How to get to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre in Singapore?

How to get to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre in Singapore?
Anchorpoint Shopping Centre in Singapore

Get to Anchorpoint in Singapore fast and affordably with these detailed steps.

If you are wondering how to get to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre in Singapore, you have reached the complete step-by-step guide. 

In this article, we will outline how to reach Anchorpoint using multiple forms of transportation, including:


Public Buses

Private (free-shuttle buses)


Getting to Anchorpoint in Alexandra is rather straightforward due to Singapore’s extensive public transportation system that consists of several MRT lines and buses. Regardless of whether you are living in Singapore, or visiting from abroad, you shouldn’t have a problem getting there. 

In this article, we will share information on: 

  • How to buy the best ticket for your itinerary in Singapore?
  • How to select the right lines and station(s) to get to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre?
  • Which buses and transfer stations should you use to save time?
  • Which nearby shopping malls and food centres should you visit during the same day?

One of the cool benefits of shopping at Anchorpoint is that you can also check out many other shopping malls and food centres during the same day. This is a densely packed area of Singapore. Therefore, the steps outlined below are convenient for getting to most points of interest in Alexandra. 

Shopping at Anchorpoint in Singapore

Anchorpoint Shopping Centre is located in Alexandra Singapore, about 15 minutes west of popular areas such as Marina Bay, Chinatown, and Orchard. 

The Mall was opened in 1997 and currently consists of two main retail floors and a basement level.  When you visit Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, you will have a solid selection of food, fashion, and products despite the fact it is not one of Singapore’s largest malls. 

Aside from retail shopping, Anchorpoint also has boutique outlets known to sell high-quality, branded products at a discount. 

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Anchorpoint is located directly across the road from IKEA Alexandra and minutes from many other malls and food centres, so it is conveniently located. You can easily walk from Anchorpoint to different points of interest here. 

It is a 2-minute walk from the most popular hotel in the Alexandra area – Park Hotel Alexandra (4-star, 8.6/10 review score, 715+ reviews).

Getting to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre via MRT

Step 1: Access the most convenient MRT Station.

The first step is getting to the nearest MRT Station. If you live in Singapore, you likely already have a station that you use all the time. In that case, jump down to Step 2 below. 

However, if you are just visiting Singapore, then you will have to book a room.  Try to find a convenient area to stay with a hostel or hotel within walking distance. Avoid taxi fees, parking fees and time spent in traffic by walking directly to the nearest station. 

We have researched numerous accommodation websites to find positively reviewed properties in convenient ‘MRT’ locations. Three options are listed below to help get you started:


Chic Capsule Otel (2-star, 8.5/10 review score, very close to Chinatown Station)

Mid Range

Hotel Bencoolen @ Hong Kong Street (4-star, 8.3/10 review score, very close to Clarke Quay Station)


Marina Bay Sands (5-star, 9.0/10 review score, very close to Bayfront Station) 

Refer to step 2 below when your accommodation is sorted. 

Step 2: Plan your MRT trip to either Redhill or Queenstown MRT Station. 

Getting to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre fast means that you will have to know which lines to take, where to transfer and what stations are the most convenient. 

In the section below, we outline this information so that regardless of where you are staying in the city, you can get to the mall fast and affordably. 

Getting to Anchorpoint – MRT Lines and Stations

Technically, it’s possible to access Anchorpoint from many different MRT stations because of the vast number of connecting bus services. 

But Queenstown and Redhill Station are the closest and most convenient ones for getting to the Mall. 

Queenstown Station (EW-19) is located along Singapore’s East-West metro line, shown in green on the map. 

It has two neighbouring stations:

Commonwealth Station

Redhill Station

Redhill Station (EW-18) is also located along Singapore’s East-West (Green) Line and east of Queenstown Station.  

If you have the choice, Queenstown Station is closer to Anchorpoint than Redhill. 

Step 3: Buy a ticket or card to reach Anchorpoint Shopping Centre.

The three main types of tickets for the MRT system in Singapore:

1) Singapore Tourist Passes 

2) Stored Value Cards

3) Single/Multi-Trip Tickets

If you are visiting Singapore from abroad, consider buying a Tourist Pass. Since most people get to Anchorpoint using a combination of train and bus services, these cards cover both modes of transport. 

Singapore tourist passes are ideal if you are doing a lot of sightseeing with a busy itinerary

Stored value cards are popular with Singaporeans and long-term guests. We used one of these while we figured out how to get to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre in Singapore. 

You can buy single and multi-trip tickets in stations using the kiosk machines. Lines can get long at ticketing machines during rush hour before and after work, so be conscious of when you are going to Anchorpoint. 

Step 4: Ride the MRT to Queenstown or Redhill.

Enter the MRT network with your ticket. 

Board the train and ride it to Queenstown or Redhill Station. 

Be sure to map out your line transfers (if needed) well in advance. 

Standard transfer stations to Queenstown or Redhill include Outram Park and Buona Vista. 

These stations are popular with commuters because they offer transfers to the East-West Line, which has bus connections from stations.  

Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Anchorpoint Shopping Centre
Map of MRT Lines and Stations near Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

Step 5: Alight at your station of choice.

Get off at Queenstown or Redhill Station and bring your items. 

Step 6: Exit Queenstown or Redhill Station. 

Once you are off the train, begin looking for exit information. Signs should be visible throughout the station. 

Exiting Queenstown Station

Queenstown MRT station has 4 exits to choose from (A, B, C and D). 

See walking directions below in step 7 (if relevant).  

Map of Queenstown MRT Station to reach Anchorpoint Shopping Centre
Navigating your way from Queenstown MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

Exiting Redhill Station

Redhill MRT station has two exits on the north and south side of the station, A and B. 

Similar to Queenstown, select Exit A at Redhill Station. 

Map of Redhill MRT Station to reach Map of Queenstown MRT Station to reach Anchorpoint Shopping Centre
Navigating your way from Redhill MRT Station to the station exit in order to reach Map of Queenstown MRT Station to reach Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

Step 7: Walk or get on a connecting bus to reach Anchorpoint Shopping Centre (bus is the most popular option).

Neither Queenstown nor Redhill Station is that far from Anchorpoint, but it is more common for people to take the bus due to Singapore’s heat.

That said, if you want to walk, it’s more practical to walk from Queenstown Station than Redhill.

Walking from Queenstown Station to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

Take Exit A from Queenstown Station.

Walk across the sky bridge over Commonwealth Avenue to the south side of Commonwealth Avenue. Go down the stairs.  

Once you are on Commonwealth Avenue, walk east until you reach Alexandra Road.

Turn right (south onto) Alexandra Road.

Walk south along Alexandra Road.

You should see Anchorpoint Shopping Centre on your right. It is directly across from IKEA, so it should be easy to spot. 

Enter the mall and get ready for some shopping!

How long does it take to walk from Queenstown Station to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre in Singapore?

You can expect the walk from Queenstown Station to Anchorpoint to take about 10-13 minutes. It is about 1 km so not too far!

Walking time and distance from Queenstown MRT Station to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

Bus Connections from MRT Stations to Anchorpoint 

We have already outlined how to get to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre by walking from Queenstown Station. 

Now, we will focus on convenient public bus connections from both Queenstown and Redhill. 

Public Bus Services 

Bus from Queenstown Station to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

Once you alight from the train at Queenstown, take Exit C.

Turn right when you exit the station, take the escalator and stairs down. 

Find the bus stop and wait there for Bus 195.

Get on Bus 195 and stay on it until you approach Anchorpoint. Be sure to alert the bus driver to make a stop near the mall using the button near your seat.  

Bus from Redhill Station to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

After alighting at Redhill, use Exit A

Turn right when you exit the station. Walk straight across the road, and then turn right. 

You should see a covered bus stop design to provide some shelter in bad or hot weather.

Take either Bus 33 or Bus 120.

Get off the bus as you approach Anchorpoint and bring all your belongings.

Private Shuttle Bus to Anchorpoint 

On weekends and holidays before the COVID pandemic, it was possible to take a free-private shuttle bus from the following three stations to IKEA. 

Buona Vista Station

Tiong Bahru Station

Redhill Station

Since IKEA is directly across the street from Anchorpoint, you could technically get dropped off at IKEA. Then, after some shopping there, walk across the street to Anchorpoint! There is a covered pedestrian bridge that makes this walk super easy.

But take note that the free shuttle service to IKEA operates on weekends and public holidays. It doesn’t run during the week. 

Read this comprehensive article to get all the information you need about the free IKEA Shuttle Bus Service

Driving a Car to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre 

Anchorpoint Shopping Centre is located beside a busy intersection that connects Alexandra Road to Jalan Bukit Merah.   

The official address for the Mall is:

370 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159953

Depending on where you are staying in the city, it’s relatively easy to drive here. But some familiar roads to get here include:

Jalan Bukit Merah


Westcoast Highway

AYE Toll

Try to plan your route using GPS beforehand to avoid traffic delays along the way.

If you are staying in Marina Bay, the driving time to the Mall is about 14 minutes and 12 minutes from Chinatown. 

How to get to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre in Singapore?
An Overview of How to get to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre in Singapore?

Should you stay at a hotel near Anchorpoint Shopping Centre?

There is one convenient hotel near Anchorpoint that we recommend staying at:

Park Hotel Alexandra (4-star, 8.6/10 score based on 715+ reviews) 

But, otherwise, you won’t find much in terms of hotels and hostels here! 

Most visitors to Singapore choose to stay closer to the downtown area. 

Marina Bay, Chinatown, Orchard, Bugis, and Little India have more hotel options that are within walking distance to cultural attractions.

Suppose you are doing business in Alexandra or plan on doing a lot of shopping. In that case, you might want to consider staying at Park Hotel Alexandra, which is physically attached to Alexandra Central Mall. You can access tons of restaurants and shops without breaking a sweat.

Conclusion and Some Itinerary Ideas

We hope that this guide on how to get to Anchorpoint Shopping Centre in Singapore has been useful!

Fortunately, Singapore’s fantastic transportation system makes this trip easy even though MRT stations are not beside the mall. Just simply walk or take a connecting bus, and you should have no problem getting there!

Building an itinerary is also very easy when you are finished shopping at Anchorpoint. The Alexandra area is loaded with malls and food centres. 

Consider adding the following points of interest to your day itinerary here:

  • IKEA Alexandra
  • Alexandra Village Food Centre
  • ABC Brickworks Food Centre
  • Dawson Place Shopping Mall
  • Queensway Shopping Centre
  • Alexandra Central Mall

Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions about getting to Anchorpoint in Singapore. Take care and enjoy your shopping and dining experience!

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