How to Get to Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore by MRT?

How to Get to Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore by MRT?
Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore by MRT

When you read this article you will learn how to get to Adventure Cove Waterpark by MRT. We will outline all the specific details you need about this trip to Sentosa Island so that you can save time and money. 

When you stay at a hotel or resort near a station and take the MRT to get around, you immediately you bypass traffic jams and all the headaches associated with parking a vehicle. This saves serious cash over a few days of seeing Singapore’s top attractions of whether you are visiting or living in the city. You can get to Adventure Cove Waterpark by many different ways, but taking the train is one of the most popular methods. Although we will write other articles on how to get there by bus and other forms of transportation, this article will focus on using the MRT and the Sentosa Express train. 

Why should you visit Adventure Cove Waterpark on Sentosa Island?

Adventure Cove Waterpark is a very popular family attraction on Sentosa Island. It is a large water park that features exhilarating water slides, pools and the opportunity to interact with marine life. Another unique and very popular activity is snorkelling with over 20,000 fish on top of a colourful reef. 

If you want to get up close and personal with manta rays, Adventure Cove is the place to do it! There are dozens of rays in what is called ‘Ray Bay’. You can even lightly touch the rays! 

Adventure Cove caters to visitors of all ages. If you want an action-packed day then you can head to the fast water slides. However, if you are travelling with small children they also have special pools designed for toddlers. 

Consider dining in al-fresco style at the Bay Restaurant. This is located on a scenic terrace that overlooks the waterpark. 

The convenient thing about visiting Adventure Cove Waterpark is that it’s close to hotels and other attractions on Sentosa. For example, it’s right beside Resorts World Sentosa – Villas, S.E.A. Aquarium and Dolphin Island. 


Getting to Adventure Cove Waterpark using MRT and Sentosa Express

Step 1: Walk to the nearest MRT station from your room. 

When you are planning your trip to Singapore accommodation is one of the first things that you have to consider. Getting to attractions such as Adventure Cove is very easy, assuming that you are staying close to an MRT station. 

Try to book a room that is only 1-2 minutes away from a station. This will ensure that you can easily walk to and from the station throughout your entire trip to Singapore. While going to Adventure Cove you will bypass traffic and avoid parking fees on Sentosa Island. 

You can refer to the two examples below.  We are sharing these because they are popular and within one minute of an MRT station:

Fairmont Singapore (8.9/10 Review Score) (Esplanade Station)

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore (9.3/10 Review Score) (City Hall Station)

With your room sorted, it’s now time to buy a ticket to Adventure Cove Waterpark. 

Step 2: Get an MRT ticket to HarbourFront Station

The first section of your trip to Adventure Cove Waterpark requires you to take the MRT to HarbourFront Station. 

Singapore has an awesome MRT network, where you can choose from the two types of tickets below:

  1. Stored value cards 
  2. Singapore Tourist Passes

Read our comprehensive guide on how to buy MRT tickets in Singapore if you want all the details about each kind. 

When we first figured out how to get to Adventure Cove Waterpark by MRT we used a type of stored-value card called an ‘EZLink Card’. These are popular with Singaporeans, ex-pats and visitors staying more than 3 days in the city. 

Another option is buying a Singapore Tourist PassIf you want to use the bus and MRT a lot over a short stay, highly consider getting a tourist pass. 

We strongly recommend buying a Multiple Attraction Pass to use along with your Tourist Pass. With up to 52% in discounts on entrance fees to Singapore’s top attractions, it’s no surprise that over 200,000 of these have already been purchased.

With your ticket sorted, now plan on heading to HarbourFront Station.  This is the first step on the way to Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Step 3: Take the MRT to HarbourFront Station

HarbourFront Station is located on the North-East Line and Circle Line. Most visitors to Adventure Cove take the North-East Line.

You should have some familiarity with how to get to HarbourFront. Refer to the train maps in each station for help. In this case, the preceding station to HarbourFront is Outram Park

When ‘Outram Park’ is announced on your train, move closer to an exit and collect your belongings. You will be getting off at the next stop.

Also, there are signs on each train to show where you are and what the next station is on your way to Adventure Cove.

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Adventure Cove Waterpark
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Adventure Cove Waterpark

Step 4: Exit the MRT at HarbourFront and make your way to Sentosa Express Monorail Station.

You need to transfer from the MRT to the Sentosa Express to get to Adventure Cove Waterpark by MRT. The Sentosa Express is a monorail line that is not actually part of the MRT network.  

Fortunately, it’s really easy to transfer between them. Simply take Exit E from HarbourFront. Then, walk to VivoCity shopping mall (MRT directions). Follow the relevant signs to the third floor of the mall.

Sentosa Express Monorail Station is located on the third floor of the mall. This is the place where you can purchase a train ticket to Adventure Cove Waterpark. 

Map of HarbourFront MRT Station to reach Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore
Navigating your way from HarbourFront MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

Step 5: Buy a Sentosa Express ticket to reach Resorts World Station and get on the train.

Once in the ticketing office, buy a Sentosa Express train ticket to Resorts World Station (this was called Waterfront Station before). Note: You can use your EZlink (stored value card).

Resorts World Station is the first stop on the Sentosa Express train line, so expect this to be a short ride. Get on the train, and try to stay near an exit if it’s busy!

Step 6: Get off the train at Resorts World Station and then walk to Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Alight at Resorts World Station and take all of your belongings.

It’s now time to walk from Resorts World Station to Adventure Cove Waterpark. The Waterpark is northwest of the station.

Get off the train follow the red signs to Adventure Cove. 

Along the way, you should pass by Resorts World Sentosa Casino on your left and Universal Studios’ Rotating Globe on your right. Then you will walk along the eastern side of The Maritime Experiential Museum and S.E.A. Aquarium. After the Aquarium, turn left (west) and you should be able to see the entrance to Adventure Cove

The walk from the Resorts World Station to Adventure Cove Waterpark should take 9 minutes. It is 800 m from the station.

Walking time and distance from Resorts World Station to Adventure Cove Waterpark

How to Get to Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore by MRT?
An Overview of How to Get to Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore by MRT

Should you stay near Adventure Cove Waterpark while you are in Singapore?

Adventure Cove is in a great location if you are a family visiting Singapore.  Since it is located on Sentosa island it is surrounded by other major attractions in many accommodation options.  Sentosa Island is one of the most convenient islands in the world for family-oriented tourism.  Expect to find lots of activities for children and many different restaurants to choose from.

If you are on an accommodation budget then the most ‘family-oriented’ place to stay near Adventure Cove is Equarius  (5-star, 8.3review score). It doesn’t receive the highest scores on the island but is definitely cheap in comparison to some of the other luxury Resorts available to guests. It has large, spacious rooms!

Other close hotels to Adventure Cove include Resorts World Sentosa – Aquarius Villas (5-star, 8.6/10 review score) and Resorts World Sentosa – Hard Rock Hotel (5-star, 7.8 review score). All three of these properties listed above are within convenient walking distance of Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Top Luxury Hotels on Sentosa Island

If you are not on a strict accommodation budget then you might want to stay at a hotel that gets higher review scores than the properties within Resorts World.  We have included some of the highest-rated properties on all of Sentosa Island below for your convenience: 

Capella Singapore (5-star, rated 9/10)

Capella The Club Residences Singapore (5-star, rated 8.8/10)

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa by Far East Hospitality (5-star, rated 8.9/10)

W Singapore – Sentosa Cove (5-star, rated 8.7/10)

We are not a direct partner of any of the hotels listed in this article. However, we do try to recommend ‘positively’ reviewed properties to our readers. As you can see, these hotels receive high scores from verified guests. These ratings have been quoted from leading accommodation websites at the time of writing. 

Any more questions about your trip to Adventure Cove Waterpark using MRT and Sentosa Express?

This step-by-step guide on how to get to Adventure Cove Waterpark by MRT is designed to make your trip fast, affordable and convenient. This is especially true when you transfer from MRT to the Sentosa Express.  You want to avoid unnecessary headaches along the way. 

Keep in mind that taking the Sentosa Express from HarbourFront Station is not the only way to get to Adventure Cove. You can also get there using a public bus, taxi, private car or by walking. New electric vehicles are also on Sentosa.

A visit to Adventure Cove Waterpark can easily be combined with other attractions on the Island. Therefore, we recommend that you add other attractions to your Sentosa experience. Consider the beaches and other places such as the Trick Eye Museum (Directions via MRT) and Fort Siloso. Sentosa has enough places to visit to keep you busy for days! Make the most of it!

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