toa Payoh Station (north)

Newton Station (south)

Chances are that you will have to transfer lines on the way to Velocity@Novena Square. 

These are the three most popular transfer stations:

Newton – transfer between North-South and Downtown Lines 

Dhoby Ghaut – transfer between North-South, North East, and Circle Lines

Bishan – transfer between North-South and Circle Lines. 

Map out your route before you even head to your first station. You will save time knowing exactly where to go. 

Step 3: Purchase a ticket or card for your trip. 

With your route planned, now it’s time to buy a ticket for your trip to Velocity@Novena Square. 

There are two main tickets for the MRT system in Singapore:

1) Singapore Tourist Passes 

2) Stored Value Cards

Tourist Passes are popular with short-term foreign guests visiting Singapore. Once you purchase one, you can ride unlimited buses and trains for a set number of days (typically 1-3 days). We consider these to be an excellent option for visitors with action-packed itineraries. 

We used a stored value card while learning how to get to Velocity@Novena Square by MRT. These are super easy to use. Just buy one, top it up and tap and go to enter and exit both buses and trains. 

SAVE MONEY NOW: You can get up to 52% on world-class attractions in Singapore by getting a MULTIPLE-ATTRACTION PASS. Over 200,000 passes have already been sold to Singaporeans and visitors.

Step 4: Ride the MRT to the North-South Line and Novena Station. 

Plan your route and transfers to the North-South Line and Novena Station. Your journey time will be determined based on where you start your trip and how many transfers you need to make. 

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Velocity@Novena
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Velocity@Novena

Step 5: Get off the train at Novena Station (NS-20).

Collect all of your personal belongings from the train and alight at Novena Station. 

Step 6: Exit Novena Station. 

As you step off the train at Novena Station, immediately start to look for exit signs in the station. 

Fortunately, it’s easy to navigate your way to Velocity@Novena Square because there are only two main exits at Novena Station:

Exit A

Exit B

Take Exit B at Novena Station

Map of Novena MRT Station to reach Velocity@Novena
Navigating your way from Novena MRT Station to the station exit to reach Velocity@Novena

Step 7: Walk from Novena Station to Velocity@Novena Square.

Using Exit B at Novena Station, the walk to Velocity@Novena Square is short and sweet. 

Velocity@Novena Square is part of the integrated complex that is directly attached to the station’s exit. 

Use the escalators to travel from the train up to the mall level. 

Once you are in the mall, you should have no problem accessing shops and restaurants.  

How does it take to walk from Novena Station to Velocity@Novena Square?

Conveniently, when you include the time travelling up the escalators, it should take you only about 2-3 minutes to walk from Novena Station to Velocity@Novena Square. Expect it to be a quick, stress-free walk!

Walking time and distance from Novena MRT Station to Velocity@Novena

How to get to Velocity@Novena Square by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to Velocity@Novena Square by MRT?


Should you stay at a hotel in Novena or elsewhere?

Historically, Novena hasn’t been the most popular area to stay for foreign tourists in the city. But, it is surprisingly convenient with a wide selection of shopping malls, cafes and food centres scattered around Novena Station. 

Most of the hotels are north of the MRT station along Balestier Road. Many of the properties here are in the 2-3 star range and are very competitively priced in relation to other areas of the city. 

Furthermore, you can save a lot of money staying here and using the MRT to commute to other areas in Singapore, such as Marina Bay and Orchard. 

Here is a 4-star hotel near the MRT station that are super convenient, popular and receive positive review scores from guests:

Oasia Hotel Novena (4-star, 8.3/10 review score, 1324+ reviews)

If you want more selection in terms of selecting your hotel, refer to our comprehensive accommodation guide. 

Conclusion and Itinerary Ideas 

Hopefully, this step-by-step guide on how to get to Velocity@Novena Square by MRT will save you some time and money. 

People different Novena for different reasons. 

The first and most obvious reason is to shop. Several shopping centres aside from Velocity are within walking distance (or a short bus ride) of Novena Station. 

We have listed them below with approximate walking times and distances to help you plan out your itinerary of this area:

Novena Square – 1 minute (100 m)

Novena Square 2 – 2 minutes (200 m)

United Square Shopping Centre – 10 minutes (1 km)

Royal Square Novena – 2 minutes (200 m) (Directions)

Balestier Point – 17 minutes (1.3 km) 

Balestier Plaza – 15 minutes (1.2 km)

Zhongshan Shopping Mall – 10 minutes (750 m)

Two popular food centres specialize in affordable, hawker foods: 

Whampoa Food Centre – 19 minutes (1.5 km)

Balestier Market – 12 minutes (1 km)

One of Singapore’s oldest and well-recognized hospitals is near Novena Station, along with other medical facilities:

Tan Tock Seng Hospital – 8 minutes (650 m) (Directions)

Thompson Medical Centre – 9 minutes (700 m)

Furthermore, a good day in Novena usually consists of shopping at several malls, followed by a delicious, affordable traditional meal at a hawker centre such as Whampoa Food Centre. 

Velocity@Novena Square is one of the best shopping malls in Singapore for sporting goods. Remember that there are bicycle parking bays here and an outdoor court if you want to burn some calories!

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