How to get to Punggol Singapore by MRT?

How to get to Punggol Singapore by MRT?
Punggol Singapore by MRT

Make your way to Punggol Singapore fast and easy with the MRT!

We have written this step-by-step guide on how to get to Punggol Singapore by MRT to save you time, money and headaches. Knowing how to get around Singapore affordably and efficiently is essential, and that’s why we will outline every step along the way to various points of interest in Punggol.

Aside from outlining the main steps involved, we will also provide you with information about points of interest in Punggol so that you can make a full-day itinerary.

Here is a summary below of the main questions we will answer as you read through this in-depth article:

Which MRT or LRT line(s) should you use to reach different areas of Punggol? 

What is/are the best station(s) for accessing malls, restaurants and other points of interest?

What kind of MRT ticket should you buy to get there fast and affordably?

Are there popular malls and points of interest in Punggol worth checking out?

Should you book a room in Punggol or Singapore?

In the section below, we will first outline some important information about visiting Punggol Plaza, focusing on how to get there. 

Visiting Punggol Singapore – Important Information

Punggol is a planning area located in the North-East Region of Singapore. Sengkang borders it to the south, Seletar to the west and Pasir Ris to the east. The Straits of Johor and Coney Island are north of Punggol and offer recreational activities for visitors. 

According to our research, Punggol consists of 9.57 km2 of land space, with 3.74 km2 residential buildings. In 2020, Punggol had a population of approximately 174,450 residents and 19 postal districts. 

Initially, there was little road and public transportation infrastructure in Punggol, but that has changed over the last few decades. MRT, LRT and major expressways now service it. The Tampines Expressway (TPE) links Punggol New Town up with Singapore’s expressway network, and the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway provides connectivity to some of Singapore’s most popular areas (which are south of Punggol). 

When you visit Punggol, there are now several shopping malls and recreational facilities to keep you busy. 

Places to visit?

Some of the most popular shopping malls in Punggol include:

Oasis Terraces 

Waterway Point 

Punggol Plaza

Northshore Plaza I & II

Once you get to Punggol, you can quickly check out one or more of these during the same day. 

With the Straits of Johor and Coney Island to the north, visitors to Punggol can enjoy some great recreational activities. Punggol Waterway Park is a popular recreational space north of Punggol Station

Bird watching, running, jogging and nature photography are popular activities here.

Splash @ Kidz Amaze is directly beside Punggol Waterway Park. It’s the perfect place for children to cope with Singapore’s heat in a fun environment!

Marina Country Club is another recreational facility here, and there are a few other facilities opening up in the future (Punggol Regional Sports Centre and One Punggol).

Needless to say, you should find more than enough activities to keep you busy in Punggol. We suggest spending some time shopping, dining and enjoying the fresh air!

Getting to Punggol Singapore by MRT.

Step 1: Access the most convenient station to your residence/room in the city. 

Accessing the closest station from where you are staying is the first step in getting to Punggol via MRT. 

Regardless of whether you own, rent or want to book a room in Singapore, staying close to a station is very important. Taking a taxi or private vehicle every time you want to use the MRT, is a real pain and a waste of time and money. Also, don’t forget about parking fees and the time in road traffic!

If you need to book a room in Singapore, try to find something 500 m or less from an MRT station. Then, with the use of transfers, you can pretty much get anywhere, including Punggol. 

In the section below, we have summarized three properties at different prices that are positively reviewed and close to stations:


Fairmont Singapore (5-star, 8.7/10 review score, close to Esplanade Station) 

Mid Range

Hotel Bencoolen @ Hong Kong Street (4-star, 8.3/10 review score, very close to Clarke Quay Station)


Chic Capsule Otel (2-star, 8.5/10 review score, very close to Chinatown Station)

Before booking a room, always look at multiple properties and verified guest reviews. We only book hotels that receive above 8/10 on reviews to ensure the place is clean, well managed, and conveniently located. 

Once your accommodation is sorted, it’s time to make your way to Punggol via MRT!

Step 2: Plan which lines, stations and transfers are needed to reach Punggol Singapore. 

People travel to Punggol for different reasons from different areas of the city. Consequently, depending on your starting point, you likely will have a different route than most people going there. 

In the section below, we will outline important station, line and transfer information to ensure that you can make it to Punggol regardless of your starting point in Singapore. 

Punggol Singapore – Station, Line and Transfer Information

Best Station for Getting to Punggol

The best station for getting to Punggol is conveniently called Punggol MRT Station (NE-17)

MRT Line Information to for Punggol

North-East MRT Line, shown in purple on Singapore’s metro map is the main line for getting to Punggol MRT Station.

MRT Transfer Information to reach Punggol

You will travel by train along the North-East MRT Line if you want to reach Punggol Station (NE-17/PTC) using MRT. But, depending on where you are starting your trip, you may have to make 1 or more transfers to get to the North-East Line.

We have listed three transfer stations below that are popular with MRT commuters going to Punggol in Singapore:

Serangoon (transfers between the North-East and Circle Line)

Dhoby Ghaut (transfers between the North-South, North-East and Downtown Lines)

Little India (transfers between the North-East and Downtown Line)

LRT Transfer at Punggol Station

Once you arrive at Punggol Station (NE-17/PTC) it’s possible to transfer to two different LRT loops to access different points of interest in Punggol:

 East LRT Loop

 West LRT Loop

Punggol Station is a multi-level building with an elevated LRT station built on the underground MRT station. Both stations share common concourses at the Ground Level. Think about your final destination in Punggol. 

You may have to transfer to the LRT, and take one of the loops right to the doorstep of where you are going! 

Step 3: Get a ticket or card for your trip.

There are several tickets/cards you can choose from while using the MRT/LRT or bus services in Singapore.  

You should ask yourself the following two questions before finalizing the type of ticket for your trip to Punggol:

The types of tickets can be summarized according to three main categories:

1) Stored Value Cards

2) Singapore Tourist Passes 

3) Single/Multi-Trip Tickets

We used a stored value card while discovering how to get to Punggol Singapore by MRT.

These are popular with Singaporeans and long-term guests in the city. Once purchased, simply top it up with a cash balance and tap and go. Conveniently, you can use these on buses and trains throughout the city, which helps to avoid station queues. 

Always double-check that you have a balance on your card before going somewhere in the city to avoid unnecessary delays along the way!

Are you a foreign tourist in Singapore?

Tourist Passes are popular with short-term guests in the city. If you have an action-packed itinerary, these are particularly convenient and cost-saving. 

Once you buy a tourist pass, you can enjoy unlimited trips on buses or trains for a set number of days (usually 1-3 days). Punggol could be just one of many areas you could visit during the same day. 

Also, consider going to Punggol using traditional tickets from ticketing machines in each station. Single journey or multi-trip tickets are available. Expect long lines during rush hour, so it’s best to travel during non-peak periods. 

Step 4: Complete any necessary transfers to the North-East Line to access Punggol Station (NE-17).

Take the North-East Line to reach Punggol Station (NE-17/PTC).

Many commuters may need to transfer to the North-East Line, so be sure to refer to metro maps either on your phone or in the station. 

Buangkok Station is directly south of Punggol Station. You will stop here on your way to Punggol Singapore. Your next stop after Buangkok will be Punggol, so be prepared to make your way closer to an exit on the train.  

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Punggol Singapore
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Punggol Singapore

Step 5: Alight at Punggol Station (NE-17).

Get off the train at Punggol MRT Station. 

Check for your belongings before getting off the train. 

Map of Punggol MRT Station to reach Punggol Singapore
Navigating your way from Punggol MRT Station to the station exit to reach Punggol Singapore

Step 6: Either walk directly to your point of interest from Punggol Station or transfer to the Punggol LRT.

Punggol Station services both Singapore’s MRT and LRT networks, with the LRT platforms being located above the MRT platforms. 

Once you get off the train, you have two choices:

  • Walk directly from Punggol Station to your point of interest in Punggol or…
  • Transfer to the Punggol LRT (East or West Loop) to get closer to your destination.

Naturally, these options raise an important question:

Which points of interest can you walk directly to in Punggol, and which ones should you take the LRT to access?

Once you arrive at Punggol Station you can walk to a few popular points of interest that are north of the station:

Waterway Point – Shopping Mall

Punggol Waterway Park

Splash @ Kids Amaze (SAFRA Punggol)

Many of the other points of interest in Punggol are best visited using LRT services from Punggol Station:

North Shore Plaza (Samudera Station)

Oasis Terraces (Oasis Station)

Punggol Plaza (Coral Edge Station)

North Shore Plaza is located along the Western Loop, whereas both Oasis Terraces and Punggol Plaza are best accessed using the Eastern Loop. 

How long does it take to walk from Punggol Station to Punggol Singapore?

Walking time and distance from Punggol MRT Station to Punggol Singapore
You can expect it to take 13 minutes to walk from Punggol MRT Station to Punggol Singapore

How to get to Punggol Singapore by MRT?
An Overview of How to get to Punggol Singapore by MRT?

Should you stay at a hotel in Punggol Singapore?

According to our online research, you won’t find many hotels or hostels in Punggol. 

We checked various websites and could hardly find anywhere to stay. It’s much more common for visitors to Singapore to stay in areas such as Marina Bay, Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Orchard. These areas have tons of hotels to choose from, and many with world-class services standards and amenities. 

You might want to consider staying in Little India if you want to have convenient access to Punggol, however. 

Little India Station is on the North-East Line, making it easy to travel north along the North-East Line to Punggol Station. Once you’re at Punggol, you can decide to either walk or take the LRT to your final destination.

A few of the most popular hotels near Little India Station include:

Citadines Rochor (4-star, 8.6/10 review score, 160+ reviews) 

Hilton Garden Inn Singapore Serangoon (4-star, 8.2/10, review score, 2400+ reviews)

You can learn more about places to stay in Singapore by reading our comprehensive accommodation guide. It discussed popular places to stay in convenient locations.


Hopefully, this complete guide on how to get to Punggol Singapore by MRT will make your trip faster and more enjoyable!

Unlike many areas in Singapore, it’s quite convenient to have the choice of taking the LRT to specific locations around Punggol. The East and West Loop make it easy to get around once you arrive at Punggol Station via MRT. 

There are multiple points of interest to explore once you arrive in Punggol. 

For example, if you enjoy outdoor spaces, then try visiting Punggol Waterway Park. It is a popular recreational space north of Punggol Station. Bird watching, running, jogging and nature photography are popular activities here.

 You can walk directly to it from the MRT station.

If you have children then visit Splash @ Kidz Amaze. It’s the perfect place for your children to cope with Singapore’s heat! It is directly beside Punggol Waterway Park, and also within walking distance of Punggol Station. 

Oasis Terraces, North Shore Plaza and Waterway Point, and Plaza Punggol are popular shopping malls in the area. Aside from Waterway Point, the other malls are best accessed using the LRT.  

Waterway Point is practically connected to Punggol Station! 

Compass One Mall is 1 minute away from Sengkang MRT Station if you take the MRT south from Punggol Station. 

Please don’t hesitate to share your experience going to Punggol with us! Comment below or send us an email if you have any questions!

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